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  • Published: 6 Sep 2016
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Mrs Kinley Stone moves to Newhalem WA in need from her mother. Little did she know she was about to fall into a deep fantasy with someone dark and mysterious. Someone who is a fanatic of ribbons, chains, rope and just about anything that'll get you tied up in a heartbeat. Entwine


11. Flawless Feathers

Chapter 12: Flawless Feathers

A young boy stands in the back of the room to wait for his mother. My sisters best friend was anticipating whether or not she should go to the mall down the road to pick up last minute items for Shyla.

"The trip was as lovely as all the trips you guys were kids," My mother implied as she held me close.

She was right. The trip was great, getting away from the reality and focusing on family was amazing. It seemed to calm me down.

"I love you mom, is there any way we can get us all together like that again?," I smirked.

"I wish," My mother smiled humbly.

Shyla walked in quietly but excited. She seemed more excited than she ever has been in her life.

I never met the man she was marrying. But he seemed pleasant and nice from what I've heard. Paul was his name, He is supposed to be here soon, The wedding was in a couple of days and we all were tired.

"I wish dad was here!, Mom are you sure your okay?, You seem like your sick. Ever since you got off the flight last night you seemed very tired. By the way how's dad, I'm very sad he couldn't make it. And Josh,"

Shyla was pretty questionable women herself. She always is up tight and wanting to make sure the family is together and happy. She seems to not see how the family has fallen apart. It's like the fact was invisible to her and not present. Which was a good thing, Shyla was our upbeat person in our family.

"Josh had work Shyla, And mom is going through a lot. And dad... Is being dad," I explained.

"Well that's to bad, I bet it's nice to get out of the pines for you and mother though, I'm thankful you could make it,"

Shyla walked over to her country sweet couches to take down a good seat for the morning. She worked a lot last night with her soon to be husband Paul. The house seemed tight and sweet. A good perfect country house out here in North Carolina. It seemed like one of those story book homes. Sweet and cozy. Shyla always needed her house cozy and sweet. If she hadn't cleaned up, she wouldn't of aloud anyone to come over.

"So how's the life back at home sister?,"

"A bit of a work, Lots going on,"

"Like what?,"

I wanted to tell her, I wanted to tell her about Elijah. But my mother never knew the aspects of our relationship. And I intended to keep it that way, But I needed to talk to my sister. Aron never worked out. But Shyla was one I could count on. If it was my other sister Mavis in this situation. I may not have the desire to even bring up such a conversation. But if it wasn't Shyla I could talk to. It would be Josh.

"Talk later," I whispered over to Shyla as I sat up off the seat.

"You must be Kinley?," A deep toned voice asked.

It must have been Paul. Holy shit!, I didn't know he was so tall, Or old in that situation, He may have been at least ten years older then Shyla.

"And you must be Paul, Sorry about last night, we were dead fish when we got here,"

Dead fish? I thought.

"I could tell, Shyla has told me so much about you," He winked.

Suddenly I feel so unease at the direction he may have been taking me. He winked at me?, What the hell has Shyla been gossiping?. That was the other part about lovely Shyla. She gossips, A lot. Maybe the whole Elijah thing may be a bit over the hedge with her.

"I bet she has, And I bet it was wonderful and delightful things," I winked back up at him as I reached out to shake the strangers hand.

"Yes, yes it was,"

"Shyla has told me little about you Paul, But now I can see why,"

I knew where I was heading. It was trouble that was coming my direction. Shyla never told me about Paul because of his age. Because when she was fifteen years old she felt in love with a senior at high school. Who I laughed and made up jokes about him to her. Especially about his age. Which was wrong of me to do. But the puzzle seemed to finally fit altogether now.

The room sat blankly as Shyla and my mother stared.

"I'm so sorry Paul," I blurted out before anyone else may have.

"It's fine, Lots of people seem to question our relationship. But our world today has confusing relationships," He eyed at me.

He was right. taking my relationship for example put me on the spot. Elijah was one to question though. It wasn't the age, Nor was his attitude. It was his intentions.

My phone buzzed off in my pocket. It was Elijah, And I had the overwhelming feeling he wasn't going to be to happy. I jogged myself out of there to quickly answer the phone.

"Hey.., Elijah,"

The was no hello. He must of been disappointed. I listened for about a minute for a response. When I finally heard an answer.

"Hey, I'm here," A voice said, small and quiet.


I turned around to realize Elijah was standing about just behind me. Holy shit!, He's so creepy!, How the hell did he know where I was?.   
I thought to myself how he could of been here. Or if he was really here. Or if it was another crazy dream.

"Your mother told me...," He exclaimed

My mother?, Figures.

"Elijah I'm sorry. I just needed a break,"

"Why so sudden?, I felt like it was important for me to be at Shyla's wedding to. However don't get me wrong. I'am still pissed you didn't tell me,"

"I know, but I didn't realize... I mean I didn't want you mad. Truly, I just need a break from it all Elijah. Time to think, And my sisters wedding was my perfect opportunity.,"

He stood there blankly at me. The wind started to pick up. And the clouds started to dim the sky. And all of a sudden. Within two minutes of talking. It started pouring in rain outside.

"That's North Carolina for you...," Elijah laughed out.

I smiled at his laughter. I couldn't help but just to hug him. And I bet he felt the same way. So I fell into his arms to give him the biggest hug of all. It felt so right. But he seemed so steady and and so tight. As if maybe he didn't want a hug.

"I love you Kinley,"

I wish I could say the same. But I knew he didn't like it. That was one of the few things that made me uneasy. The fact that I couldn't tell him how I really felt, made me go insane. I knew that was wrong for him to not let me in. Otherwise there could be no relationship going on.

I let go of my grip around him. The rain began to pour even harder. It was time to go inside.

After pacing inward to my sisters cute and cozy house. I couldn't help but notice Shyla was staring right at me.

"Who's he?,"

Oh yeah... I forgot about this part, What was I going to tell her. Or my mother, Or my sisters husband who I just insulted about relationship advice!

"Elijah, He's my...,"

I stopped muttering the words softly.

"Friend," Elijah finished.

"Friend," I repeated.

It was almost like Elijah knew what I was going to say. As if he knew I didn't want anyone knowing about us.

Everyone stood. Confused, unsure, but my mother knew exactly what was going on. She had apparently known about me and Elijah. But instead of correcting my sinful mistake, She went along with the flow.

"He is my best friends son," My mother explained.

She must of known about Elijah coming. It made me pretty upset. Like I was being played by my mother. Or Elijah was to much of a stalker. I couldn't help it. The wedding was tomorrow. I had to keep my act together though. Otherwise it may turn into a bloodbath.

The night drew on as I sat down going through what happened today. The rain started to slow down. The moon was bright. But the clouds made it harder to see. The sky was dark and everyone was getting to bed. Elijah however was wide awake. He sat in the back of the dark room as I sat on the other side thinking. He seemed shy tonight. It was not normal for him to act that way. At least not at first. I bit my lip, swallowed and focused on the window that was soaked from the outside rain. I was starting to get nervous. What did he want from me?, why was he not talking. I decided to break the awkwardness by jumping up off of the chair to get into the bed.

"I'm sorry, I should've asked to come out here to you..," Elijah assured.

He was sorry?, I didn't even think about that. He did come out here without my permission. But it never bothered me, Wrong answer I thought. I was a bit uneasy.

"It's okay, maybe you should've left a text however,"

He got up to move forwarded to the edge of the bed frame. It was very hard to see him in the night.

"Can we talk?," I asked as I got into the thin covers of the bed.

"Surely, What do you want to talk about?," he asked as he stood standing at the end of the bed frame.

"I want to talk about these dreams I have been having, Why is it that you didn't tell me about Haven?,"

He stood in silence. I wasn't sure if he wanted to talk now. He was bitter sweet and cold.

"Because it was depressing, And it never came around. There's still a lot you don't know Kinley," He replied.

"But maybe it's time to learn," I examined as I lay in the covers of my bed. "You haven't been that thorough with me Elijah,"

"I don't like talking about the far past Kinley,"

"But maybe you should.., Open up and let me see. I still have to figure out where you are," I nervously explained.

He spoke outwards and straight to me.

"Some things aren't worth knowing about, Some things shouldn't be said, And some things won't be said...,"

It was useless, He would never talk to me for the life of it. He always drew away from me as if he never needed me in the first place. I didn't like it and it surely never made me comfortable.

"I need you to let me in Elijah, otherwise how is this going to work?, Speaking of letting me in. I need you to open up more about your interests. You dragged me into the forest tied in ribbons, I won't lie Elijah, I was a bit disturbed, You need to open up, I want to make this work but I can't with out you letting me,"

I had realized I dragged away from the whole Haven situation. But maybe it was better about the relationship status first.

I got up to sit in front of him on the bed. And stood straight on my knees to look above at the tall man in front of me.

"Elijah..," I pleaded.

He seemed like he was out of it. He stood standing and bowed his head toward me. Quietly and surely, he was done talking.

"I love you Elijah..,"

He backed up a bit, but I held on to his shirt tightly.

"Love is harsh, But the truth Elijah, It only is if you make it that, and that does not mean leaving yourself in a dark hole, So please...,"

He drew forwarded to me. His forehead against mine now. The dark room seemed to grow darker. The shades seem to dim. The moonlight had hid itself behind the rain clouds. And all that mattered was this very moment. I let my arms wrap around his neck. My forehead still against his. I felt like I was going to tumble back onto the bed. I felt like he was the only thing letting me sit on my knees straight. I left the moment by leaning into him. I drew my lips to his and kissed them softly. I drew back carefully. But he leaned in and kissed me, He forced his lips on mine and locked them there. The moment was surreal at first. But it was reality. He lived in a fantasy, And I was part of it. He grabbed onto my arms to let them fall from him. I didn't like it, I wanted to stay right there. But when I thought he was letting me slip away. He fell onto me. And I quickly fell backwards onto the bed. Trying to keep him on me. He drew his fantasy to my neck. I gasped for air, There was no leaving him. I wanted to be here, forever. I shifted my feet into the bed. And tried grinding myself inward. I couldn't stop thinking about the moment this was. And how perfect it was. I wanted him to undress me. But he didn't, the moment was unlike the others I've had with him. I tried to undress him but he wouldn't let me. He had my hands bound to the bed frame, he moved his hands upwards to mine to keep them locked there. And the night surely drew on.


The morning was cold. The smell of the rain filled our noses. We all got up earlier excited for the big day. The day was April 2nd of 2015. Just to make sure everyone was coming was a job as it was. Shyla had her friends from South Carolina come up. And some family from Arizona.

"I love you so much," Paul had whispered to Shyla.

"I love you to," Shyla exclaimed in happiness.

Paul leaned over to kiss Shyla's forehead. I was happy for the both. Paul seems like a nice guy. We all sat down for a big breakfast before the big day drew upon us.

"It's so interesting how couples meet some time, You see. Looking at Jared and Carmen. They both met at the top of the Grand Canyon. I believe it was Jared wasn't it?. Carmen had accidentally dropped her ring, and Jared picked it up for her and he said. "I believe you dropped thisI bet the one who gave that ring was a lucky man to have you," And she said. "Actually it was just a ring I got out of the cereal box," And one thing led to another. They talked and laughed. Then he married her, that weekend. So tell me Paul. How did you meet Shyla?," I asked.

Paul smiled at me from the back of the kitchen. He came up to sit next to his soon to be wife. Everyone sat down at the table to eat.

"I wish my story was that nice, I actually met her while I was working. You see Kinley, I owned the company out at the mill. We had to dig up copper, stone etc. And I had one of those friends who couldn't keep working. He was a trouble maker. That was for sure. So I dug up anything I could and she came up. I never saw her, she was behind me while I was digging. It was hot outside and I was pretty pissed off at my friend. And he said, "Hey Paul, some ugly girl is here for you," he was a pretty mean guy. So I turned around to see who. And I said, "well I'm not sure what your talking about. She's the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen," One thing led. And we met up for dinner one night. Things may have gotten out of control from there..," He laughed.

Everyone laughed. I was pretty laid back though. I thought it was really cute.

Elijah walked in. My mother was pretty happy to see him.

"Here Elijah. I saved a spot for you right here next to Kinley,"

"Why thank you so much, that was very kind of you,"

He smiled, then sat down in the seat right next to me. He leaned in to kiss the side of my cheek.

"I didn't realize you guys were so close," Shyla smiled.

Oh shit!, what do I do now?. I thought about it.

"We're pretty close... I guess,"

"Haha liar," Shyla laughed.

I laughed again. Elijah smiled. It was a moment of awkwardness as we all ate.

There was a knock on the door. Shyla had got up to get it. A familiar face walked in. It was Briann.

"Mom!?," I yelled over.

My mother eyed at me. She didn't seem happy. Elijah was now glaring at me. I stood up to walk out of the kitchen and over to the living room. My mother came along.

"What Kinley?,"

"What do you mean what!?," I yelled.

"You know I hate Briann, He's the biggest bully ever and the worst cousin I have ever been around," I exclaimed, whispering now.

"I'm sorry Kinley, but you know Shyla's wedding is today. Expect some familiar guests," She said trying to calm me down.

"No mother, I can't do this. How the hell did he get over here?, He lives in Germany!,"

"He bought a ticket,"

"For a one day event!?," I said, raising my voice now.

"Surely he has money, And he cares Kinley. You haven't talked to him since second grade. He may not be the same, it will be okay. So how about you pucker up just a bit and join the family?," my mother raised her voice.

I glared at her. And walked off to the diner. 

"Are you okay Kinley?, We can take a walk if you want," Elijah verified.

"I'm fine,"

I sat down joining the group. Briann never talked to me. He seemed like I was a ghost to him.

"Shyla I'm awed to be here," Briann said.

I eyed at him. I didn't know he could be so high praised. That was not like him at all, apparently Germany took an effect on him.

"I'm awed you could make it Briann!," Shyla laughed.

"Amazing!, we are all getting along so well!," My mother as well laughed. Then she gave me the death look.

"So who are you?," Briann neared over to Elijah.

"A friend of Kinley's,"

"A close friend of mine, if I should correct," I said.

Shyla giggled and laughed.

"Wow, I didn't know Kinley could strike one. I guess I was wrong about her, right kiny win?,"

Well shit... he's back to his old self. Should've seen it coming.

"That's okay, At least I hooked up, Still trying to find a lucky one out there aren't you?," I angered back at him.

I was never good at comebacks. But I would do anything to get Briann pissed off.

"Might I say, I do have one.. a few to be correct,"

"A few?, so what?, like a gang bang or something?," I said.

Shyla choked on her food and slammed her hand on the table. We all stopped, At least so got the last word however.

"I'am wondering what other surprise guests may be coming," I astounded.

"Hannah, and that's about it," my mother exclaimed.

Hannah was a cousin of mine. She was always so nice. Probably my closest cousin.

"Really?, she is coming?," I smiled

"Yes, her flight gets in at ten, speaking of time. We have to get ready," My mother explained.

"You never told me about Briann Kinley," Elijah eyed me.

"Your right, nor have I told you about Hannah," I poked his nose.

We all got up to get ready. The wedding was out in Fayetteville at a close park. Reserved to Shyla and Paul's wedding.

I walked upstairs to find something nice to wear in my suitcase. I had picked out a black and red dress, Velvet ribbons and black boots to go along with the black tights.

The drive was long. But it was worth seeing all the pretty views of the scenery. It's very enclosed here, I thought to myself. The trees seemed like it was getting bigger. We arrived at a park filled with big oak trees. It was fall in the spring time. It was gorgeous. Groups of people gathered around an oak tree. The wedding was about to start. The plan was everyone would sit down and she would come in. The reception would partake after the wedding. So without warning, we all gathered around to find a seat. Elijah sat next to me in the front row. My mom was starting to tear up. Elijah had dressed up in a business suite and my mother was in a tight green dress.

"Everyone please sit,"

We all sat down as the wedding took place.

Shyla was beautiful. My mother must of helped pick out the dress last night while me and Elijah talked.

I thought about how Elijah may have known about Haven and her attacks. It was all confusing, the situation made me cry more. But the more she ran into the forest. The more I felt something was wrong, and it was.

It was then that I realized I had lost track of what was going on. I blanked out until I heard the usual words.

"You may kiss the bride,"

Everyone clapped and was happy. I was to, finally feeling a bit more peace.

The reception took ahold tonight. Everyone was dancing and singing, while others talked.

"Kinley I have to show you someone!," Shyla announced.

Behind me was a tall lady with a silver dress. Her black hair was put into a bun and her tall thin body had me standing on my tiptoes.

"I'd like you to meet Alexia,"

"So this is the girl?," Alexia asked Shyla.

"Yes this her,"

"Why Mrs Stone, You have no idea how delighted I'am to meet you, I heard about your move. How was it?," The stranger asked.

"It was great, who are you exactly?," I asked.

"Of course!, where are my manners?, Alexia Shaine," She exclaimed handing out her hand to me.

I shook it as she finished her sentence.

"Time has long gone, But I knew you when you were a in first grade. Your mother was my assistant at the school. You may know me by Mrs Hallway. Your first grade teacher,"

"Hallway!?, no way!. How did you to meet?. What happened to the name as well?," I exclaimed.

"We met awhile back while Shyla visited Mavis back in Arizona. And I re-married, It's been awhile," She assured

"Yeah it has been!, I didn't even recognize you. Your so beautiful,"

"Why thank you. You must have-,"

But the situation was interrupted by another face.

"Kinley!," A woman said.

"Omy gosh, Hannah!. I was looking earlier for you!. How are you?,"

"Amazing!, So happy to see you!. It's been awhile,"

"Sure has!,"

Hannah gave me a great big hug as Elijah walked over towards me.

"Elijah!, this is my cousin Hannah. And get this, right here is my first grade teacher!, Alexia,"

"Well hello," Elijah expressed joyfully.

"Is this your boyfriend Kinley?," Alexia asked.

"Yeah!, I never knew you had a boyfriend," Hannah assured.

"Well, yeah!. I guess you can say that. We're more of close friends though," Kinley announced.

"Kinley. We need to find a table hold on," the situation was interrupted by Hannah.

"Here how about here?,"

We all sat down at large round table with white cloth. A candle was lit and the middle. And there was several red champagne glasses on the table.

"So tell me. How you to meet?," Hannah asked. As we sat down.

"Basically it was at his mothers, Nothing to special," Kinley announced.

"Quiet one aren't you?, you don't talk much?," Hannah asked Elijah.

"Not particularly. Doesn't mean I'am quest necessarily, I just keep to myself a lot of the time," Elijah replied.

"It's just so interesting to me though. I would of never thought Kinley would be with anyone. You were always wanting to focus on dreams and career stuff I thought Kin," Hannah told me.

"I did, but life changes a lot. It kind of takes a whole different effect,"

"I never knew you wanted to focus on a dream Kinley. What did you want to become?," Elijah asked.

"Oh nothing...," I giggled.

"I just was always close to my mom in my younger years,"

"But how about you Hannah?. Anyone special in your life?," I asked.

"I have my eye on Zack. Not sure if I'am gonna get him or not. I don't know if I want to now. He treated his last girlfriend horrible. He was pretty abusive, but he was nice most of the time to me, also very quiet. it's the quiet ones you gotta watch out for, no offense to you Elijah. Just from what I have learned in my life," Hannah examined.

"Your right in some ways Hannah," Elijah said.

"It's all confusing to me however. Just wanted to ask you. Why haven't you called me at all, about Elijah, life and all. What friends do. Cousin friends," Hannah asked me.

"I have been busy. I've only known Elijah for a couple of months. And we have had a few interesting months in that time," Kinley assured.

"Really!, oh like what?, give me the details Kin," She asked.

"What!, no we don't need details, I think we all understand the concept," Kinlee laughed.

"I need the details Kinley!, you know me. Come on please, I'll be your best friend," Hannah laughed.

"I think I'm gonna drink this, and forget you said that Hannah," Kinley laughed as she picked up a cup of red cherry wine.

"Fine, Elijah will give me details,"

"I will?,"

"You know what?, I think I'm gonna get drunk to. Then we all can know the details," Hannah laughed.

"Sounds like a plan," Kinley assured.

"Kinley... come with me?, please?," Elijah announced.

I really didn't want to. But staying meant more wine. And more talk, I should probably get out. So I got up to walk with Elijah out of the crowd.

"I think you need to calm yourself down, I don't want you drinking to much," Elijah said.

"I'm fine Eli. I won't drink to much, I just can't believe I'm here. With you, around all my past friends and relatives.

"Do you want to go?, I can make arrangements to leave tomorrow,"

Leave tomorrow?, Where?. Home?. Maybe I should go. I've had a rough couple of days and getting home might through me out of the water. I could really use the quietness until mom gets back. But dad was still home, or maybe he's out with some friends.

I sat there thinking about it. After, I told Elijah I would sleep on it. Paul was just getting up to announce a toast to her wife.

"Shyla. The day I met you. Is one I will never forget. I will cherish every single second of it. Every second of this day, and the days to come. I will be by your side every step of the way. I couldn't even imagine a day without you, so this is for you. And our future," Paul announced.

After the reception was over. I got to the house to pack up.

"You want to leave Kinley?. You sure?," My mother asked me.

"I love you mom. But I need this, and I'm tired. Tell Hannah I said goodbye. I'll tell Shyla before I leave," I told her as I gave her a great hug.

"Please don't judge me mom,"

"I'm not. Just be careful," she asked worried.

I paced myself downstairs to tell Shyla.

"I think me and Eli are leaving early tonight. We got early tickets from the plane. If we wanted to leave early. We were able to, I love you Shyla. Congratulations on your wedding," I said.

"We'll come up and visit, Okay?. Love you Kin," Shyla sadly said.

"Are flight leaves at ten Kinley. You ready?," Elijah said.


Paul came up to give me a hug. It was different hugging him. He seemed so nice. I knew he was going to treat my sitter nicely. It made me feel more comfortable to have that thought.

We left the house. My mom drove us to the airport. Elijah let me lay against him. Something he never let me done before.

"Do you think they are perfect Eli?," I asked him.

"Shyla and Paul?, yes. I think they'll have a wonderful life,"

"Why can't we be like that?," I pleaded. Nervous to say the words.

"It's different world Kinley, but if you really want to be like that. We can maybe," Elijah slowly assured. Murmuring the words.

"Then don't masquerade yourself. I love you Eli, and I don't care if you tell me otherwise," I told him.

I knew that if I told him now maybe he might think about it. He couldn't argue to me now though. Because my mother was in the car. I used her as a my safe zone. But there's no saying of he'll be made later or not. But the looks on his face told me otherwise.

We were masqueraded in a world of hate and torture. But I knew I could help him out of that. If he had faith.

We finally made it through the airport to our flight. And after the long wait. We starting gliding.

flawlessly in the air, like feathers.

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