Big Brother



10. New nieghbors how bout New nightmare

Chance's POV

I woke up with Calum Jumping on my bed and the boys screaming 

"WAKE UUUUPPP WAKE UPPPP WAKE UPPPP" The last one they hit a high note

"Good job now get off my bed or ill kick u off" I said

Calum Jumped off my bed and they ran out laughing i just shook my head.

I got up i got dressed into Black leggings a red tank top that said NERD in black letters a black hat that says KILLIN IT in white letters braclets my shoes headphones and i decided to ride my skateboard to school

I went downstairs and made a smoothie with straw berries blue berries and raseberries with lots of sugar (Thats me)

"ohhh can i have some" I looked and saw Adin

''fine" i said 

"YAYYY" i yelled took the cup and took a sip

"okay this is mine make a new one" He said and ran off whats up with them running off

I made a new one and put it in a cup *No i drank it from the blender* 

I had almost an hour because the boys woke me up and 6

i walked in the living room and turned on 21 jump st

It was almost over when i looked at the clock and it read 6:48. I hoped of the couch grabbed my back and skateboard and headed to school.

I rode by the house next door and saw our new neighbors. i looked closely and saw Mr.Lorence and Veronica going into a range rover and then My orthodontist doctor go into another ranger rover.

I almost fell off when i saw them JUST GREAT

I road to school thinking about what i saw this morning. 

when i got to school i saw Cater and Brayden but not the girls. i hopped off my skateboard picked it up and ran over to them

"Guys guess what" I said out of breath

"WHAT" Cater said in a sassy tone

"Veronica is my new neighbor" I said catching my breath

"No way" cater said

"Way" I said

"hey guys whatch talking about" Alayna said as her and Ava walked up to us

"Veronica is my new neighbor" I said

"New neighbor how bout new nightmare" Brayden said (see what i did there no then go see what the chapter is called)

"yea i know" 

The bell rang and we headed to class


"Steven" I said

"Its Mr.Lorence to u missy"

"And its Ms.Hood for u Mr"I said and sat down

*after school*

"Guys want to go to the skate park

"Sorry me and Ava Cant were going to the spa we would invite u but we know u would never say yes" Alayna said

"True" I said

"Ill go"

"Me too" 

Cater and Brayden said holding up there skateboards

"okay lets go" 

We hopped on our skateboards and headed to the skate park


We got to the skate park and u know did tricks and other things till i saw a little kid fall well get pushed off of his skate board

"Hey r u okay" I asked running over to him

"No my hand and knee hurts" he said her looked maybe 8-9

"okay r u here alone" I asked

"Yea i live across the street"

"okay want me to take u home so your mom or dad can help u get washed up" i asked

He nodded i picked him up and put him on a bench

"here" i said i ripped parts of my shirt off and rapped one around his hand and one around his knee

"thanks" he said

"your welcome"

I picked him up and walked over to the guys

"hey im gonna take this kid home he got pushed off his board he just lives across the street" i said they nodded and i left

"Hey whats your name" I asked as i started getting closer to his house

"Adam" He said

"I like that name" 

"Thanks and my house is the blue one'' 

He said pointing to it i nodded and walked up to the front door and rang the door bell

The door opened to reavle a teenage boy maybe 18-19 shirtless

"Hey um who are u adn why do u have my little brother'' he asked

"Oh um i saw himget pushed off his board so i took him back here" I said

"oh thanks" He said and took Adam I nodded and was gonna leave

"Hey um do u want the cloth back" he asked

"No thanks" I said

"Ok by the way im Finley" He said

"Chance" I said and ran back to he skate park.


We got to my house(don teven think about it) and walked into the kitchen

"Want a smoothie" I asked getting the same stuff out that i used for my breakfast 

''YES" I saw Adin walk into the kitchen

"Okay" I said

"OH me too"

"and me"

I made 4 smoothies an gave 3 to Cater Adin an Brayden

"OH MY GOD" cater yelled

"what what happened" Calum said running into the kitchen

"nothing but this smoothie is amazing" Adin said Cater and Brayden nodded

"Let me try" He took adins and took a sip

"Alright have a good day" He said and ran off like Adin did this morning

"HEY" Adin yelled

"HAHA" Was all calum did and went up stairs

"Make me another pleaseee''

I nodded and made him another 

I herd barks behind me and looked and saw my baby huskie Buddy and baby jerman shepeard Billie

"U boys hungry" I said

I got out there food and put it in there bowls same with some water

"Awww there so cute" Calum said walking back in the kitchen with the boys

"Now make them smoothies please" Calum said picking up the dogs

I made the boys smoothies took my dogs and went up stairs with Cater and Brayden


I was watching Chance put the dogs food and water in there bowls and i thought do i have positive feelings for her (PERCY JACKSON FOR LIFE)

Chance's POV

We went up stairs and played with the dogs.

We kept laughing our butts off cause they would run into stuff it was sad but funny

"What to watch a movie" Cater asked

"Yea how bouuuut hmmm" I said looking at my movies

"Ohhh how bout 22 jump st" brayden said pulling out the movie

"Okay i watched 21 jump st earlyer so yea" 

I grabbed the movie and put it in

Braydens POV (UH OHH)

Chance fell asleep after the second movie she looked so cute she was cuddling Buddy and i had Billie I think i starting to like her but i cant cause i know Cater likes her *sigh* what would i do if i do like her?













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