Drawings & Stuff

Drawings N Stuff. I had one of these posted maybe 3-4 years ago on my old account. I like to draw, not necessarily good at it, but here I shall upload for your amusement. I'm fairly busy these days so anything uploaded will likely be old work for the sake of posting something. All my stuff is dated. Expect - attempted portraits, semi-imaginative drawings, and some stuff so old I don't remember the thoughts behind it.



I've always liked to draw and for the past two years I was on college courses that were somewhat relevant to any art skill I had. Now I'm not doing any of that and want somewhere people can appreciate my work (or I can fool myself into thinking someone is appreciating it haha). I had an artwork movellas back 3 to 4 years ago on my old account where I posted terrible drawings I now no longer have in my possession.

I would just use deviantart or something but I'm not a fan of the place. It's all anime and cosplay and that's not my style.

I'll mostly post portraits and half imaginative things usually relating strongly to interests I have or had. I'll be scanning in all drawings so I'll have to get on that and scan my portfolio. For now I'll dig in my drive and see what I can find there.

I wonder what I'll find first.

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