GELIAD or the 'Song of Gelia' is the holy text of the birth of the Gelian gods and the creation of the world. //Participant in the 'Rule of Lore: Create Your Own Worlds Competition', option #1.//


3. Deities




Naythea – goddess of nothing and emptiness || the first goddess, wife of Zao
Zae – goddess of light, fire and heat, the day and sun
Zao – god of marriage || husband of Naythea


Triana – goddess of time || daughter of Naythea and Zao
Seanaya – goddess of water || daughter of Naythea and Zao
Deatis – god of darkness, night and the moon || son of Naythea and Zao


Gelia – goddess of earth || created by Triana, Seanaya and Deatis
Grabarus – god of humans || son of Gelia


Wisna – goddess of wisdom and knowledge || daughter of Triana and Grabarus
Lafreon – god of love and lust || son Zae of and Grabarus


Askara – goddess of nature, protecter of the elves || daughter of Gelia and Lafreon
Scanuturn – god of slavery, protecter of giants || son of Zae and Deatis
Koirus – god of weaponry, protecter of the dwarfs || son of Wisna and Deatis
Efrao – god of war, protector of humans || son of Seanaya and Grabarus


Aftalia – goddess of death || daughter of Triana and Lafreon

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