Bad Boy, Good Lips

17 Year-old Kristen was a quote and quote "average" girl with phenomenal grades. She had been to Hilton High School since freshman year, and was very close to graduating. She was known as a, "goody two shoes" and always followed the rules. Until. 'he' came along. Will he change her and ruin her reputation..? Or will he just be a bad boy with good lips?


5. Ch. 4

*Kristen's P.O.V*


I honestly don't know why I cried in front of Michael.

He seems like the type to not see a girl cry, and when he does, he flicks it off his shoulder and forgets about it.

But I realized my mind and his mind are two different things, when he put his arm around me, and I wrapped my arms around him and cried along his torso.

He ran his fingers through my hair gently, letting me sob.

When I felt like all the tears had eschewaled my eyes, I looked up at Michael and noticed he had been crying too, I just was too into my own sadness I didn't feel the tear stains that lay snug on the back of my shirt.

I wiped my eyes and clamped my hands together, removing my arms from around his torso.


Michael looked in my direction.

"Nicole is the reason I'm scared."

Michael stayed silent for a moment, I could feel his eyes looking deep in them searching for an answer.

"scared of what, love?"

My legs squirmed and I unclamped my sweaty hands.

Letting my eyes screw shut.

"I'm scared of letting you into my life. Because of Nicole."

Michaels eyebrow went up.

"Tell me."

My hair fell into my eye, and Michael removed it almost immediately.

Then I took a deep breath, hoping that he'll stay.

"Nicole and I used to be the best of friends. Two peas in a pod. But then one day, I decided to see how she would react if I had anorexia. She called me 'messed up' and I needed help. She threatened to call the cops for help, But I declined her offer. After about a few moments of arguing, I told her the truth. She called me dumb and an attention seeker. Then, she was so nice to me, I trusted her, and yet, she broke my trust, broke my heart, and hurt me in a way that no one else has."

I wiped a tear that had escaped my eye, and returning to the story.

"She also called me a 'fake ass barbie' and decided to call me a bitch behind my back to my friend. So not only did she break my heart she backstabbed me. Michael, I almost wanted to commit suicide then and there. I was so tired of losing people, I didn't want my heart to keep getting used and used only for it to just break. That's why I'm afraid. I'm afraid of letting you into my life.. because I feel like, I'll hurt you.. and myself."

Michael looked me straight in the eyes, surprised.

"Nicole was a sweet person. She was so kind, I never expected that from her."

Michael looked down and sighed.

"Damn, I thought I had it bad."

I bit my lip, noticing we had arrived at my neighborhood.


I said, looking him dead straight in the eyes.

"Please promise I can trust you and you'll stay."

He looked me right back and said.

"I'll try my hardest"

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