The Animals of the Night

Dumb and non-realistic :P


1. The Wolf Guardian and Leopard Spirit

There once was a little girl and her name was Kenya. Kenya was a happy young girl and always made friends, But 1 day something changed her life forever.


One sunny day Kenya’s best friend Kathy came over to her house. Kenya’s mom answered the door and told Kathy, Kenya is upstairs in her bedroom. Kenya’s mom said Kathy please help her i’ve tried my best to do so. Kathy went upstairs to Kenya’s bedroom door, before she was going to knock she realized that Kenya added a DO NOT COME IN OR ELSE! sign. Kathy was worried and knocked on Kenya’s door “Kenya it’s Kathy can I come in”? said Kathy.

“Sure Kathy come on in” Kenya said in a sad voice. Kathy walked in what’s wrong Kenya she said?


“I just don’t feel like myself today I just need to be alone” said Kenya. “Well alright I will leave you alone remember call me if you ever need me Kenya alright” Kathy said. “Ok Kathy I will Thanks for coming over anyways” Kenya said. “No prob Kenya talk to you later” Kathy said.


Later that day Kenya was sitting on her bed and staring out her window into the starry night, then turned her eyes to the forest she heard something in the distance calling her name. But she did not keep her eyes open long she grew very tired and went to sleep on her windowsill. She fell into a dream, she was in the forest alone in the dark until she heard “ come  father into the forest and i will show you the way. “ She woke up very quickly and realized her name was being called by someone or something in the forest.


She sat up and went into the forest and found a wolf she was frightened but did not realize this wolf was friendly and wasn’t real she was actually a Wolf Guardian that was going to help Kenya. The wolf’s name was Zora she was very friendly, A beautiful white Snow Leopard jumped out from behind the trees Kenya said “You must be a Guardian Leopard like Zora the Guardian Wolf”.


“No I’m actually a Leopard Spirit my name is Star and I’m here to help you like my friend Zora” Star said. Zora and Star both said to me that i need to follow them into the forest, I asked why they did not answer. I followed them farther into the forest, until we stopped by a cave it was beautiful surrounded by flowers of all kinds and a glistening pond that shimmered in the moonlight.


They said to come into the cave so I followed  them and when we went inside it was too dark and hard for me to see where I was going. Star said follow me I’m a bright white Leopard and easier to see than Zora since she is a Grey color. I followed star and at the end of the cave was an entrance into a beautiful forest it was day instead of night and all animals roamed through it. Zora said this was a magical forest and only they know where it was, Zora and Star took me into their cave and told me to sit down next to the fire pit.


I asked why did they need me and why did they bring me here, they wanted me to tell them why I have been disappointed lately and I told them. Zora and Star turned to each other and nodded, they both stared at me in the eyes and told me to stare into their eyes for 30 seconds until I see only 2 eyes. Once I saw only 2 eyes I fainted and 2 minutes later I woke up and I was a Hybrid of a wolf and a snow leopard…….. To Be Continued


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