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  • Published: 6 Sep 2016
  • Updated: 9 Nov 2016
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Mrs Kinley Stone moves to Newhalem WA in need from her mother. Little did she know she was about to fall into a deep fantasy with someone dark and mysterious. Someone who is a fanatic of ribbons, chains, rope and just about anything that'll get you tied up in a heartbeat. Entwine


10. Heartless Veil

Chapter 10: Heartless Veil

I'm leaving to Enterprise

Two things left me utterly dying.

It was a dream. Haven was never his sister, Haven was someone Elijah knew. And she never had died.

And the second, Elijah is different, And I'm not sure it's the good kind of way...

Why Enterprise?, Where was it exactly?. I tried calling Elijah but all I got was a false.

"It's pretty dull here," I told Elijah. 
"It's almost winter, The fall time doesn't give off a lot of green," 
He was right about it not being green. It was a bright yet faded Orange fall with plains of huge wastelands, a mountain range yet stumbles high over the horizon,

"Kinley" Elijah asked. 
"Look," He pointed out to the mountain range. "That is the Wallowa Mountains," 
"Is that where we're going?," I asked.
He nodded

Later that night we stayed out in a cabin just north of Joseph. It was very cold outside. But without the snow it felt incomplete. It was bitter and sunny yet very cold. Reminding me of the feelings up in the mountains at home during winter. But here it was so cold my cheeks would start to turn white over time.

"You ready?," Elijah asked.

I blinked my eye's open twice discovering I was dreaming again. I had the oppulent fact that it wasn't true. Elijah never had the desire to travel to places like that. But he mentioned Enterprise once before to me. I wasn't sure what was exactly there. Maybe it was another shack. But he still didn't like to travel.

Then again, I've only known the man for two months now.

I trailed off thinking about it all. It was about the sexual desires that really made me a bit strenuous.

Seattle had it's usual rainy days. I was wanting to meet some old friends I haven't talked to in a while.

Aron was doing the usual pick up and clean.

"Kinley?," He exclaimed.

"Yup that's me,"

"What are you doing here?," He asked surprised with his particular smile.

"I'm actually here for you, I need a date night out, If that's okay?," I asked, Maybe I should of thought about if he had a girlfriend or not. -Or the fact if I had a boyfriend or not?

"Yeah that would be great," He exclaimed

We stopped out at Altura restaurant downtown Seattle. And settled for a good meal. Really sucks I'm not properly dressed. I thought to myself.

"So what made you come out to me?, And hows your mother Ariana and the others?, I knew you were in a hurry over there. I knew that you were pretty stressed that day as rumor has it. But now you're pretty lay back," He managed.

Well the rumor was fact. I was really stressed about that day. But I wasn't sure if I should tell him about now. And the fact that I was really stressed today about the whole concept of Elijah.

"I was stressed that day, I'm also a bit nervous however,"


And that was the question. I wasn't sure if I should tell him yet or not. There was a lot going on with Elijah that I really shouldn't be telling him. Especially because I really didn't know the man. But he was the only one around that I would feel comfortable talking about. My mother is the only one else I could talk to. But I don't know if she can take it right now.

"I have been dealing with some things, I thought that coming to you might clear my head a bit?," 

"I could probably help you out a bit, Depending on the consequences it gives me I guess,"

Consequences?, Why would there be consequences?, He doesn't even know what I was going to tell him.

"Consequences?, What consequences?," I asked

"I just figured it might be something a bit particular, Besides you brought me out to lunch," He laughed out "It's pretty notorious,"

"What's so notorious Aron?," I followed his laugh.

"I don't know, I just know that there's obviously things going on with you, You haven't even touched your plate. You hardly even look right at me with out trailing off into outer space, Something has just happened to you,"

Well he was right. Things happened, bad things and inappropriate things. Being dragged off into the wilderness blindfolded things. I can't tell him that stuff. I can't even express about my love relationship with Elijah.

"Look Kinley, If you need someone to talk to I'm here. I know that your all tied up in things right now and you clearly can't talk about it right now,"

He was right. It was hard to focus on it all. Maybe I should let it off a few weeks before I head over to North Carolina for my sisters wedding. I'll be able to focus the good things. And Elijah should be pushed of the side for now. But I didn't let that get to me.

"You're right Aron. I have to think about it more. That is why I drove flipping two hours out here to see you. And here I'am at this restaurant trying to figure things out. And you sit there, you sit there pondering to what you believe is me not being able to talk to you about my life, My questions!,"

"Kinley I didn't mean it like that!, I swear I was just..,"

"Being a jerk. I bought dinner Aron!,"

"I'm sorry I just..," Aron exclaimed out.

"No I can't right now I have to go, I have way to much to think about,"

"I'm at the shop 24/7 if you need my Kinley, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings please stay, Please,"

He begged there for me to stay. And I liked it. Every single bit of it. So much that I took it all in as I winged myself out of the restaurant to breathe in the cold wet air.

What was I thinking?. I couldn't talk to some random stranger about it. I was really loosing my mind. What was wrong with me?, Why am I acting like this. I ignored the question to call my mother. She finally picked up once. "Hey mom, When is Shyla's wedding again?,"

"In a month, I have to get down there earlier though because I was planning on visiting for a while before I have that big interview afterwards,"

"Okay Well I'll second that. I could really use a break from things,"

"Okay that's fine with me sweetheart,"


I packed up my bags. I haven't heard from Elijah in a while but I wasn't planning on telling him I was leaving for North Carolina. He might freak.

Plane tickets grew more expensive as we waited but my mother was a last minute person. I was thankful she bought a ticket for me, I really need to get a job. I thought to myself.

It was a midnight rush to our stop but we finally got to our plane.

"The schedule was cut off a week early, But you knew?," My mother asked me.

"Shyla may have said somethings, Besides it may be perfect for a good early spring honeymoon for the two,"

We sat down on the plane when I get a text before our flight. Elijah had texted me. "Hey I have things I wanna do tomorrow with you, Thinking around seven AM?," I read over through the text.  But I ignored it and powered off my phone.

The night drew on as we got closer to the East coast. I kept thinking about Elijah and the one night with Aron. Elijah was going to be pissed at me. But I needed the break, And instead of telling him, I did it anyways.

Pathetic me..

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