The Chosen

They call me Fire, as I am the most merciless of them all. I do not discriminate; there is no gender, race, or age I won’t kill. My body was covered in dried blood; the blood of the people I had murdered.
It had been three days since the game had started, and I was in the lead. The scoreboard hung over the arena with the names and score of each of the players. I knew the world was watching me as I ran through the trees, in search of my next victim.
~The Selection: A Writing Competition~


4. Chapter Four

I woke up the the voice talking. “Four hundred and eighteen competitors this year. A record number,” it started out. The feeling in my arms started coming back as I laid on the soft grass. “There are nine Chosen this year, so be careful who you challenge.” I could feel my toes now, “You all know of the rules. There are none.” I rolled my neck, feeling it pop as I moved it from the cramped angle it had been at for who-knows-how-long. “Now, please make it entertaining for us. Begin.” As my body became unparalyzed, I looked around. All I saw was tree’s and grass and flowers. I heard what I could only assume was a waterfall in the background. As I looked up, I saw nothing but the black of the scoreboard and the writing of all our names in lights.

I didn’t keep staring until I found my name, I patted myself down, finding a lighter and a knife on my person. That was all I had. That was all I needed.

I started running, searching for a human. I found her within minutes. She looked to be about twenty, maybe twenty-one. But she had black hair and glasses; that was all that was needed for the rage at the doctor to set it.

I held the lighter in one hand and the knife in the other.

When she was me, she froze. She probably hadn’t been expecting to see someone this soon, let alone see a Chosen.

As her senses came back to her, she turned and started running, but my knife was already flying through the air. My aim wasn’t as good as I wished, but the blade hit her in the back of her leg, causing her to tumble to the ground.

“No!” she cried out as I neared her. “Don’t!” she tried crawling away, but I stopped her easily by reaching down and pushing on the knife farther in. She let out a scream, but it didn’t phase me. I looked up, seeing nothing but names on the Scoreboard. There were no scores up, which means this would be the first kill. I might as well make it entertaining for the people watching.

I pulled the knife out that was in the back of her left thigh, only to stab her in the right one. She screamed bloody murder, but given as I was killing her, it was appropriate. I pulled the knife out as I continued on with my plan.

I moved to the upper part of her body, lighting the lighter as I walked. “Please,” she begged. “Please, don’t!”

I just chuckled as I knelt down by her, moving the flame to her hair. Once that was set ablaze, I place the lighter to her sleeve, then a leg of her pants.

Her screams didn’t last long as her body burned. As I walked away, leaving the still on fire body, I could practically hear the crowds cheering.

I looked up, and spotted my name at the top of the board.

*Jason Fife: 5 Points.

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