Another Love Story

You will play as Peyton. She just arrives to Australia after 12 years.Her aunt and uncle are Lukes parent,she also has to live with them.Her parents were taking her to the movies at night,when they were hit by a huge truck.They didnt survive,but peyton did.She slowly starts to fall in love with Michael.Will her new life be great?Or will it be terrible? Read to find out!


2. Clifford

Okay on the last chapter,we learned that Peyton's old life was like,how her family died,how she and her parents looked,and where shes going to live. Now chapter 2 "My New Home" 

*Authors note-Ive never been on a plane before...bare with me...*

My eyes opened to a blinding sun.The pilot said "We have arrived in Sydney Australia grab your bags and leave" I could tell he was in a bad mood...i mean he said grab your bags and leave.Eh he's probably tired like the rest of us.I grabbed my bags(i was able to have it close to me) and exited the plane. I was looking for Uncle Andrew,Aunt Liz,and of course my best friend and cousin LUKE! A second later i saw a tall blonde boy with a quiff -i know he got rid of it but i want it back ok!- he looked in my direction and he had blue eyes and a lip ring.

"LUKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"i screamed,in a very loud manner."Peytie?"luke said.He sounded shocked and happy.He had 3 other boys with him.Red head,Bandanna boy,and Black haired boy.I don't know there names so that's what I'm calling them for now."Hello I'm Michael'' said the Red Head."Um hiiiiii" i said.I was a bit nervous he was really cute!"How was your plane ride"he asked "I dont know...I slept through most of it.''i answerd " Um Peyton I'M HERE TOO!"Luke said."Yeah i know but he's more interesting than you.'' i said ''Oh than you can just ride home with him then.''Luke replied and with that he walked outside,got in his car,and left."Oh'' Michael and i said at the same time."umm lets just go Calum."Bandanna boy said to Calum."Ok Ashton"Calum replied and they walked into another car and left."Well may i hold your bags?'' Michael asked."Ok thanks." i said. We walked to his car and but my bags in his trunk.I was expecting a awkward silence to follow but instead he put on American Idiot and started singing.He had a beautiful voice and i was in a trance just staring at him and the only thing heard his voice.He was hot.He had bright red hair,obviously dyed,sparkling green eyes,and pale skin.His voice was like a thousand angles,but deep.The song ended and i blushed because he caught me staring at him."May i help you?''he asked with a smirk on his face."No...''i replied.He just laughed and focused on the road.I miss you then came on.

"Hello there the angle from my nightmare the shadow in the back round of the mourn the unsuspecting victim like darkness in the vally we can live like Jack and Sally if we want to where you can always find me we'll have Halloween on Christmas and in the night we'll wish this never ends...i miss i miss you..WHERE ARE YOU AND IM SO SORRY I CANNOT SLEEP I CANNOT DREAM TONIGHT I NEED SOMEBODY AND ALWAYS THIS SICK STRANGE DARKNESS COMES CREEPING ON SO HAUNTING EVERY TIME AND AS I STARED I COUNTED,THE WEBS FROM ALL THE SPIDERS CATCHING THINGS AND EATING THERE INSIDES LIKE INDISITION TO CALL YOU AND HEAR YOUR VOICE ON TRESIN WILL YOU COME HOME AND STOP THIS PAIN TONIGT STOP THIS PAIN TONIGHT!"i sang.I didn't care if he thought i had a bad singing voice,i like that song. now i saw him staring at me.''Can I  help you?i asked."N-no!'he replied blushing and pulling into the driveway. I can already tell,this is going to be fun!

Hi i hope you actually like this story! I'm hoping to upload once a week,BYEAAAA!

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