Sparrow is a fifteen year old girl who doesn't exactly have a permanent home. When she is out on the streets, she can talk to a few people, but she doesn't know if she should call them friends. Then there's Dan... He has a skateboard, and can ride pretty well. He treats Sparrow normally, not like a piece of dirt he found on his shoe-like most other people do. One day Sparrow has an idea. She decides she will ride. Ride Dan's skateboard. He is always asking her if she would like a go, or like him to teach her. She always refuses, due to the embarrassment she knows it will cost. Maybe tomorrow will be different...


1. So, Can You Skate?

"So can you really skate?"

I bit my lip and pushed a loose strand of my hair behind my ear.

"She can't really, can she?"

I kicked the floor a few times.


"Yes." I decided.

Dan raised his eyebrows and put his hands in his pockets.

"Have a go then," Tom chuckled.

Dan pushed the skateboard towards me with his foot. I caught it.

Then, slowly and carefully, I mounted the object. It wobbled back and forth, and I nearly fell off. I saw Dan reach forward, but quickly take his hand away when I steadied myself. We both blushed.

I used my left foot to kick off the ground. The boys scattered away.

I leaned slightly to turn. I was doing it! I was skating!

I glanced behind me and saw the boys staring at me. I picked up my speed by kicking off the ground again.

I was riding smoothly for a while; and then came up to another turn. I leaned again. It worked!

I was out of sight, and down an alley. It wasn't dark; because it was daytime, but there were boxes and other pieces of litter in the way. I swerved to avoid them; and was doing pretty well, when my left foot, which was suspended in the air, hit off one of the boxes.

I was shocked. I moved too quickly and scraped my ankle off something sharp. My eyes widened with surprise and shock again. I fell forward, noticing another feeling; pain.

On the bright side, I was out of the alley. But the pain in my ankle was searing. I lay on the ground, thinking. I was on a busy street, and there were many teenagers like me skating around, so no one had noticed me yet.

I gathered myself up and sat up. The skateboard was still rolling. I leaned over to it, and stuck my hand underneath, bringing it closer.

I slowly bum-shuffled backwards. I was on the footpath so I dragged the skateboard beside me. The pain in my ankle was stinging. I watched as the ripped skin slowly turned into blood. Ouch. It wasn't a small cut, either. It was a slice.

A businessman was walking along the footpath. I straightened myself to let him through. He slowed down and watched me. I thought it was out of concern, but then he muttered "Stupid teenagers," Which annoyed me.

I clutched my foot, finding a pressure point to press down on that might stop the bleeding- or even better- the pain.

Nothing worked, so, in the end, I stood up again and wobbled back onto the skateboard. I decided to keep my bad foot on the board and skate with the other. It hurt to put my full weight on my ankle, so I tried not to.

I knew where The Cottage was from here, and I knew a shortcut. But I also knew I wouldn't be able to make it through the bushes for the shortcut like I usually would, so I would have to go the longer way.

I skated as best I could, but it was a long ride to The Cottage.

I left the skateboard outside and entered.

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