Another Love Story

You will play as Peyton. She just arrives to Australia after 12 years.Her aunt and uncle are Lukes parent,she also has to live with them.Her parents were taking her to the movies at night,when they were hit by a huge truck.They didnt survive,but peyton did.She slowly starts to fall in love with Michael.Will her new life be great?Or will it be terrible? Read to find out!


1. Introduction

Hi.My name is Peyton Jayne Wilfrom. I have bluish grayish eyes,light skin,and a awkward nose.My hair, its blonde and the tips are galaxy, blue,pink, and purple. If you were wondering how my parents look... well my mom was beautiful.Her hair was  light shade of pink,because she liked it that way.She had piercing blue eyes,and a beauty mark.She was tall and skinny.She would walk with confidence,nobody could bring her down.My dad he had blonde hair,brown eyes,and big nerd glasses.He wanted nerd glasses because he thought they were funny.He was very funny and never failed to make me happy.My life was amazing. We went to fun places on Fridays,made cookies on Saturdays,and went to church on Sundays then after church we would usually have a bake sale.Sounds great right?Well that all ended on one Friday night.


"Come on sweetie were going to the movies!" said mom 

"Ok!" i replied "what movie are we seeing?"

"Finding Dory"my dad said happily 

i skipped to the car singing its a small world.The car drive was fun.We were singing and talking about work and school and random things.A huge tuck was driving awfully close to us 

"Mom?Isnt he supposed to be 3 seconds away? Hes only 1 sec-"


Then everything went white.I woke up in a hospital bed,with my head throbbing.

"Mom?"i asked "MOM" "MOM DAD WHERE ARE YOU!" i screamed. A docter walked in and said so quiet,i could barley hear it, but i did "they...they didnt make it"

*End of flashback*

It was hard i was was staying at my friend Talyas house for 1 month,but she didnt mind.Now im currently on a plane ride to Australia to live with my cousin,aunt,and uncle.I hope that i make friends...and maybe have a boyfriend.And with that i closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Hey!Thanks for reading this story. Ik its probably horrible,and also really short...but i hope you still enjoyed it.Also please send me feedback in the comments (no hate)to tell me how it was also if you have any ideas please tell me!Also remember this is my first story!

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