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  • Published: 6 Sep 2016
  • Updated: 10 Feb 2017
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Mrs Kinley Stone moves to Newhalem WA in need from her mother. Little did she know she was about to fall into a deep fantasy with someone dark and mysterious. Someone who is a fanatic of ribbons, chains, rope and just about anything that'll get you tied up in a heartbeat. Entwine


4. Scintilla

Chapter 4: Scintilla

"Why didn't you just say something?, -Oh wait maybe it's just because you're the biggest idiot in the world, Like whatever..," I found myself scratching my nails on the side of a tree. Deep in the woods the thick wood of bark engraved inside my nails, made me burn. I crawled on my knees shaking my knees more and more as I lay in the soft soil. The forest was so dark it was lucky to find the smallest flicker of sunlight. I sharpened myself as I groaned even louder realizing the dark blue and green forest seemed like poison. Making me burn more. I stood up leaning my body on the side of an old redwood oak, When seconds later a man stood deep in the forest. Smoke rose from him as he vanished in thin air, He whispered to me though. "Follow me in a path of darkness, And never leave me behind, Kinley," Was the words he spoke that prevailed the hollowness of the trees. I woke up the minute the word (Kinley) Rung in my ears.

Chirp, Chirp the birds sung in the open air. My window was left open and the sunlight burned my face as I awaken. I kept thinking about yesterday. (Was my mom going to be okay?) Those words sunk into me like fingernails driving force in metal. I couldn't stop thinking of what would happen if my mother had gotten worse. I skimmed my way out of bed while grabbing my phone off the desk. (Seven missed calls) From Elijah. "Oh shoot," I was supposed to be going out with Elijah today. I shook my head back and forth as I read the next message. "Be There in a bit,... 20 min.," I read aloud. that was 5 min ago he sent that. "Shoot!," I got up and ran to my wardrobe grabbing anything that looked good and threw it in the bathroom. I immediately turned on the water stripped down and got in the shower. After, I grabbed my toothbrush and washed my teeth simultaneously.

I jogged downstairs to see if anyone was here. I took a second to think where my dad would be, and if he would be okay with the fact that I was going out. But I didn't care what my dad thought. I knew how to take care of myself. It was 9:30 Am. And still after all what happened yesterday I still wasn't sure where we were going. He never asked me, Suddenly I found myself stumbling across the stairs as I jogged outside to the barn making sure the animals where alright. All we had was chickens though. Buzz, My phone buzzed on me twice and I thought to myself, Elijah. I took my phone out of my pants and realized it was my friend Adriana from Phoenix. (Hows it going up there in the rain) I smiled and replied to the text. (Washington nice, Not flaming hot down there where u guyz are) I wrote then sending my message instantly. Instantly I turned around only to find the chickens stirring up a storm. "Shit," I said as I grabbed seeding from the outhouse of the barn and literally threw it in the dirt of the chickens pen. (How could my mom do this?) I thought, My phone rang and I realized it was Josh. I picked up the phone and answered it. "What Josh?," I said stupidly. "That was a nice response, Hey I have a question, Where the hell is dad?," - "I don't know and who cares," I said picking up the last of the trash from the barn. "I care and aren't you leaving with Elijah today?," - "Humph, You can say that again, I'm not even ready, I don't even know about that till like literally just now," A car pulled up. (It was Elijah), "I have to go Josh Elijah is here," I said anxiously. "No wait Kinley-," But I hung up the phone anyways. I brushed my hair as I walked towards the car as if nothing happened and smiled at him. He smiled back at me as I forwarded myself toward him. "Hi," I said, While mumbling the words. He grinned and grabbed my hand. "You want to go?," He replied as I stared back at him. "Where are we going?," -He laughed and squeezed my hand gently. "It's a surprise," He said. I shook my head softly. "I hate surprises," I replied as he carefully opened the car door to let me in. I smiled and bit my lip. twice.

We drove off in the sunrise. It was a long drive, We passed rockpoint and we got out of Newhalem. Seattle? I thought to myself as we drove close to the side of a cliff. It was nerve wracking but I think I could handle. Maybe cause it was more of a hill... "Almost there," He acknowledged. I smiled and stared out the window into the mountains of Washington State. It made me feel better being around Elijah. But it wasn't quite normal. It felt different to me. But maybe it was because I haven't been with anyone like this in my life. Or ever asked out to go somewhere in my life. I grabbed my phone to check any missed messages. There was none. "You don't need to worry," Elijah replied. I widened my eyes and shifted my hand to my pocket. I took three deep breaths and realized there were buildings far in the horizon. "Seattle!," I laughed out loud. "No," He said quietly. I was confused about that for a second. "Where are we going then?," - "You really want to know?," He replied. I nodded up down anxious to know. "We're going to Vancouver... Canada," I lightened my hands to my mouth and gently pressed against my lips. "How far is that Elijah?," I replied astonished that was where we were going. "Not long... Be there in a couple hours," He replied laughing. "Oh.. I'm an idiot sorry," He started bursting out laughing "You're not an idiot Kinley," I smiled at his response as if he was wrong. I leaned my head against the seat of the car and took a deep breath.

Elijah had nudged my arm. I woke up realizing I had fallen asleep. "Where here," He replied, -I was definitely an idiot at this point. "I fell asleep?," He grinned and replied. "Yeah, But you needed it," I shook my head and grabbed my phone. My mother had texted me (Hey how's it going in Vancouver?) I looked over at Elijah "You told my mom?," I said confused. "When you found out about Vancouver she told me to text her," I smirked and replied. "You shouldn't of," He nodded and ignored my response. "Okay well you got me, Where are we going?," I anxiously said. "Kinley, Were here...," We stopped at a fancy restaurant titled (Canlis) "What the?," I said. "We came all the way here to Vancouver to a restaurant?," He smiled broadly. "And a ticket to anything you want to do today," He replied. "Wow, Thanks Elijah," I said actually thinking this was crazy. "That's a really nice restaurant Elijah, A little to much..," -He stopped me and said. "Don't worry how much it costs," I bit my lip as he grabbed my hand to walk inside. Inside it very clear and white. Very nice tables were set up in the front room with expensive chandeliers that hung from the ceiling. Elijah gently turned my around and grabbed my hand as we walked upstairs to the out house. More tables were set up with white thick cloths that covered the tables. And a huge glass window stood next to our window that looked out into the ocean. "Don't worry everything's covered," Elijah said. I shook my head smiling as if this was a little too much. He sat across from me. And folded his arms on the table. "I'm sure you have questions..," He replied. I widened my eyes and started out asking.

"So what exactly do you work as..," I said biting my lip. "I'm a professional care worker for people at an university," I took a deep breath realizing what was going on now. "Oh... I get it now," I said confused but kept asking. "So wait... You help people with...," He smiled and responded. "I'm a care needed for people that have problems in relationships, Health issues etc," I widened my mouth. "Oh, Never would've guessed," He smiled as if he was keeping something from me though. "What are you keeping from me Elijah," I said. Knowing there was something. "I'am keeping something from you Kinley," I shook my head and replied. "What is it?," He smiled and replied. "I'll talk to you about it later," I shook my head. "Why can't you tell me here?," I said moving my leather chair in closer to the dining table. But he ignored that question and responded. "It's probably best that this is kept secretive, -I don't do well with relationships," As confused as I was it was nerve wracking but I wanted to know more. "What do you mean you don't do relationships?, You help people in Relationships?" - "Not like this..," He said noting his voice. "Like what?," I exclaimed. "Love, Does not qualify irregular in my world, I'am a...," I shook my head. "Your a what?," - He grinned and cut the sentence there. "Jurisdiction is who I'am," - I took me a little bit to acknowledge what he was saying. "So what?, you're demanding?," - "Commanding... Is something that best describes me," I shook my head and bit my lip again enough that I probably have a soar now. "I don't understand..., Your commanding in relationships?," He smiled broadly. "Close enough," I clenched my fingernails across the board and carefully breathed slowly. I had visioned what he was saying clear enough that I could understand enough of what was happening. I glared at him then out the window and back to my empty plate. I twirled my hair and asked. "Can you show me... Exactly what your meaning?," He shook his head. "No I can't, -Your mother would see me differently," I shook my head. "No... She wouldn't," He grabbed a pencil out of his left pocket and a paper. "Close your eyes and try writing your name on this paper..," - "Why?," He smiled. "Just do it," As stupid as it was I followed his statement and wrote my name on the paper. "Now open your eyes," I then opened my eyes and glared at the blank paper with my name almost scribbled on it. "Exactly, It's like this writing, Your confused and scribbled around everywhere," I shook my head. "What is that suppose to mean?," He grabbed my hand from across the table. "You're not ready," I drew my hand away. And replied a smart response. "I will only be ready if you show me..," He smiled and called the waiter for our food.

We walked out of the restaurant and into the car. He locked me in my seat making sure I was buckled. He then got in and ignited the engine. It was 4:00 PM and I was tired from driving all around. "You ready to go home?," Elijah said to me. I replied anxiously back at him though. "No, You asked me a ticket for anything earlier, I want you to show me," He folded his arms again and stared at me. "It's getting late..," I shook my head. "I don't care," He got in and drove off without replying. "Where are we going?," He looked back at me it was starting to rain in Vancouver Canada. "To buy some ribbons," This time I bit my tongue. "Why?," I said nervously. "You'll see, You sure you want to know about me?...," I nodded my head frequently. We drove to an expensive store specifically for materials and works only. "Wait here...," Elijah said as he walked into the store. I waited there patiently checking my phone constantly and thinking. What was it that he needed ribbons. A few minutes later Elijah walks out with a black ribbon roll and a red ribbon role in his hands. He opened the door and closed it forcefully. "So where are we going?," I replied to him as he started up the car to drive off. He took a deep breath and replied. "The Canadian Rockies," He said. "Where going in the woods?," I exclaimed. "Yes," He tempered out. "Why?," I said. He ignored my response though. It wasn't that long till I had realized we were out of the city and on our way to the forests. It was 4:36 PM, And I was getting hungry but Ignored the growl and stared at Elijah and back at the mountains. The sun was going down but it was beautiful either way.

We drove deeper in the woods. It was like from my dream I had earlier this morning. But different. The trees were indeed dark and the clouds were coming in. after a 20 min drive in the forest we were clear away from everybody. We were in the woods of Canada and Washington for from where everybody would go. It was getting cold but it didn't bother me as much. We then carefully stopped on the side of dirt outlet to get out in the middle of nowhere. "What are we doing?," I said. "Going into the forest.," He grabbed my hand and carefully touched my lips with his hand. "Are you sure about this?," I thought about it for a moment but agreed to let him. "Yes," I said nervously almost shaking. "Why do you want to do this?," He exclaimed. "do what?," I said back at him. He smiled softly and exclaimed. "You know I'am really surprised," I shook my head as if it was an ignorant response. "What are you surprised about?," I replied. "I just have one question.," I asked quietly. And awaiting his response. He clenched his hands around the ribbons. And I asked away. "What will you do to me?," I said softly awaiting his response. He looked at the forest and the mountains around us while the sun was setting. He then smiled and touched the side of my face and held me in close. I felt as if it was a dream. And that everything was going to be okay no matter what happened. I grabbed my phone only to find out that I had 20% of battery with no service out here. I swallowed and kept his hands close to my cold face. I glared at the dark forest aside of us and then started breathing heavily. I constantly thought about every worse thing that could happen, But pushed those thoughts aside. He then grabbed my hands softly, And then we continued to walk in the dark forest with the ribbon roles in Elijah's hands.


Soundtrack: Shots (Imagine Dragons)



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