The Chosen

They call me Fire, as I am the most merciless of them all. I do not discriminate; there is no gender, race, or age I won’t kill. My body was covered in dried blood; the blood of the people I had murdered.
It had been three days since the game had started, and I was in the lead. The scoreboard hung over the arena with the names and score of each of the players. I knew the world was watching me as I ran through the trees, in search of my next victim.
~The Selection: A Writing Competition~


6. Chapter Six

It took over two weeks for me to come across my first Chosen.

Yes, I know I was a Chosen myself, but that didn’t count.

I was just sitting in a tree, waiting to spot my next victim when I saw a girl running through the woods. She had long, red hair, and was sprinting. I didn’t see why until a moment later. The same group I had escaped only days before was after her.

I had the thought that I should go and help the girl, because then maybe together we could defeat the group, but I knew that at any moment she might turn on me and quite literally stab me in the back.

I just staying far up in the trees where no one would think to look at a time like this and watched the event unfold down below me.

The redhead was tiring quick, there was no way to know how long she’d been running, but from the looks of it, it had been a while.

Her knees gave out under her and she collapsed to the ground about twenty feet away from my tree. The hunters caught up quickly, all fifteen of them catching their breath.

While they were huffing and puffing, the Chosen jumped up, slicing upward with a knife that I hadn’t seen her holding. It sliced the throat of the girl closest to her, and everyone else got into a fighting stance.

The redhead fought long and hard, taking out four of them and injuring a handful more before someone got behind her and stabbed her through the back of her heart.

She fell to the ground and I looked up at the Scoreboard.

There were 93 players left, four of them being Chosen. I was pretty sure that this group below me had a large part in taking out my most difficult opponents. And once they were gone, all I’d have to do would be to wait for the group to kill each other.

All I had to do was avoid the group, and I could win.

The remaining eleven took the weapons and bags off of the dead four, and moved on.

I let them go.




I hunted, following the ruffling of branches and the sound of twigs snapping as someone attempted to walk carefully, but failed. I saw her, roughly forty feel ahead of me. She had golden hair, ruggedly cut short, almost like the girl had taken a knife to her own hair, slicing it off. I snuck forward, being as quite as I could. Unfortunately, the girl decided to do a surveillance check as I got ten feet from her.

She raised the blade she was holding, “Jordon,” she said, letting out a grasp of shock. “You scared me. I’ve been looking for you.” The blade lowered. “I thought you were dead. I couldn’t find your name on the board.”

“That’s not my name,” I growled and she ferried her eyebrows.

“What are you talking about?” Her grip on the weapon tightened, putting it together, but not wanting to except the facts. “Jordon?”

I clinched my teeth. “I said that’s not my name!” I shouted, my fist flying forward and hitting her square in the jaw. Her head snapped to the right and she stumbled a little, but stood standing.

“Jordon, honey, we had a plan in place in case this ever happened. Do you remember? Please remember,” she cried but I just growled and shoved her shoulders. She hit the tree behind her, and stood standing. “We were going to talk it out, at least try to break you out of the effect.” She raised the blade again, and as I neared her again, she swiped. I kept getting closer, and she kept swopping around the knife, defending herself.

When the blade nicked my arm, I let out a throaty snarl before grabbing her by her shortened hair and pulling so I had control.

“Jordon!” Grace screamed. “Jordon, please!” she begged, but her words had no effect on me. I grabbed the blade from her grasp and threw her down. As she hit the ground, I plunged my arm with the knife forward. It pierced her chest and I smiled as the blood flowed out. I bent down, reaching my arms out, dipping my hands in her blood as she sputtered out words of mercy. I lifted my hands to my face, running my fingers from temple to chin.

I looked down at the corpse, and smiled as I pulled out my lighter.




I climbed down the tree I slept in, grabbing my knife as I neared the bottom. I was moving silently and there was a person only a few feet away from the stump. They were unaware of me, ten feet above them. I flung myself out, landing on the person as I fell. He tried to me off of him as soon as he could, but I was stronger than the younger boy. I pinned him down and grabbed the knife that had fallen from my grasp as I landed on him. I held it above his head as he struggled, begging me to stop.

I plunged the knife down, getting it jammed into his throat.

Blood hit my face as the boy sputtered for breath, blood blocking his airway. As the light left his eyes, I pulled the knife out, crawling off of him. I patted down his body, removing the things I found on his possession.

Two throwing daggers, a knife and a new lighter were placed onto my person, his own lighter then used, setting him on fire.

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