Spirits in the dark

"I can save him but at a price?" I say Georgia Bellinbooth is a spirit healer and she wants to save people but it comes at a small price that she has to pay


1. Surprise

Today I get a monthly visit from my father he comes up from Charlston to here just for me and it is a long drive from Charlston but he makes it in time for dinner and I have to go see the Pixie King in the forest first I walk through the forest and I come across Mia and Stephanie playing together and when the see me they run up to me and hug me then I keep walk to the Kings house and I see the King talking to on of his pixies and I wait and he sees me and walks over and I give him what he asks for a bottle of healing water and a apple for strength then we say our goodbyes and I start to walk home and then I smell something, something terrible Death and blood 

I follow the smell and see a little girl running from her father screaming

"No daddy!"

Then she runs into me and I say "Here come with me," the little girl just nods and then I see her father I make her turn around while I kill her father then I take her home and heal her and erase her memory of her father and her old life


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