Bad Boy, Good Lips

17 Year-old Kristen was a quote and quote "average" girl with phenomenal grades. She had been to Hilton High School since freshman year, and was very close to graduating. She was known as a, "goody two shoes" and always followed the rules. Until. 'he' came along. Will he change her and ruin her reputation..? Or will he just be a bad boy with good lips?


7. Ch. 6

*Michaels P.O.V.*

**the rest of the boys WILL appear in the next few chapters:)**


I walked into school, my galaxy hair put in it's messy ways, my same old combat boots tied snugly, and my black ripped skinny jeans grabbing every inch of my legs.

I spotted Kristen at her locker, next to mine, and I noticed something I haven't seen in her for weeks.

A real beautiful smile.

"Someone's cheery today."

I commented, grabbing the same wrinkled folder and slammed my locker shut.

Kristen just smiled even more and turned her body so it faced mine.

"Nicole called me yesterday."

I scoffed.

"Lemme guess, you guys made up and are the best of friends now?"

Kristen laughed.
"Oh hell no. She told me you stuck your tongue down her throat, and of course, I didn't believe her for one second-"


A voice behind her suddenly said.

She screeched and turned around to face a pair of hazel eyes.

It was Ashton Irwin of all people.

He was grasping Kristen's attention.

"Oh hey there sweetheart. Sorry to come up on you like that."

Ashton said, gently grabbing a piece of her hair and wrapping it around his finger.

She blushed.

"Y-Your fine." She said shyly.

I then grunted and pushed the monstrosity away from Kristen.

"Ashton fucking Irwin. Stay away from Kristen, if you try anything clever I swear to your father, I will hurt you."

I gave him the deepest death stare I could manage, my hands clenched around the crook of his tank top, and Ashton looked helpless beneath me.

"Michael. I thought you knew I changed.."

Ashton gurgled.

I grunted softly and tightened my grip on his shirt.

"Ashton. Don't play dumb. Remember Olivia? Yeah? Yeah? Oh and remember Nicole? Yeah, your fucking sick, mate. You've cheated on almost every girl. Leave Kristen alone and if you do anything I will hit the daylight out of you, and you won't be awake to live till tomorrow, got it?"

Ashton nodded slowly.

I pushed him aside and gave Kristen a small smirk and turned my back, gripping my folder to my side, strolling away.




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