Just a simple fan, adoring her idols, stumbles into the celeb life. Can she handle it? Will the boys like her more than just a friend? Evelyn Long, just another one.
Warning: Smut, it won't let me change it to red, it isn't that bad tho.


1. #1 The Beginning

Evelyn's POV

I woke up to the sound of my favourite song, Saftey Pin, by none other than my favourite idols. 5 Seconds of Summer have changed my life dramatically and for the better. Before they came into my life, I was depressed, had major anxiety attacks self harmed, was in toxic relationships and was diagnosed with anorexia. Two years later and I'm going to their concert in a few days, absolutely healthy and harm free. I'm so excited! My best friend Chloe was coming with me to the concert. Me and Chloe have been best friends since Kindergarten and haven't been apart since. We live down the road from each other on The Sunshine Coast in Australia. I sat up and got ready for school, last day of school for the term and holidays here I come! I slip on my ugly uniform and a pair of back vans, carefully doing a bit of morning make up before making my way to the bus stop to meet Chloe.


Once I made it to the bus stop Chloe was already sitting down with a face like she just won the lottery. I noticed she had some earphones in.

"Must be listening to 5sos I see" raising my eyebrows at her, "what song?" I asked.

She whipped her head around and practically scream "Nope even better, listen!" She started gesturing her spare earphone to me. "There are rumours that 5sos are doing a secret contest today on this radio channel at 8am"

I slipped the earphone in while looking at the time "It's only 7:40am" I wined.

"YEAH but I don't want to miss a thing" she exclaimed.

I shrugged it off and listened to some of the songs. The bus turned up a few moments later and we both struggled onto the bus trying not to lose our earphones. Rebecca snickered at us, I rolled my eyes at her and she did the same back. Rebecca is queen B at school, we use to be good friends back in third grade but now she has hated me since the guy she was crushing on asked me out and I said yes. Yes I know it's breaking the girl code, but can't she get over it, it was 8years ago.

It soon hit 8:15 and no sound of 5sos was made on the radio. I figure Chloe must of got the wrong day or something as we arrived at school, when the host quickly clicked over, halfway through a song. "Sorry guys for keeping you waiting but our 'not so special guests anymore' were running late. How does your fandom find out everything!" He practically screamed through the channel.

All you hear is laughing in the back ground, "that's them!" Chloe's jumped around and made me lose my earphone as she sprinted down the hall to our usual spot. We settled down and I reconnected myself to the radio announcements.

"How's the tour so far?" A female voice asked. Dam I must of missed them being introduced.

"It's been so much fun!" Ash exclaimed "We really can't thank our fans enough, you have gotten us here and we are so thankful"

"I love you" Calum yells before breaking out into laughter.

"WE LOVE YOU" Michael screamed and they all fell into hysteria.

Me and Chloe broke out laugh again as more people started turning up to school.

"Anyways" the male radio host spoke up "there was a little secret we were going to announce and surprise some random fans but somehow you girls found out, and haven't stopped calling our centre, even though you girls don't know what the prizes are"

"And guys" Luke spoke up.

"Pardon?" The male radio host said

"Our fans aren't just girls, Mark, their guys as well" Luke explain sternly. I love how defensive he gets

"Yes, my apologies" Mark apologised "Lucy did you want to explain the competition to our listeners"

"Sure Mark" Lucy took over "The prizes are still the same but the way to win them are different, Ashton care to explain"

"Okay" he laughed "We were just going to get you to call as soon as we said go, but there is to many of you on the line already so we had changed it, now ladies and gentlemen, you have to email us a 100 word or less paragraph saying why you love us, but there is a catch"

"You must use our song titles and lyrics" Michael cut Ash off

"And only that, nothing else" Calum added.

"Yes, and the competition starts now!" Luke announced.

"What is the E-mail address they have to send it to?" Lucy asked

"And what are the prizes again?" Mark questioned "just to refresh our memories"

"Right" Ashton answered " the email is like our snapchat and the prize will be a 5day join us on tour voucher, you can chose when you can join us on tour and you get to stay with us on the bus for 5days and get behind the stage for our concerts for those days"

"Experience the real 5sos" Calum said in a husky voice that made me melt

"We so have to enter!!" Chloe squealed as people started lining up to class as the bell went. Rebecca walked up and kicked my shoe and I overreacted because I saw Ms Sutton turn the corner for roll mark,

"Ouch" I yelped and ms Sutton whipped her head my way, I made it look as painful as possible.

"Rebecca!" Ms Sutton yelled "Detention after school today"

"But miss! It was an accident" she tried to plead

"Well my detention must of been an accident to give, oh well, turn up at 3:30 sharp" she snapped back

"Uggghhh" Rebecca scoffed and death stares me and Chloe as we laughed to ourselves. We took our headphone out, knowing that the interview will be on record and we can listen to it later. Me an Chloe couldn't wait for this afternoon, gleaming at each other as the school day started


The bell for the end of the day went as my and Chloe filed out of class, "Ready for our 'study session'" Chloe asked

"Hell yes" I bumped her back. We caught the bus back to her place as her mum is never home, always running errands for herself or her boss. Chloe jumped on her bed instantly opening her laptop and started typing, I logged on to my email on her iPad and we entered the competition, Chloe went on saying that "don't stop" made her continue in life, a complete lie, she has never been depressed or remotely sad about her life, but she was smart about how that will bring the boys attention. I told the truth, how I really have a "jet black heart" and how "disconnected" we are, and hearing "close as strangers" how it built up my courage to leave my toxic relationships. We both simultaneously sent our emails and looked at each other with with hopeful grins.

"So tomorrow" Chloe questioned "we have to go shopping and get ready for our concert on Sunday, then they announce the winners to the competition on Tuesday, this is going to be an exciting start to our holidays"

"That's if we win Chloe, calm down" I reply " but certainly, I have a few plans already for my outfit already, is your mum free tomorrow? I kinda need her to help with my idea"

"Yeah yeah but come on! Be in the spirit of winning! And she is only available from 10am till 2pm because her boss wants her to run errands in the morning and go to a meeting in the arvy, what do you have in mind?" Chloe questioned

"Oh nice, maybe this weekend will come together, I wanted to dress like the lyrics in 'Money' their opening song!" I said hopeful. She gave me a questioning looks so I sang the lyrics "White Tee, black jeans, black converse, you know she gets it right. Blue hair, Blue eyes, I saw her and I was like..."

"I know I know" she laughed "I just wanted to hear you sing" I threw a pillow at her and she fell off the bed laughing.

When she stood back up she walked towards the door saying "let's go get some dinner and an early night, can't wait to see my husband in under 48hrs" I rolled my eyes and followed her.


The next morning I woke up to She looks so perfect on Chloe's phone, I rolled over and hit her with a pillow whilst groaning. She sat up turbines it off and layers half on the floor, half on the bed. Then suddenly shot up with a grin. "Come on! Come on!" She started jumping on me "we have to get ready to go get your outfit" I stood up and looked at the time. 9:30am.

"Shit I have a hair appointment at 10:45" I said running to the shower.

After having a shower getting dressed in a white singlet and black ripped jeans and some light makeup I walked down stairs it was 10:25am. Chloe's mum Sarah was studying her computer while I walked down stairs and I saw Chloe all ready and eating her vegemite toast, "Good morning Ev, Chlo told me about your hair appointment at 10:45, we will leave lets say around 10:30, so have something to eat now and we will get going" Sarah sad without looking up from her computer.


As we arrived at the hair dressers Sarah said she wanted to grab a few things and that she will be back soon to pick us up. As I walked into the salon I was greeted my Katie a hairdresser with bright yellow hair "Hello darling, how may we help you today?"

"Umm," I giggled " I would like to dye my hair Permanent midnight blue please"

"Well that will look splendid" she announced "is it for a special occasion?" She asked

"You could say that" I said smirking at Chloe


As we got home I could not stop looking at my hair, it was amazing, I had compliments all the way home from strangers and Chloe and Sarah. I felt great. After the hair appointment I bought my new outfit ripped black skinny jeans and a White tee with the words 'ROCK OUT' written on it in messy handwriting.

Hey Guys, this is my first ever story so don't judge if I suck please xx I went to Brisbane and Melbourne SLFL and idk just had an urge to write. Please let me know if I'm doing ok or if I should stop. Is this chapter long enough? Will update soon - T xx

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