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  • Published: 6 Sep 2016
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Mrs Kinley Stone moves to Newhalem WA in need from her mother. Little did she know she was about to fall into a deep fantasy with someone dark and mysterious. Someone who is a fanatic of ribbons, chains, rope and just about anything that'll get you tied up in a heartbeat. Entwine


8. Poison Kisses

Chapter 8: Poison Kisses

I never thought about what happened last night. I couldn't comprehend how dark I had felt, The darkness that surrounded me. How could I be so stupid. And idiot beyond everything. I couldn't do it. "Why?!," I said sadly in the darkness of the pines.

3 Hours Earlier

My dad had left. He never talked to me after what happened about me and Elijah. He never asked about the sex. He just asked about the meaning of it. But I swore I would never tell him. "Mom how are you?," I asked depressed over last nights dinner. "Great, just tired" She replied scratching her arm and taking in deep breaths. "Your dad won't be here till later tonight?," She asked. "Why?," I dictated confused. "It wouldn't matter," She replied. Then she left the house leaving me here alone. I didn't want to stay here. I was so bored after everything. Elijah wouldn't be back till later. "How much longer," I asked myself suddenly and quietly. I paced to the counter to wash off the counter with a wet rag that had been left in the sink. "Kinley?," A voice said. Startled as I was to know that there was no one here considering my mom and dad where gone. I turned over to see Haven standing over by the door. "Yeah?," I replied confused at the situation of why she was here. "What you doing here?," I asked softly. "Can I come in?," She asked. I let the young girl in confused at what was going on. "I want you to take me into the forest," She said sudden and anxious. "Um, why?," I asked softly. "Please?, I need you to see something," She replied anxious and nervously. "How important is it?," I asked. But she ran out of the door and into the forest ahead of me.

I ran up to her confused at the situation. We started to walk into the forest. "So where are we going Haven?," I asked. "You'll see," She exclaimed heartened at the situation. She started forwarding into the pines away from the house. I walked over super green grass in the forest. It seemed like a meadow or some type of fantasy. "So, why?," I asked. "You'll see Kin," She exclaimed in my nicknamed forum. Now it was all over again like Elijah and me. It felt the same walking in the woods. But I never understood why Haven would want me to. "So where is the guy?," I asked trying hard to remember his name. "I don't know," She said as if she knew the man I was talking about. I tumbled over roots like crazy. Walking in the forest was not my thing. But Haven seemed to get it. She stumbled over everything as well, But wasn't tripping crazy. "Hey Haven, we really should go back...," I replied trying to catch up to her. "Besides your mother...," - "Shut up!, And just follow me!, why can't you listen!?," She exclaimed aloud.

Right then I shut my mouth as if nothing was wrong. We walked over plants that was poisonous by the looks of it. But how could I tell?, I never knew the difference between one tree or the other. "Your boggling words in my head Haven," I replied trying to keep up to the little girl who seemed to enjoy running in the woods alone. "It's gonna rain soon Haven" I replied staring at the clouds above me. I breathed in heavily and quickly.

"Were almost there Kin," She replied. She didn't seem like she was alright though. She seemed like there was a problem, But yet, She was happy. She never doubted anything. And by the looks of it she was also great. She ran in the woods, Butterflies seemed to surround her and a comfort feeling as if she belonged in the forest. I thought it was weird and strange. But then again, Following into the forest with a 12 year old was pretty strange to, Especially because she was not my kid. Nor was she Heathers. They adopted her. So why is she here. I thought "Okay, I still don't know where were going...," I replied. "5 more minutes or so" Was all she replied.

"Can I ask you something Haven" I said trying to feel more involved at a situation. "No you can't," She replied. I widened my eyes not caring about the whole arguments talk or anything. I tried leaving it be. And I just continued to follow her. Deeper and deeper into the woods. She kept touching the trees. She kept listening for sounds, She was kinda funny. I was just so anxious to know why. Why I was going into the forest with her. But I will end up finding why in a minute or so here. We ended up going down hill. pretty steep and hard to walk down. But she didn't care, She just ran down almost literally. When we got down I had seen a river. It was more like a huge widened pond. The water was so blue though, And no one was here except Haven and me, It was deserted in the mountains. The trees where so tall. It covered most of the skies view. It had a shadowy feeling. And half the pond was out, it was low by the looks of it. And there was sand like at the beach. The covered the areas the water was most low at.

"Wow it's pretty here Haven" I asked gazing at the mountains and clouds around us. But it was hard to see the mountains. due to how intense and thick the woods was around the secluded pond. "Look Kin," She replied pointing far at an old shack in the woods next to the pond secluded and deserted far from us. It looked broken down by the looks of it. It looked so much like the shack that me and Elijah was at. But it wasn't. Haven looked at me as if she was sad. And there was also tears in her eyes. But she ran ahead of me on the soft sand around us and up to the shack.

I finally caught up to her quietly and patiently. But by the time I made it up to her, I was breathing in heavily. Almost falling to my knees. Haven kept pointing at the shack just now a few feet away from her and me. There appeared to be a door. That was old and very rusted out, As if know one has been here in years or ages. "What's inside?," I asked finally getting the urge to get up. "Don't open. If you don't want to know the truth" She said with tears in her eyes. "Why?, And why are you crying" I asked as I came up to her to give her a hug. "Don't!," She said as she backed away from me. "Okay...," I walked over to the door to open it. I felt dark, It was very dreadful feeling as if something bad has happened here. It was almost nerve wracking to open the door. But I carefully twisted the wooden handle to let myself in.

Haven started shedding in tears when what I found was so dreadfully disturbing. A young girl was chained dead to an old bed frame from the back of the shack. but I couldn't tell who. She had scars on her face with three knives that had been carved in her chest. A man was coughing in the back of the corner hidden in the darkness from us. he coughed loudly as he sat in the chair. I didn't know what to say. I kept gazing at Haven and back at the man in front of us. I gazed at the little girl in the bed chained and dead. I walked in a little closer when I stepped upon a stick that had cracked over stepping on it. The man started to gain focus. He stopped coughing and slowly started laughing. He slowly and steadily looked back up to me, he had blood from his lips. That dreaded down from him to the floor. I never had time to think about calling the police. I couldn't, I gazed closer at the man realizing it was the same guy that had came into my house with Haven that one night.

"I'm going to kill you Haven" He said as he stared at Haven as if I was not here. "No... your not going to," She said breaking in tears. "Not yet" She replied breaking to her knees. "You want to see the worst," He replied. I stepped back to see what was going on. "You won't," I said. But he never looked at me or continue to reply to me. Instead he came up to grab Haven's arm and throw her on the bed. I wanted to do something. But I couldn't I was restrained from moving.

But then I had woken up in my room from my phone alarming out loud. Elijah was laying next to me. "What's wrong Kinley," He said softly. But I ignored him and got off the bed almost nervously. So afraid and scared of why I was having these dreams. I started crying harshly. Elijah came up to give a hug to me and comfort me. "Where is Haven!?," I replied out loud, screaming almost. Elijah quickly pushed me back but still held me. "Where did you here that name Kinley" He said harshly now. "What do you mean!?," I resounded out loud. "She's still out there!, She's in the forest!, Elijah come on we have to help her!," I replied dramatically tearing on Elijah's shoulder And clenching around his arm harshly. "Kinley!, Kinley!," He replied trying to calm me down. "What!," I replied out loud. "Where did you here that name!?," he asked anxiously holding on to me tight. But I ignored him, I was freaking out. "Kinley look at me!," He said. I gazed focusing on him. "Kinley, Haven...," He started to say. "What where is she!," I said out loud. "We don't know!, Kinley..," He said loudly. "What the hell do you mean you don't know!," I said harshly. He grabbed a hold of me to calm me down and tried to wipe the tears out of my eyes. "Haven... Has been missing for 6 years now!," He replied loudly. "What the hell do you mean Elijah!?," I asked aloud. "She was just here last week!, And just this morning," I replied. But it was morning, how could that be. "Kinley, I don't know where you heard that name... But Haven is a 12 year old girl who had been missing for 6 years now," He said calming me down.

"Why?, What happened to her!, Where is she?" I replied aloud. "Haven was brutally strangled and raped by a man named Robert, And she didn't die due to the strangle. But Robert grabbed her one night. And raped her again. He has been since she was 7 damn years old!, And we never knew until that one night she confessed to us... Haven, Then one minute goes by on a 911 call, Robert grabs her. And drags her into the forest where she was never seen again!, Kinley, She's gone forever. There was no evidence to finding her, Trust me... We've looked," He said calming down. I started to gain focus and ask him. "You looked?," I replied softly, "Over years!, I demolished down every town I could find! I tore apart peoples lives trying to find her!, I managed to look for ages and years!. If I never left that god damn house this never would have happened!," He said aloud. "What are you saying Elijah?" I asked carefully and worried as hell now. "Kinley, Haven is my sister,"


Soundtrack: It takes a lot to know a man. (Damien Rice)



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