Bad Boy, Good Lips

17 Year-old Kristen was a quote and quote "average" girl with phenomenal grades. She had been to Hilton High School since freshman year, and was very close to graduating. She was known as a, "goody two shoes" and always followed the rules. Until. 'he' came along. Will he change her and ruin her reputation..? Or will he just be a bad boy with good lips?


8. Ch. 7

*Kristen's P.O.V*


I awkwardly stood at my locker with my hands nippered together.

I glanced at the boy to see him staring deep into my eyes.

He blinked and looked away, biting his lip softly.

"I'm Ashton by the way."

Ashton. Michael told me something about him. He seemed super sweet, nice, not to mention he's really hot...

"Oi, I'm talking to you, love."

I snapped back to reality and met eyes with a pair of hazel ones.

His face was inches away from mine.. and my lips.

"s-sorry.." I whispered.

"Hi A-Ashton.."

Ashton smirked and glanced down at my lips.

We were so close, I could feel tiny breaths escape his lips.


I whimpered.


He said, putting a finger to my lips softly.

"just relax, love."

I blushed as he inched closer to my lips.

Finally he arrived and kissed me.

Ashton's lips were soft and soothing. Our heads moved in sync.

Suddenly, Ashton's hands rose to my waist and rubbed it softly with the nubs of this thumbs.

When we pulled apart Ashton's eyes shone with lust.

I avoided all eye contact with his eyes and dropped mine to the floor.

Ashton slowly caressed my cheek and smirked.

"See you around love.

Just as he turned to walk away, he kissed my cheek and grinned.


It was time to go home.

I walked to my bus, 125, and saw a pissed Michael in the back.

He literally looked like he was going to murder someone.

I sat down silently beside him and I shifted away from him slowly.

"I told you to stay away from him yet you kiss him anyway!?"

I looked down at my shoes.

why do I feel so guilty?


Michael put his finger to my lips.

"ssh just relax"

he quoted.

I shoved his finger away.

"Michael stop!"

He raised a brow.

"Stop what? Telling the truth?!"

I clenched my fists.

"Michael! I didn't want him to kiss me! He did it!"

Michael did his usual scoff.

"You could've pushed him away, Kristen! He's a fuckboy! A cheater!"

I was stunned at his words.

"M-Michael.. the way you described him was.. was... good... nice.."

Michael grabbed the sides of face and jerked it so I was looking straight into his eyes.

"Kristen. Do you know anyone named Olivia?"

I nodded.

"He cheated on her with Nicole. Do you know anyone at all named Kelly?"

I nodded once more.

"He cheated again. Do you see the pattern? I'm not making this stuff up."

He let go of my face and sighed.

"I just.. I don't want to see you get hurt."

I exhaled and moved myself in between his legs.

He gently put his arms around my waist and lay his chin onto the crook of my neck.

"Kristen I care about you. More than anyone I've ever have."

I blushed as he moved his hand up and down my thigh.

"thank you.."

I whispered falling asleep in his arms, the trees passing by out the window, being the last thing I saw.



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