My Brothers (dumbass) Best (ex) Friend


1. What The Actual F

"Embi" Kacee cried from the kitchen, "Embi Help!" She whaled.

"What? What was it this time" Ember questioned her roommate, tearing off the sheets and lifting her fists to rub her eyes. She picked & flicked the yellow sand-like shit off her lashes and slipped on her slippers. She quickly combed her ombré hair with her hands as she scurried downstairs.

"Did Lil do something?" Ember yet again questioned. Lil is only an infant and cannot speak much English. But all the small thing ever wants to do is jump. Obviously she can't cause much harm, she is able to trip someone with her size but she doesn't mind if someone she hates falls. Ember could hear a few silent whimpers as she ran to the kitchen.

"Kacee, are you alright?"

"My Nail" Kacee screamed. Typical.

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