Won't Let Go (Dark Link x Reader)

What happens when your best friend's greatest enemy becomes obsessively in love with you? Let's just say he won't let you go that easily

~A Dark Link x Reader Oneshot~


1. I won't let you go that easily (Dark Link x Reader)

(As requested by Carmie-chan)

(A/N - so even though in the games, Link is not known to usually talk, I thought for the sake of this oneshot, he will speak (after all he is not known to be mute), and Dark Link will rarely do so. Hope you enjoy)



He was exactly the same in every way. Same appearance, only darker. Same strength, enough to level, or even outmatch, his rival. And of course, he had the same love, for the same girl that he liked.


"Ha...haha..." Link collapsed to his knees, dropping his sword and shield aside, and catching his breath. Looking back up at his rival, he smiled, one eye closed, as she offered him her hand.

"Good match." you, (y/n), grinned smugly, standing over Link victoriously for

a second, before taking a step back to give yourself the momentum to hoist him to his feet, "But, as usual, I win."

Your rival (well, technically he's her training partner) cocked his head to one side, but shrugged, "Nah, I was just tired, 'tis all. I'll get you next time." his cheeky grin always made your cheeks blush a rosy pink.

You regained your cool almost immediately, folded your arms and shook your head in denial, "You're always tired Link. Just admit it. I'm stronger."

He shrugged, "I'll get you next time."

"That's what you always say." you pouted dramatically, and lifted your nose in the air, "Anyway, dinner on me?"

Link gave you the thumbs up, "I'll meet you there."


Ok (y/n) this is it. Now is the day to confess your feelings...just...stay normal and don't try anything stupid, you spoke to yourself as you pulled your (h/l) (h/c) hair out of it's braid, and shook down the locks so they sat naturally, just because you are a Hyrulean guard doesn't mean that you can't have a relationship. It won't affect anything, you froze in place, (e/c) orbs wide as you tried to come to terms with what you just said. You scowled almost instantly after feeling a pang of panic, and anyway, Link and I have been friends for years. He won't let my affections get in his way, you ruffled your hair irritated,

Replacing your arm guards with bangles and your body armour with a simple (f/c) tank top and black bottoms, you were finally ready. You took in one final breath and gazed out of the window looking out to your village...to see a shadow evaporate into the air. Furrowing your brows, you continued to stare for a few more seconds before shrugging it off, assuming it was just your imagination. It was dark after all, it was probably an owl or another sort of nocturnal creature.


Usually you met up with Link in the evening at the same place every week. But alas, Link was late, as usual.

"Goddammit Link..." you hissed through gritted teeth, swivelling your head frequently just to check he wasn't playing a prank on you, "If you're sleeping in again, I swear I'm gonna..." you started walking in the direction of Link's house.

Only to have a presence stop you in your tracks. Since you left your house you felt like you were constantly being watched. Not for one moment did you feel safe. Slowly, you turned around towards the shadowy woods on the edge of the village. It looked void of life, apart from the piercing red eyes and familiar outline standing just in front of the trees.

"L-Link?" you called towards what you assumed was your friend, "W-what are you doing over there, stupid! Come on, I'm hungry!" you beckoned him over and started walking in the opposite direction, waiting for him to follow. But you didn't hear him, so you sighed and turned to him again, "Come on! Quit screwing around! You know it's dangerous out there after dark!"

The figure merely cocked his head to one side, before slowly backing away, getting engulfed in the darkness of the foliage. Only its red eyes remained luminous, only getting smaller and smaller.

"L-Link, this isn't funny." you hesitated, slowly edging forwards, "Come on, let's go eat." the eyes just blinked before disappearing entirely.

Swallowing your fear as best as you could, your trot turned into a dash as you headed towards the woods and after the silhouette.


Pushing your way through thickets and brushing aside stray branches, you ran deeper and deeper into the dangerous woods. You didn't even acknowledge the fact that there were no monsters jumping out at you, which was highly unusual.

"Link? Link come on! I'm not playing games anymore!" you called, your voice getting shaky as your lip quivered. You hadn't stopped moving for ten minutes, until you knew well and truly you were lost within the darkness.

You backed up into a tree, making you jolt slightly, before sliding your way down into a sitting position, pulling your knees up to your chest, and resting you head between your knees. Tears streamed down your face as you came to terms with the fact you would have to wait at least until dawn before you could find your way back. It was too dark at the moment to retrace your steps. Instead, you just remained where you were, and waited.

I'm a Hyrulean guard. And I'm crying. I can't believe it! I'm lost! I'm such an idiot! "I HOPE YOU ARE ENJOYING THIS LINK!!! ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS, BECAUSE WHEN WE GET BACK I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS SO HARD YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO WALK FOR THE REST OF YOUR SORRY LIFE!!!" you screamed, pounding your fists into the bark behind you.

Suddenly, a quiet, almost airy chuckle, sounded in front of you. Snapping your neck up, you gasped at who stood before you. It was the same silhouette as before. It looked just like Link, but it wasn't. It was someone...no...something else entirely. It stood before you, it's grin wide and it's shoulders jolting with laughter.

"W-who are you? You're n-not Link. What are y-" you were cut short when the creature placed a nimble finger to your lips, making a gentle 'shush' noise. You shuddered as you looked into it's blood red eyes. They possessed something horrendous. Something evil. But it was masked behind something else as well. The way it's head was tilted to one side and his expression soft it almost seemed...kind, "P-please...take me back."

It brushed the back of it's palm against you cheek, stroking you up and down gently. You shuddered in realisation that his hands were soft and fleshy, like a humans. It felt like Link's hand. One that you've grabbed to help pull him up to his feet many times in the past.

You tried to scramble to your feet, but at the sudden jolt of your legs, the creature frowned slightly and pressed his weight onto you as he sat on your legs, resting his legs to the sides of yours. It trapped you with his arms pushing against and the tree your back was resting on.

Tears began to form in your eyes again, "Please, let me go."

Immediately, the creature shook his head slowly, the Cheshire cat like smile reappearing on his familiar features, eyes sparkling playfully. He leaned forward so his nose was almost touching yours. You tried to back away, but that only resulted in you whacking your head against the solid back rest.

Oh my God...this can't be happening...this really can't be happening... screwing up your eyes tight, you tried to block out the creature that was seducing you, this isn't Link...this isn't right...

You could have sworn you felt the creature pull away from you finally, but as soon as you sighed quietly to yourself and dared open your eyes, you were faced with the same thing, but with a vicious look on his face, to match the blood redness of his eyes. He lunged his arm forward to grab your chin, forcing you to lean forward, closer to him again. Yelping at the sudden action, you started to whimper once again, your whole body shivering, paranoid about what he would do to you.

"Look at me..." his gritted teeth relaxed as you obeyed, and the kind look appeared once again, but it was deceiving. He leaned his head forward to rest his chin on your shoulder. You felt his breath on your ear as he whispered, "I won't let you go that easily..." 

You froze when you felt his slender hands snake down your sides until they reached your waist, where they rested, as he twisted his head to plant kisses on your exposed neck.

"S-stop..." shifting your arms, you placed them on his chest and attempted to push him away, only for a quiet growl to sound in his throat, one almost inhumane, as his teeth grazed your shoulder, biting down as if it were to prevent you from pushing him away.

You gasped loudly, trying to ignore the odd, but mildly pleasuring sensation, as he removed his mouth from your shoulder and proceeded to kiss once again, starting to run up your jawline, massaging your hips as he worked. You were left immobilised, to experience the torture. A torture you despised, but didn't want to reject one hundred percent at the same time.

This guy...he looks like Link, his voice holds a slight similarity as Link's...what if he is exactly the same as him? He wants me...Link never showed me this kind of affection before...what if I didn't meet this guy and met Link and he turned me down? Would I be worse off than I am now?

The warmth on your jaw was removed, leaving you relieved but almost disappointed at the same time. You opened your half closed eyes once again to see the dark creature gaze back at you, tongue between his teeth in a playful manner. He rose to his feet, looking down at you, an arm outstretched. Your breath hitched in your throat.

He..he is exactly the same...for a split second, you saw the smiley blonde boy you grew to love within him, is he...?

"Come..." his voice interrupted your thoughts, "Be mine."

You swallowed loudly. You were left confused and stumped. What were you going to do? Would you give this guy a chance? Or would you stick to the one you loved for years? How would he react if you turned him down? He looked like the type that could turn on you and kill you without batting an eyelid, leaving you alone in the woods to rot until someone else found you. Internally you shook your head, no this isn't right. I need to get back to civilisation...back to Link. He's bound to be looking for me... you attempted to get yourself back to your feet by yourself, but the pressure that was previously on your legs left them numb and useless, so you had no choice but to take his hand for support, once I'm on my feet, I can run.

An almost excited look spread on the boy's face as you took his hand, seeing it as a sign of acceptance. Once you were standing steadily, he was about to take your face in his hand again, when you gave him a sudden push, sharply moving him backwards, probably more due to the shock than the strength. Your eyes widened as you came to terms with what you had just done. He too, had an expression mirroring yours. Before it turned to rage as his eyes narrowed and he began to approach you again, hands clenched and teeth gritted fiercely. That gave you an excuse to take a skip backwards, before you turned on your heel and ran into the woods.

I have no choice but to try and find my way back home. I won't be safe in the woods on my own...I need some back up. You pushed past branches, grazing you arms and legs on thickets and knocking yourself against a stray branch every now and again. But you weren't thinking about that. All you thought about was escaping.


Everything was looking good. You managed to maintain a good distance from your admirer and there appeared to be no signs of him catching up with you. But of course, the cliche had to come along. Your leg snagged against a root that jutted out of the ground, lifting you off your feet, and you crashed to the ground. You cried out in agony as a sharp pang throbbed in your ankle. That was when you knew you had no chance of escaping. And like that, the footsteps behind you slowed down, as your worst nightmare walked slowly towards you. His red eyes illuminating and getting brighter as he grew nearer.

No...no no no no...this can't happen...I don't wanna be caught....I don't wanna die...sweat poured down your face as the pale, stern face came into view before you again.

He stopped a few feet in front of you, his head tilted to the side as he examined the state you were in. He looked down at your swollen ankle, before his irises moved back up and locked with yours again, the look still dark, but slightly bemused. He took the opportunity to approach you stopping just at your head. He reached down with a hand aiming for you throat.

No...no please...you shook your head vigorously begging for a hope of him stopping and forgiving you.

"(Y/n)!!!" you heard an all too familiar voice call out to you as another figure arrived in the area.

You, and you captor, stopped moving, both with wide eyes, but as a smile graced your lips, a look of disgust etched his.

"Link..." you sighed in relief, as you sat up, attempting to climb your feet.

Link stood a couple of feet away from you, his face crawling with concern. His gaze turned from you, to his double and back at you again. His face turned to stone.

"You have some nerve showing your face around here again." he muttered, drawing his sword from behind his back, "Step away from (y/n)."

You attempted as best as you could to get closer to your friend, but your path was blocked when his enemy stood in front of you, back to you.

"Link, who is he?" you asked, trying as best as you could to keep eye contact with him.

Link just glared back and explained, "He is known as Dark Link. He was made with magic to become just like me. A clone if you would like. He supposedly matches up to me in strength as well as look like me. And by the looks of it...he also has the same feelings for a certain individual as me." his face turned to that of sadness for a split second before he regained his stance again, "But I will not let him get what he wants."

Dark Link examined his rival curiously, before letting out another icy chuckle as he pulled out his own sword, which seemed to have merged on his back, holding it out before him, pointing at his rival. You on the other hand froze up, the same feelings for a certain individual...? Is that me? I-it can't be...that can't be right...


Both boys just circled each other slowly for a while, like predators stalking their prey, just waiting for an opening for them to attack. It took for Link to get slightly distracted by the snap of a twig under his foot for Dark Link to make his move. He charged ahead in a smooth movement slashing his sword in an arc, clashing against Link's own sword, after he regained his focus. They both pushed against each other, teeth clenched as they attempted to make the other lose balance or break away, but neither of them seemed to have the advantage over the other. In then end, they both broke away at the same time, and immediately lunged forward again, mirroring each other as they both aimed for the heart, but both dodged and missed at the same time.

You on the other hand could do nothing but watch from the sideline. Your ankle was searing with agony, there was no way you could intervene the pair. Instead you just shouted from the sideline, begging for them to stop. You cared little for Dark Link's well-being (or you simply tried hard, but your conscious was debating with itself) but you were desperate for Link to come out well.

"I will not let you hurt (y/n)! You'll have to go through me first!" Link shouted, swinging his sword left and right, finding a way to recoil his rival.

Dark Link just chuckled as calmly as usual, as he effortlessly deflected all attacks, "(y/n) is mine."

Link's scowl darkened even more as he continued quickening his thrusts, clearly desperate for one of them to hit its target, "That's where you're wrong!"


It's as if the whole area went to a standstill. At those words, everything seemed to stop. Link made one final lunge, looking as if it was going to hit his rival. However, instead of piercing through the flesh, it appeared to hit some sort of shadow that disperse as Link's sword drew deeper. Slowly, it spun and twisted through the air before it began to float forwards like ripples on the surface of water, heading right for you. You felt yourself try to back away but a pair of shadowy hands clasped your shoulders, holding you firmly against a solid body. You attempted to turn your head, only to feel Dark Link rest his in the crook of your shoulder again, looking up at Link smug and triumphant.

You could only look at Link with a worried look on your face as he gazed back, eyes showing hurt.

"(Y/n)..." Link whispered, dropping his sword to the ground, "Are you...?"

"N..." you were about to reply when you suddenly felt Dark Link dig his nails into the flesh of your shoulder. You flinched slightly so instead remained silent, averting your eyes away from the innocent boy.

You heard a slight grunt from said boy which automatically made you flick your eyes back up to him. All sadness in his face was gone and instead was replaced with a stone expression, "Well...I...I don't know what to say. A Hyrulean Guard getting intimate with one of the most feared...things...of the kingdom..." you were about to protest but Link flashed you a glare, "Don't think I haven't noticed the marks on your neck, (y/n). I may be lazy but I'm not stupid."

You felt your eyes well up with tears, "Link...don't be like that...please..." he just didn't understand what was going on. And he didn't want to hear it.

"Save it..." Link snapped, turning around so his back was facing yours, "I can't stop you from making your own decisions, but I hope for your sake and the kingdom's it was the right one." his head shifted so he was looking at the ground, "I thought you were different to all those uptight guards...and I was right. They have loyalty."

"STOP IT!!" you screamed, shaking your head vigorously to hide the fact you were bawling, "LINK PLEASE!!! LISTEN TO ME!!!"

"No (y/n) listen to me. Go ahead and be with this creature...but...don't ever show your face in the kingdom ever again...because I will treat you like all the others...traitor..." Link picked up his sword slowly and left back into the forest, not looking back.

It's almost as if you felt your heart freeze over and shatter into millions of pieces. In the space of a few minutes, Link went from being your best friend trying to save you, a boy that you loved, to your worst enemy. You felt physically sick, raising your arms to cover your mouth as you retched, more tears streaming from your eyes.

And throughout all of this, Dark Link just remained grinning, as if he was completely unaffected by what had just happened.

You stopped crying and wiped away your tears, pulling away from the remaining boy's grip. That took the grin off his face.

"You..." you began, looking ahead at where Link left you alone, "If you truly liked me, you would be comforting me right now." you turned back to him, expectation on your face, "Can't you see I am upset?"

For the first time, Dark Link actually looked confused, his brow furrowed and his head tilted to the side. He approached you, wrapping one arm around your waist, resting on your hip. With the other, he took a hold of your chin and tilted your head up to meet his gaze.

"I won't let you go that easily." he repeated what he said earlier, but this time it sounded almost sincere, but you were not convinced entirely. But still, that was an improvement.

A smirk appeared on his face as he leaned forward and placed his lips on yours. His lips were cold against yours, and almost forceful, but you accepted it, as you took a handful of his hair. The boy you loved left you in the woods, you believed you deserved this. For someone to actually like you, even if they were possessive and demanding, maybe he would treat you well in the long run.




*1 year later*

You were to the side of the boy who made you stronger as you stood before the kingdom, sword wielded as you looked ahead at the blonde haired foe. His face showed detest while yours just grinned widely, waiting for him to attack. Until then, you just watched as chaos spread amongst the kingdom walls.

Just like it should be...

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