The Dreamer's Blade

"This isn't an end, It's a new beginning." I whispered as I bring my blade to the mans neck. "I am Eun Hye, The God of Punishment and revenge and I have came here today to avenge the death of my father Dong Woo who was the Guardian of the gate whom you Bo Seok murdered 10 years ago ." Piercing the mans throat with the tip of my sword, "I was ordered to!" the man pleaded as a small bead of blood ran down his neck. " Emperor Hyo Jeong, It was Emperor Hyo Jeong!" Stiffening in anger I slit the mans throat without hesitation. "I know."


2. Chapter 2

Just because I was adopted by a goddess doesn't mean my life was a fairy tale, I was out learning the way's of the villagers, but also learning the way of the god's. I don't think anyone knows the mental strain it put's on you, specifically if you're a young girl who watched her dad get slaughtered in front of you. When the goddess took me in I was trained to become a god, I had to learn to not care what others think and to be able to judge others without pity. I think that's why everyone quivers in fear whenever I'm near or maybe it because I'm known as the "comeuppance" since I punish people in the way they deserve but i'm also know as being used for the other god's dirty work, rumor has it that they raised me to be heartless so I wouldn't turn against them, But that's just a rumor...I have a heart, but it's a heart for vengeance. Ever since my dad was murdered I've trained so I could revenge his death and bring pain to the people who killed him, and today I start my journey.

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