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  • Published: 6 Sep 2016
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Mrs Kinley Stone moves to Newhalem WA in need from her mother. Little did she know she was about to fall into a deep fantasy with someone dark and mysterious. Someone who is a fanatic of ribbons, chains, rope and just about anything that'll get you tied up in a heartbeat. Entwine


6. Locked Restraint

6. Locked Restraint

Chapter 6: (Locked Restraint)

Breathe in, Breathe out, Breathe in..., I had make sure I was okay. I had to be positive at the fact that I was here, And for once in my life, act mature. But I continued to gaze at the room with undesirable shock. I wasn't sure where to begin. (The Iron bed, The knives, The chains, The ribbons, or anything else.) I was probably there for 5 min standing still in utter disbelief. The room appeared very dark black. And had a pretty much morbid feeling, It felt warm and much bigger inside the room then outside. There was also a door in the very back that led to a downstairs as it appeared.

"So what... your a... a...," I tried finding words with out trembling down. Or saying something wrong. "I act... deformed on the absences of love," He said softly. I nodded my head and swallowed softly. And I walked up close to each event that took place in the room. "What's with all the colors of ribbons," I asked eager to start fresh then rather not. He gazed on the ribbons. All sized like the ribbon I had today. Only there was white, silver, black, red, pink, blue, orange, purple, and green ribbons. And another layer of brown ribbons on the side. They all where aligned perfectly. Hanging from a post above me. And each color was sorted out beautifully. As if I was to walk in a store of ribbons. Only these ribbons where all unrolled.

"This is why I didn't want to show you...," Elijah dictated, while he was holding my hand. "Why, Because you knew I would freak out...," I anxiously said. "No... because I didn't want you to think of me as someone different," He said forwarding up to me. "I don't... I just... Have to understand a little more," -He took a deep breath and acknowledged my response of the ribbons. "Each ribbon, is based on different acts... or different plays, in a desired manner, Each ribbon plays it's own part," He said stern at the tone. "So... give me an example. What does red do?," I exclaimed gazing at the red ribbon. He nodded his head and moved forwarded to the ribbon. "Red... Is for captions. Blind folding or tying," He said. "And so what?... the others don't do that?...," I repeatedly said. "They do... Just in different acts and plays. Each ribbon. blind folds you, or ties. But in a certain act or play," I swallowed heavily in his response. "So what... types of plays.," I said shakily. He moved toward-ed a glass stand next to the ribbons. "I mean... what... like. sex plays...," I acknowledged feeling resounded and pretty stupid at the most. But he grinned and replied.

"Do you know what roleplay is...," He said stern. "Um.. I'm not familiar with any of it... nor have I ever been a part of it.," I exclaimed trying to stay mature now. But I was super shaky. And had so many questions to ask. I stared at each event in the room, and every material so deeply I finally acknowledged what I was most certain to say. "So what... BDSM?... Is that it...," I finally exclaimed in the most horribly way. "You know what that is...," He said. But it was so hard to answer every one of his responses. I couldn't quite understand it. "Well, I know what it is... That's it, I mean I don't understand all the events that revolve around it, Just the fact that it's...," - "Not normal...," He exclaimed finishing my response. "Let me put it to you this way, When i said I was different, I meant it. And BDSM is something that was only intentional at what I do. I stick most around most around the ribbons,"

He exclaimed pretty brief in his response. "So..., basically it's all predicament. And it's," - "Quandary, But not irrelevant," He finished my sentence again. "Okay... So all I'm getting at is that your acrophilic.. Or your pretty much aphephic," I exclaimed "I don't, And I'm not acrophilic," He acknowledged for stern now. "Okay.. Well, why did you bring me here then," I exclaimed. "You wanted to know," I stopped there at his response. He was for sure darn right about that. I did want to know. "Are you ready to go now Kinley?," But I immediately shook my head no. I wanted to see what was downstairs. "Show me what's don there?," I said pointing at the door that lead downstairs. He grinned and moved forward. And he opened the door not hesitating my response. Then quickly, I ran up. The room was much, much different then the other. It was so much larger, and set in as a stone and white slab looks. The room was completley stone and there was a pool in the middle of it that was completely squared. it was in-twined in the stone and it had a glass window that appeared out of the bottom of the pool. Allowing someone to see inside. And it was not a large pool. rather more of hot tub size. only it was really deep. Deep enough that I would surely not be able to stand in it.

"Omy...," I said. But I didn't know where to start. "Um... whats the pool for?," I exclaimed. "It's a chain pool, It is meant to chain yourself and be dragged under the pool. Where I could see you through the window...," I widened my eyes in disbelief. "You wouldn't do that to me...," He smiled. "Of course not... you don't understand how it works. And that's usually an event play that's not excepted with out fully understanding it" He said briefly. We stopped by another room, That was completely white with a white bed that sat directly in the middle of the room. I realized this was not a shack. It was a house... And literally a mansion of Event plays. "So you've done this before?, With other people?," He grinned and replied. "Yes," I widened my eyes in sudden disbelief. "Why?," I said. "You wouldn't understand, nor would I expect you to," He acknowledged softly. "What about you...," I shook my head simultaneously. "Elijah, I have never been in a relationship before, Nor have I ever participated in such things, I'm still a....," But I stopped there. "Your still a what?," He anxiously said. I swallowed and stood back, to take in a deep breath. "I'm still a virgin...," I exclaimed. "What!?," He said aloud. "Is that a problem?," I replied. "No.. it's just.. it will be much harder to understand," He exclaimed. I shook my head, he was most certainly right about that.

I was getting sick of the whole concept. Literally I did not have time to think. But I was also mad, I never did anything like this, Because I never understood to. But I knew there was really only one way I could understand all of this. It made me sick to my stomach to think about, Or to even say it. And I know I would have to, Because I know myself. I would want to. But my dad will end up killing me if he ever found out. Which never made sense cause it was never like that for Shyla. She got her self pregnant. But my dad never got mad at that?. And why would he. I knew I had to step up my game. I can take care of myself. I'am practically an adult. I was 18 in a half a month. Should I wait?. I thought to myself for a minute. But I didn't want to. I just wanted to know badly. So I said that to Elijah. "Show me then," I exclaimed to Elijah.

"No Kinley, You can't just do that, And your not ready," was all he said. "I want to know...," I was stern now. And mature at the fact. I wouldn't let him out of it. And he knows that. He stood there thinking and constantly assuring whether or not he should. "I want you to show me... What's the first step," I said unsure of even what I was talking about. But he continued to gaze at me as if I was crazy. "Fine...," He said. I was now pretty calmed down. But was entitled to the fact that this was my decision. I wouldn't let any person take blame of it. "Here," He grabbed my hand and forwarded me to a room that was very mellow and warm. It was dark brown and had super dimmed lights. "I can't show you the core of what I do, But I can give you an idea," He exclaimed. "When will you show me what you really do?," I said biting me lip again. "Whenever you want me to after what I'll today. As long as it's a week later," He replied. "Fine, next week...," I said even know I''ll hate walking back here. "Do we have to walk all the way back," I said. Because we where still somewhere in the mountains. "No. I have a car outside, That's on a private road. it'll take us back, I only walked you because, you needed to know," He said. "Know what?," But he ignored my response and walked me into the room. He had a dark brown this ribbon in his hands, And he also had another ribbon in his other hand.

He then shut the door enclosing us in the room. with no windows, Nothing but a dark brown room with shallow dim lights. And a platform stand that had metal bars hanging at top view. But he took down the bars and placed it on a stone counter to the side of us.

"I'm going to blind fold you with this ribbon, And your going to stay put right here. You are not allowed to move and I'am unable to kiss you with out something blocking your eyes.," I was confused at that last part though. "Why can't you kiss me while I look at you?," I said astonished. "It's a rule, That only I have made," He grinned and talked to me. "I'm going to blind fold you, Whatever I do. You cannot see, Your only able to feel what's going on," He said aloud. "So what are you going to do?," I nervously replied. "You'll see, Just... Kinley, Remember you don't have to do this... But no this. Very important, Once any act, not just this one, once any act is in use and on. You may not say no, it's a violated rule, and you must finish the act till end," He said. "But you can say no right now, Once his blind folds on you can't, So i'm going to ask you again. Are you sure you want to do this?," He exclaimed in the most mature and stern voice. But I never hesitated to say no, I wanted to know, And I was sick of people telling me what not to do. But I strongly thought about, Trying to make perfect sense about it.

"Yes, I want you to do it..,"

He stopped for a moment and then grabbed my hand, He slowly tied the dark brown ribbon around my face so I wasn't able to see. There was no going back now..,"

It was pitch black and I couldn't see cause of the ribbon. But I knew Elijah was here somewhere, But he was no longer next to me. I could here footsteps carefully close to me. Then Elijah grabbed my hands and tied both of them together. Knotting them twice. "Don't speak..," He whispered quietly in my ears. He then moved away from me. I could hear him quietly breathing. And it was super hard to see, The blind fold.. and the dark colors of the room technically described that. I stopped to think what was going on. But I didn't know. Then I felt hands on the side of my waist. And softly they moved up from my waist and to my shoulders. These hands... where taking off my shirt, But I didn't feel nervous now. I felt different, in a state that I have never been in. The hands continued to move to my arms. And the ribbons that tied my hands and wrists bound together in. But I was wearing a dress... How could it be a shirt?, It wasn't. It was actually that my dress was being unzipped in the back of me. Then I lifted one of my knees a little higher to allow the dress to come off carefully. but differently. I felt the urge to intensity, I wanted it intense I wanted to force him onto me but I couldn't. My dress was now off. It glided down my skin, making a sensation feeling unbearable to one I've ever felt. The dress was now off. I was glad I was wearing underwear. But I had a feeling that, (that) would not be the case in a minute or so. Soft lips was pressed against my stomach. That's when I was now skin to skin contact. It was a sensation feeling that I've never felt. But I felt his lips forwarding up my stomach and to my lips. It was a soft kiss. I had twisted and bent my back like harsh. Unable to stop moving due to the feel. But it was tempting to kiss back. But I swore not to move myself. Instead he bit my lip and moved down to kiss my neck. He then moved down to my stomach. Then kissed gently on my pelvis. The titillating feeling was so imperative to any other. It was a constellation of elements I never felt before. But he moved down towards my thighs and had gently bit the top of my underwear to carefully take it off. he grabbed both sides of my thighs and glided the underwear off my body. I twined my legs pressed together. The feeling was so good, And I never understood why I haven't done it before. And his kiss was unlike any other. Then he stroked my back with his hands moving them down. He touched my vagina. He touched me intensely more then I was expecting from the first time. He kissed me harder on my thighs. I managed to move a little bit to kiss him back. But he pinned my arm forcefully not allowing me to move any more. His tongue was latched against my thighs making me a sudden gulp out. "Oh...," I said unable to speak out. I tried my best to stay calm. But it was so difficult. Every curve made a sensing feeling unlike ever before. He kissed the bottom of my cervix intensely, And carefully moving to the tip of my vagina. He softly came up to my face. and he kissed my lips harshly. I couldn't move my hands, But he had interlocked them around his neck. That's when our legs entwined together. And the most sudden feeling came. I gasped out loud not able to withdraw the sense from us. (What have I been missing my whole life) I thought, Then he forced me closer to him. And I gasped louder. I thought it was embarrassing. But I didn't care, I knew this was going to happen again. it was something I couldn't get away from now. And if this was just the beginning. I couldn't imagine what the future had in store. He kissed me once more and as intense as it was. I finally released out one more gasp to finish what had started. my legs and knees moved consistently around his. But ended up calming my self.

He then took off the ribbon that had blind folded me, And the ribbons that tied my hands. I stared at myself. I was completely naked. And it was embarrassing to think that. And to see that. I reached in to kiss Elijah but he forwarded me back. "You can't kiss me with out a blind fold Kinley," He said. I tried not staring at him. He was naked and it only made the subject feel worse. But it was the best day of my life, And the weirdest, I thought. He threw a towel at me and I managed to cover myself with it. "We leave now..," Elijah said as he managed to get his clothes back on. "Is this what you want Kinley?," He said gazing at my focus. "Yes...," I replied softly embarrassed to say.

We left the house. I knew somehow that is was just the beginning though. After managing to put my cloths back on and not have to wear the dress I felt better. And it felt good to be back home. I knew that I would never mention this to mom or father. It would be worse to do so. It was very dark outside. We have been in the shack for probably an hour or to.

"We walk down this trail, it will lead us to a road with my car parked here," - "It's a private road so know one can get her?," I said softly. "Yes," We walked up the road. It was an newer car that was parked by the outlet. We got inside it and I buckled my self, knowing that Elijah would want to talk to me.

"This what not even the worse," He said gazing at me. "What do you mean?," I eagerly asked. "What I will do to you in the future is far worse then just tying your hands and blind folding you," He said stern as before. I took a deep breath confused from it all. But he knew what my answer was. I wanted it, "We'll talk about it later," he said as we drove off.

An hour passed and we were back on the main road again. Eager to get home and see my mother. I hope she was doing alright. And I had literally 100 missed notifications, most from Josh. But none of them seemed important.

I didn't really talk to Elijah on the way back, I was just so up about the fact that I had sex for the first time. I shouldn't of thought that but I did. "Oh shit," Elijah said. "What?," But he ignored my response again and kept driving.

We finally got home. And I was so relieved. Before I stepped out of the car. Elijah blocked my face with his hand and gently kisses my loose softly, I moved in to kiss him back more. But he backed away. "You have a lot to learn Kinley, I will take you back to the shack next week to teach you it all," He said softly. It was a long way there but I didn't care, I wanted to go back. "See you soon?..," I asked softly. "Yes," he stroked my hair and stepped back to sit upward in his seat. And no sooner then he did. He drove off leaving me home where Ethan had just come in the driveway of our 2 story perfect farmhouse in the woods of Washington next to our little meadow.


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