Be Mine? [Various xReaders - Requests OPEN]

Lozzie-san here dying of boredom once again! ;D Taking requests for xReaders! Just leave your requests in the comments and I'll write a oneshot just for you! Enjoy~!


1. A/N

Hey guys! Lozzie-san here with her new fanfictions! In this case, xReaders!

So yes, I am going to be taking requests so I can make them into xReaders for you to drool (or not) over! I am happy to write anything, but there are a set of rules that I wish for you to follow, before you make a request for me!



1. Give me at LEAST 1 week to complete your request, possibly longer if I am busy or have a long list of requests (I'll let you know if there is going to be a particular delay)

2. NO LEMONS - simple as, so don't ask

3. If you want the Reader to be a specific way, let me know when you make your request, otherwise I will just write it my way.

4. Once I have written a oneshot, there is a 99% chance I will NOT change it (unless there are spelling errors). So make sure you give me enough detail so I get it right first time! I cannot read minds! XD

5. I will do any form of relationship (gay, lesbian, tsundere, yandere, fluffy, sad, genderbent, AU etc.) just let me know if you want Reader a specific gender, genderless etc.

6. NO BEASTIALITY! (and that goes for Pokemon. If you want a relationship with a Pokemon or the sorts, make them human please e.g. Pokehuman!Pikachu.)

7. There will be some times I will not know the character in full detail. Just cut me some slack if that's the case.

8. Sorry but no One Direction or any other boyband requests...and I'm afraid if you want a Harry Potter fanfic, it will be poor quality I'm afraid. If you want a decent fanfic, pick an anime or gaming character ^_^


Phew, and that will do! Ok so requests are open for the time being so feel free to just let me know in the comments what you would like to see!


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