Just a simple fan, adoring her idols, stumbles into the celeb life. Can she handle it? Will the boys like her more than just a friend? Evelyn Long, just another one.
Warning: Smut, it won't let me change it to red, it isn't that bad tho.


2. #2 Pre Concert

Evelyn's POV

I woke up to Chloe shaking me awake "Get up, Get up we leave in 2hrs. WAKE UP" she was yelling.

I sat up slowly looking at her and everything clicked, today was the day, the day I get to see the boys play Live. I jumped out of bed and ran to the shower. After having an intensely long relaxing shower I got dressed and did my Makeup with extra care to look really good for the boys tonight, it was to last 9hrs. As I walked down the stairs grabbing my bag and chucking my portable charger and other stuff in it I looked at the time 11:30am. We leave in half an hour, I look around and see Sarah all ready and waiting for us so we can leave, Chloe was still going her makeup so I decided to eat some cereal while waiting for her. I looked on Twitter and saw the band account has posted and said see you soon Brisbane, only a few hours until it starts and then a few more until it's over it was exciting but sad.


Sarah had driven us to the concert and we have set up our spot. We have our green wrist band on and have registered to the soundcheck line. Now only another three hours until check in, I can't wait.

I turn to Chloe with an eager smile and she looks to me with one in return. "Today is going to be awesome" I shake as I speak to her. Yet that was an understatement to what was about to happen...

I know this is a short update but I only wrote the other chapter yesterday and I'm so sick, was hoping to get to the boys part in this chapter but I feel worse every second I look at a screen. Hope you guys can understand - T xx

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