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  • Published: 6 Sep 2016
  • Updated: 10 Feb 2017
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Mrs Kinley Stone moves to Newhalem WA in need from her mother. Little did she know she was about to fall into a deep fantasy with someone dark and mysterious. Someone who is a fanatic of ribbons, chains, rope and just about anything that'll get you tied up in a heartbeat. Entwine


2. Railroad Farmhouse

Chapter 2 (Railroad Farmhouse)

"You aren't mad?,"I said with the grin looking at my worn out father. "What would I be mad about?," He replies as he grabs a chair to sit on. I nodded my head side to side and quickly managed to get up and walk to my room. The air was humid and stiff here in Washington, But it rained everyday which would explain it. Knock, Knock. I heard the door pound on and on. "Come in," I said as I grabbed my phone of the old wooden drawer. "Me, Josh," I rolled my eyes and sat back down on my somewhat soft bed. "Dad say anything?," I replied while yawning, hooping for a considerate answer. "You know he's not happy," -"Why should he be?, He has every right to be mad at me," -"What did you do?,"

I stood up and showed him my balance check from the Seattle airport. He gazed at it for a moment before widening his mouth. "Holy..,"-"I know," I replied before he would respond "So wait..., You're telling me that car is not yours.," Josh replied. "No. Hell no, Does it look like I drive something like that?," He sat there and thought for a moment. "Oh don't even-," I said as I whacked the pillow across his face. He laughed as I threw the pillow back on the bed and ran downstairs. "Hey Kin we need to talk?," My dad said before I manage to run outside. -"No, why?," I said afraid of his response. "Why the hell are you lying?," I clenched my fingernails against the board and processed his response about that. Then shook my head simultaneously. "I'm not... It's not that simple..," I replied. Then before he responded I ran outside to the foggy misty air. As if it was the perfect set for a haunted movie.

I took in a deep breath of the pines and the huge mountains that covered it. But meanwhile wondered when my mother would get here. So I sat outside and straightened my hair just taking in slow breaths for tonight. I stood there staring at my rented car and biting my lip. Nodded my head for no reason again I stood up and gazed at the tall mountain ahead of our house. Quickly managing to step on the dirt and run. I felt like running for no reason and just get away from it all. But it wasn't easy being a kid these days. "Kinley?," I heard a voice say down the road. "Omy gosh!," I said as I see my mother standing outside our front porch. I quickly managed to get up to the house and wrapped my cold arms around her body. "Hey how are you?," she said hugging me back. "So much better now...," I said literally almost crying. "Ariana!," I hear dad say "-You want to talk?," He says as he manages to push me out of the way. "Dad!..." I said hoping to not start a fight.

"Where the hell were you!?," He said grabbing a hold of my mother. "Are we going to do this here?," She said worried. "Oh hell, you can count on that," He said. "Dad stop!," I said grabbing a hold of his attention. "Kinley!... Touch me again and I'll throw you against the wall and make you bleed," I quickly managed to get back and forget the fact that I was even here. Ariana then stood in silence and pointed one finger at Ethan. "You... Ever touch our daughter like you did before again... I'll call the police," She said grabbing a hold of Ethan. and nodded "Mavis, Shyla, And Now Kinley," She said. But quickly managed to find her words "Not again...," Ethan put his arms off of Ariana and me while gripping his hands to a an old stand next to the door. "Don't freaking talk to me like that again," He grabbed his coat and walked out the door. Ariana took a deep breath and walked inside our farmhouse. And carefully sat down in a chair in the front room putting her hands on her head and crying. I slowly walked to her and sat next to her quietly. "I'm sorry Kinley," I bit my lip and responded. "It's okay," She then stared at me hopelessly. "It's not okay..," I looked down to the wooden floor, then she responded. "There's someone I want you to meet Kinley," I stared back at her. And waited for her to respond. "Who?," I replied. She thought for a minute and grabbed my hand. "Elijah...,"

The next morning I wake up in my old room full of junk in my drawers and paper that lay all over the floor. I sat up to the morning sun that was barely even visible due to the rain and fog outside. I grabbed my suitcase and searched for something to where. After, I managed to take my clothes off to walk in the hot shower. "Kinley? you up?." I heard as I turned off the shower. "Yeah, Be down in a minute," I said wrapping a towel around my naked body. "Kinley come here," I heard my mother say again. "I'm coming!," I replied trying not to sound to harsh. Then I grabbed my clothes off the iron got dressed and ran downstairs. "Yeah?," I said staring at my mother. "Pancakes?," I smiled and nodded. "Of course. And thank you," I said trying to find my words. She smiled and grinned. "You look nice today for his visit," I choked on my own food and stared at my mother confused. "Who's visiting?," I replied. She smiled and walked into the living room, leaving me wondering in the kitchen. "And where's Josh?," I said. "He left.. Dads not back either.," I nodded happily. "Good,"

"Kinley come here, And get your shoes on," I glanced down at the room to find my mother smiling and laughing. "What's so funny?," I replied smiling back while trying to gobble down the last of my pancake. "And where are we going?," -"You'll see," I stood up from my seat washed my plate and ran outside to my mother already getting in the car. "So where are we going?," -"You'll see, it's a surprise," I got in the car not even buckling up. "I hate surprises," I said, She laughed and drove. "I know," I rolled my eyes then grabbed my phone. As we drove through the trees of Washington. "What are you doing?," She said staring at my phone. "And do you have service?," She replied "Yeah I do," I said. "Is that an iPhone?," She acknowledged. "5s," I replied. -"And mom focus on the road before we fall off the cliff!," I screamed afraid that we were going to fall. "Arizonans...," she said grinning back at me. "Really?..," I replied. She smiled and took up speed. "What's so funny?," I said freaking out but smiling and having a good time to. "Nothing..," My mother exclaimed laughing. "Mom I swear...," I said. "Me to...," She exclaimed.

As we drove we passed by barns and old houses that fit perfectly in this sweet fairy-tale out in the woods. "Omy gosh it's gorgeous here," I said. "Yes it is," She said. -"Where here Kinley," My mother said as she drove up this dirt road off the 1 lane highway. "Seriously?," I said. "Just wait...," -The road was freaky and scary driving up it. But it was alright when we got to the top. Where this old but beautiful farmhouse stood. In the mountains. "This is it," I was so confused as I stared at the house hopefully looking for an answer to what she was talking about. "Hi!," I barely heard a woman say as she got out the house and up to my mother. "Ariana!, And....," She said staring at me but smiling at the same time. "Kinley, My oldest daughter," She smiled while gazing at me. "Omy, Well isn't a pleasure seeing you," She said. The woman had long black straight hair and looked younger, but also beautiful. "How are you guys?," She said still shaking my hand. "Where good," My mother said. Me still confused as hell on what was going on. "We're here to see Elijah. Is he here?," I turned my head and gazed at my mother. "What!?," I said snapping at my mother. "Surprise," She said with her little smile.

I finally realized what my mother was doing the whole time. "Mom, can I speak with you," I said smiling at the woman in front of me. "Yeah sure after we introduce you to, Kinley this is Heather, Heather -Kinley," My mom said. And all I could do was drop my mouth out in utter silence. "Mom!, Word," She finally listened to me and walked next to the white farmhouse away from Heather, then immediately spoke my mind. "You're trying to set me up?," I said holding her attention on me. "Well, Yes," She responded. "No!... Mom I'm perfectly fine without anybody," Was all I could think of. "No, Kinley, You need to get out there," I slapped my hands in my face and sat down on a wooden bench next to the house. "I can handle myself, Mom, I don't want that," I said trying to stay serious now. "I'm not saying right off the bat, Just try this once for me," I nodded my head and replied. "No... I don't want to try," I said. "Kinley..." She said looking at me. "Your sisters....," But immediately stopped her before she could finish her sentence. "I don't care about my sisters, And their relationships mom," She took a deep breath and grabbed my hand. "You know about Shyla?," She said quietly. "Know what?," I said. "Shyla's getting married in a couple months," I gazed at her closely. "What!?, Shyla's 16!," I said. "She got pregnant they ended having to move to a state that would allow them to get married.. North Carolina," All I could do was drop my mouth. "Why?, Why are you telling me this," I said. She griped my hand and stared at me. "Life is full of opportunities, And the best part is when you get to share that with the one person you love," -"I don't even know Elijah," I said. "-Get to know him, Honestly I don't even know him that much to, He likes to keep things to himself," I shook my head anxiously. "And That's good for me why?," I replied. "Just try...," I looked down and didn't want to hurt her feeling more than they are. "I'll try..," I murmured slowly through my mouth. "But don't expect anything..," I said. She smiled and we both got up to walk back to Heather. "So where is he?," My mother said smiling. "Elijah won't be here till tonight, Left to Seattle to get things," I smiled as if I loved that response. "Oh, Okay, Could we stay here today?," My mother said. "Absolutely," Heather said grinning.

We walked in the house. It was full of displays and smells, Not bad smells, But lot's of smells through the house. I sat down on a chair and gazed at my mother and Heather talking about some new TV Show they just had watched.

Knock, Knock. We all heard the the front door. "It's Elijah. He came here early I guess," Said Heather. An awful weird stomach feeling came to me, And burning feeling came to me as if I was sick, Then I stared back at my mom. I was not ready for this.


Soundtrack: Elastic Heart (Sia Ft The Weeknd) 



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