Harry Potter, the "Slythering Slytherin"


2. PLATFORM 9 3/4

"So, what will we do?" Scorpius asked.

"It's simple," his friend replied. "All we need to do is convince my father- Harry- to sit next to your father. Then he'll want to be in Slytherin, being the perfect, loyal Harry Potter that he is. And he won't fit in, because he's so good and caring and kind," Albus added, smirking. 

Albus scanned the platform with his eyes, and saw young Harry standing alone awkwardly in front of the platform. "Hey, you!" Albus called.

Harry turned his head around, walking towards Albus and Scorpius uncertainly when he saw them beckoning to him. "So, where are you heading, Ha-" Albus coughed in an attempt to cover his mistake.  "Er, where are you going, kid?"

"Oh... I was going to, er, platform nine and three quarters," Harry stammered. 

Albus plastered a fake smile on his face. "Well, so are we! You're in luck! Well, you see, mate, all you have to do is go straight through platforms nine and ten."

Harry raised his eyebrow skeptically. 

"Look!" Albus insisted. He gestured towards Scorpius, who took a deep breath and ran through the platforms, disappearing into Platform 9 3/4.

The young boy still looked at Albus suspiciously, but nodded and copied what the older boy had done. Smiling triumphantly, Albus followed Harry into the train. 

Harry looked around and recognizes Draco from their previous meeting in Hogsmeade. He hesitantly walked over and began talking to the other boy. 

Albus suddenly felt someone nudging him on the shoulder. "The Time Turner's shaking! We've got to go back!" Scorpius exclaimed.

Albus nodded, and the two boys went back to their original time. 

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