The Hunt (The Hunter book 3)

THIS IS THE THIRD BOOK IN THE HUNTER SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!! The vampire Queen finds herself in a very interesting place. She finds a coven of witches. Her newly made best female friend has found her power. The Queens children get into some trouble that makes the queen have to put away her feelings and focus on finding her children. (P.S. I am going to go through this later. But for now, it is out because I don't want people to get confused when the fourth comes out. Enjoy the draft verision of this.)


1. The Beginning

          Welcome back again. I see that you have come back for more of my little tale to tell. Well, then I hope that you like it. I am the Hunter and the vampire queen. In my last book, I was forced to accept who I was and became what I hated. I didn’t like the idea of it much at the time. My name is Gabrielle, but many call me Gabby. And most like to keep their heads while talking to me so they call me Gabby I do much without my friends or family, but I do a lot more with them. Some of you might know me but to the ones that do not know who I am then I must tell them. I am a queen to my people. Yes, a bit medieval but that is how this kind works. I have long hair that is red at the moment in time. My eyes are red as well but that was not by choice. I know that my kind is going to be in danger a lot with me as head leader in this but I do try to keep this issue between my trusted.

          Well, I will tell you who is always around me in case you find yourself not having read the first and second book that I have put out. Eric, Ambrose, William, Jasper, Sindy, and Taurus, are my group of close friends. Sindy was made by William when I was forced to accept myself. Eric is good at fighting. He taught me to fight even though I didn’t need it at all. Ambrose, my love, can tell what is going to happen in a person's life. William can read minds just as well as Jasper can. William has found his mate. He is in love with Sindy. And, last but not least, Taurus is the one person I have to have near me when I go into freak out mood. He calms emotions. His gift is calming emotions and it is very helpful to have around. Sindy, Sindy will come to her gift. Now she has to find out how to control it.

          I feel like I must tell you that I had a daughter after my last book. I also had a son. The daughter’s name would be Althea. My son’s name is Brontes. I love them both dearly. Althea has a gift of healing others. And Brontes can control lights. Though he still has yet to walk into a room and keep the lights on. Althea loves to make anyone injured heal faster. I take her to the hospital very often. I have to get Brontes to control his power before I take him anywhere.

I am guessing you just  what me to get on  with the story. I have already told you the basics, so I guess I have to get to the story now. I find myself running into witches and see what they are made of. So my story begins.

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