Bad Boy, Good Lips

17 Year-old Kristen was a quote and quote "average" girl with phenomenal grades. She had been to Hilton High School since freshman year, and was very close to graduating. She was known as a, "goody two shoes" and always followed the rules. Until. 'he' came along. Will he change her and ruin her reputation..? Or will he just be a bad boy with good lips?


6. Ch. 5

*currently still Kristen's P.O.V*


"I'll try my hardest"

I can understand that completely.

He was entirely a bad boy.

He skipped class, back-talked teachers, and most importantly he was sassy.

Honestly, some days, I want to hit him so hard across the face, and then other days I just want to be hugged by him so bad.

As I walked out of the bus, towards my home, I realized, Michael actually might have a heart.

When I stepped inside, pumpkin spice and candles welcomed me.

I walked around the corner of my home and found my mother at our stove.

She looked up, saw me, and smiled.

"Hey honey! How was school?"

I backtracked and remembered lunch and not eating, so all these smells, were making me hungry.

"It was good. Other than not eating. At the time I wasn't hungry, and that wasn't a smooth idea."

My mom gave me a small chuckle and stirred the substance in her favorite bowl.

The bowl had little teddy bears around it and white dots lining beside the bears.

It was a nice milky yellow and she cared for it deeply, since it was her mothers.

"I agree completely."

She said.

I smiled softly and put my bag aside and ran upstairs to my room.

Band posters a lined my wall and my room was still a pigsty.

I sighed and threw myself onto my bed angry and frustrated.

A lot has happened these past few days and It's a lot of stress for one person.

Suddenly, my phone started to vibrate and I saw someone was calling me.

I slowly picked it up and it had no caller ID, so I decided to pretend to prank the person.

I pressed the, 'answer' button and said.

"Hello?" In a weird accent.

"Don't play dumb with me, you knew I'd call."

I almost dropped my phone.

It's the girl that I haven't heard in weeks.

It's the girl that completely got me lost and felt worthless.

It was Nicole.

"nicole." I murmured into the phone.

She gave me a giggle and I could feel her smirk on the other end.

"Yes. You know Michael right?"

I bit my lip.

Of course. He was so sweet and caring but again bad and overbold.

"y-yeah, why?" I stuttered.

Nicole cackled.

"I maybe overheard your conversation and you were right."
I raised a brow.

"R-Right about what?"

She scoffed.

I shifted the phone from my right ear to my left.

"You were right about him putting his tongue down my throat."

I rolled my eyes on the other line.

"Nicole, you really believe that he would do that. After what you did to me, I can't believe not one of your hellish lies."

I bit my lip again.

No response.

"Remember that one lie you told about Margaret? How you said she had sex with James Fauss, which she didn't, because they both had purity rings. Yeah, good luck with me."

I heard sobbing on the other end.

"Nicole. Just leave me the hell alone ok?"

And I hung up, feeling dominant.


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