The Dreamer's Blade

"This isn't an end, It's a new beginning." I whispered as I bring my blade to the mans neck. "I am Eun Hye, The God of Punishment and revenge and I have came here today to avenge the death of my father Dong Woo who was the Guardian of the gate whom you Bo Seok murdered 10 years ago ." Piercing the mans throat with the tip of my sword, "I was ordered to!" the man pleaded as a small bead of blood ran down his neck. " Emperor Hyo Jeong, It was Emperor Hyo Jeong!" Stiffening in anger I slit the mans throat without hesitation. "I know."


1. Chapter 1

Current time. Left strike! Downward Elbow Strike! Spinning out of the mans hold I turn and hit Him with my elbow in the jaw."Mister I told you, We can go the easy way or the hard way." Wiping the sweat off my forehead with the back of my hand, I watch as the man struggles to keep balance."I refuse to get punishment, I have done nothing wrong." The man hissed while rubbing his jaw."Mister I know you're lying."Calmly I move forward letting him know I won't back down."I'm the god of Punishment after all."Sighing I sit down."I'll just curse you for eternity to stand in that spot."Lifting up my hand lazily I flick my wrist causing a sparkly blue substance to fly out of my finger tips and go inside him."You have been punished." Looking at him with a bored expression I stand up."You bitch."He growled."I will get you for this."Not being able to tolerate him anymore I poof my self in front of him."One didn't anyone tell you not to mess with me before, and Two I can tolerate you fighting back but I will not tolerate you calling me a Bitch."Grabbing his chin in between my thumb and pointer finger I jerk his head back and stare into his eye's."You are going to regret saying that."I sneered as I start to reflect his worse nightmare into his eyes."You will forever live in fear."Letting go of his chin I turn and walk away ignoring his screams and pleas for forgiveness."Even if I forgive you for what you have done..It will not be forgotten." 

Ten years ago"Eun Hye I'm going to find you."My dad called causing me to giggle."Eun Hye come out come out wherever you are." He called, Moving deep into the back of the barrel I look through the hole and watch my dad search for me."You're not going to find me." I taunt."Eun Hye come out now dad's got to go to work." Pushing my hand up to push off the top of the barrel I stop in sudden fear as mean start to surround my dad, Peeking my head half way out the top I make eye contact with me dad, I start to climb out but he shakes his head in protest causing me to climb back inside."So Dong Woo, I heard you were assigned a "special" job." One of the men said as the others hold him still."Well I've come to relieve you of that duty."The man growls as he drawls his blade and stabs it through my dad's stomach, The men let him go causing him to fall to his knees. "Dad." I whisper as I watch my dad grab onto the blade that he had been stabbed with. The men around him start to laugh as he pull's out the blade causing blood to splatter."What did we tell you Dong Woo, Don't mess with us." The man growled watching as my dad started to pale."Let's go boys." The man yelled and lead the group of guy's away. Jumping out of the barrel I run to my dad, Sitting away from the blood I hold his head in my lap."Dad!" He rests his hand on mine. "My beautiful daughter, I need you to be strong." He barely get's out before choking on his own blood. "I need you to take this key and promise to  guard it with your life." He whispers handing me a Golden key. "I promise." Slowly his hand slides off of mine and lands on the ground. "Dad!" I yell as i shake him."Wake up!" I start to scream and shake when I acknowledge he isn't going to wake up."Wake up, please." I weep as I hold him closer. "I need you." Resting my head on his I sit there quietly weeping to myself when suddenly the key starts to glow. After a couple of minutes, The glowing dies down and a blue aura comes shooting out of it, "Eun Hye, it has been decided that on the behalf of Dong Woo, Guardian of the gate that, I Eun Seol will take you under my wing and build you up." The blue aura turns into a pale women with long white hair that stops at her waist with a royal blue robe that covers her whole body."If only you promise to trust me." The women says as she reaches out her hand towards me."If you promise to trust me I promise to do everything in the world that I can to protect you." The women whispers, Hesitating momentarily I slowly put my hand in hers."I promise to trust you." Wiping the tears off my face with my free hand I look at my dad one last time."Good now come my child." The woman said as she pulled me into her. "Worry no more, You will become great one day." She whispers. 

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