The Animals of the Night

Dumb and non-realistic :P


2. The Hybrid

The Spirits




“ Wha.. WHAT AM I ” Kenya said. “ You’re a hybrid of me and Star ” said Zora.“ WHATS A HYBRID! asked Kenya. “ A hybrid is a mixture of two animals and your hybrid name is Lepwolf ” said Zora. “ Lepwolf…  but what? “ said Kenya.“ Calm down my child “ said Star. “Your new spirit name is Swift” said Star. “Swi Swift…?” said Kenya. “Try it out my child your speed is exquisite” said Star. Kenya wanted to see her new powers so she quickly ran and soon gained speed. She was excited and full of energy now and not even Star could keep up with her and Star is fast. Kenya never had this much fun and she didn’t even know how fast she was running and soon she came to a sudden stop bumping into another guardian. The guardian turned around and glanced at Swift and started to growl. “ WHO are you….! “ asked the guardian. (Gulp) “ I..I...I’m Uh.. Swift… “ “ I DON’T KNOW ANYONE NAMED SWIFT..! ” the guardian yelled furiously. “ Are you a SPY?!? ” he asked angrily. “ STOP! “ said Zora and Star yelling at him. Kenya confused looked at the angry guardian. He was a Tiger with a beautiful white coat and black stripes, he had bright crystal blue eyes, and he was huge bigger than me and was very frightening looking.

He stared back at me and glared. Scared I ran behind a big old willow tree, “ WHO IS SHE!? “ the tiger yelled. “ She is a human girl Zero, we are trying to help her. “ Star said angrily. “ Okay then, what’s she supposed to be? ” asked Zero. “ She’s a Lepwolf and her Spirit name is Swift. “ Zora replied. “ Swift huh.. then if her name is swift that must mean she’s fast, Right? “ Zero Announced. I came out from behind the Old Willow and said. “ Ye.. yes i guess i am fast.. “. “Prove it! Let’s have a race whoever is the fastest wins. ” Kenya thought to herself the tiger must be the fastest guardian. “ Uhh.. yeah sure ” i said. We lined up from behind the Old Willow Tree, “ Ready.. Set.. GOO! “ Star Yelled. Me and the tiger shot off, i gained speed (a lot of speed) and i ran and ran. I made it to the finish line, but there was no sign of the tiger. “ I won I WON! “ I said loudly. “ The tiger walked up from behind me and said “ Actually i won.. I made it here 5 seconds before you “ The Tiger said. “ You’re quite fast you almost caught up to me..

The names Zero and your Swift right? “ Zero said. “ Yes, and it’s nice to meet you Zero “ I answered. Zero smiled at me and a burst of happiness went through me so i smiled back. Star and Zora happy but still serious told me to follow them, they said there was a tree called the Old Sacred Oak Tree and that was where the master lived. Star and Zora brought me up to the tree, but no entrance. All the guardians and spirits could make magic door to walk through. They moved into position and summoned the door, they told me to walk in.

I walked in and i see a Huge Lion sitting on a throne this lion was even bigger than Zero. This Lion he had a beautiful Orange coat and mane, his eyes as green as the leaves on the tree, and his voice loud but graceful. I walk up to the throne and the Lion looks at me and says “ Hello young one.. I’m Leo the Great Lion of this magical forest, why have you come to visit? “ Star walks up to Leo and tells him everything about why i was here. “ Hmm.. a human girl with a problem?

Well Star, Zora it’s time for another adventure “ Leo announced. Star and Zora jump up with glee and happily start saying “ WOOO WHOOO. “ I smile at them, but in my mind I’m scared “ adventure? “ i said to myself. “ Let’s go! “ Star and Zora yell while creating the magical door to leave. We walk out and out of nowhere “ BAM! “ Zero runs into me. “ ARE YOU OKAY?? I’M SOOOO SORRY! “ he said worryingly. We both stand up and we touch noses, i start blushing. “ Ye.. yeah i’m f.. Fine heh.. “ me still blushing zero stares at me and he starts to blush too “ Okay.. Good “ he starts smirking and runs off. Star and Zora freaking out “ YOU LIKE ZERO!? “ they both start yelling. “ AND HE LIKES YOU! OMG! “

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