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  • Published: 6 Sep 2016
  • Updated: 9 Nov 2016
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Mrs Kinley Stone moves to Newhalem WA in need from her mother. Little did she know she was about to fall into a deep fantasy with someone dark and mysterious. Someone who is a fanatic of ribbons, chains, rope and just about anything that'll get you tied up in a heartbeat. Entwine


9. Fallen Angels

Chapter 9: Fallen Angels

I don't know.. I thought to myself so sudden. "Why didn't you tell me," I asked trying to get information out of him. "I didn't think it would matter" He replied.

But it didn't. I just wanted to get out of here, And get away from the whole situation. I bit my lip thinking of what my next plan was. But it didn't matter. Elijah already knew. "I just want to go" I said grinning back at him. He picked me up, as if he knew what I was talking about and kissed me heavily. Blocking my eyes unable to see, Forcing me to kiss him back. He bit my lip and touched my side. "I do to" He replied softly. Kissing my neck.

We managed to get in the car, leaving a note to my mother replying that we would be back in a day. Elijah stepped on the petal. We drove for miles on end, reaching by far of mountains, trees and scenery so beautiful to Washington. within hours we had gotten to our destination, The shack. But now we didn't have to walk because this whole time there was a road to the shack.

I got out of the car shutting the door, We were alone now in the woods. It was probably the afternoon. The sun seemed pretty high, But it also seemed like it was going to rain to. I took a deep breath gazing at the shack from afar. "Something wrong Kinley?" He asked, looking at me as if he knew I was nervous. "No..," I replied. "It's just... The last time we were here" But he instead grabbed me and picked me up cradling myself in his arms. I laughed out loud as we got to the shack.

Inside it was the usual. Dark, mysterious, and crazy. It always reminded me of some weird torture moving. I didn't like the idea. But it didn't bother to think about it. "So what are we going to do?," I asked looking around. "Downstairs...," He said as he grabbed my hand. We walked downstairs to the large pool room that had a glass window from it. It was no longer shack. But instead a really modern house display. "Iron bed..." He said grabbing my attention. We walked down a long hallway where nothing but rooms were scattered everywhere. "The Iron bed, Is a bed used for transitioning, It is specifically for love, and pain," He said grabbing a hold of my attention. "Pain?," I asked obliged at the fact. "It's so you can understand what this is all about," He asked holding my hand. "So... you are going to hurt me?," I asked.

"No... I would never hurt you by any means Kinley," He dictated. "Can we go in?" I replied. "Soon after I grab the dress" He said walking back to the closet to get the once old dress that I had worn here last time. "Why do I have to wear it?," I replied. "Because, It's a rule that I had made," He said handing the dress over. "So... Why do you do this?," I replied at him. "That... is to much to say and comprehend. It's to personal" He replied. I took a deep breath as if something was just not right. "And I'am not aloud to know?," I replied. "You can... But it's a long story...," He said gazing into my eyes sternly. "Fine," I said getting undressed to wear the dress. I didn't care if he was there... I knew it would end up off anyways. I was embarrassed at first. But none of that seemed to matter anymore.

We walked into the room. He was right, The first thing that caught my attention was the bed in the middle of the room. Made completely of stone and iron. Above it was chains that dangled down from the ceiling above. "As always Kinley," He replied as I nervously gazed at the morbid room terrified in fear. "Do you trust me?" He asked. "Well, What will you do to me?," I replied back at him. "I'll tell you this, nothing that would harm you in any way," He replied as he kissed my forehead. I thought deeply into it, but I ignored the negative of it and replied. "Yes" I said eyeing him. He kissed me back blocking my eyes with his hand. Then grabbed a black long thick ribbon from the cupboard ahead. He came up and replied. "Don't worry... I'am not doing the Iron bed just yet," He whispered softly as he tied the ribbon around my head. "But... if you continue to do this, I would need your permission," He replied. "Also you need to wear this," He said holding out tights that were black. But it was knitted tights with design on them. I grabbed them to put it under the black dress I was wearing.

I stood straight and put my arms in front of me, Allowing him to come up and bond my hands. I couldn't see at all, But he did come up and tie my hands together. He then kissed my neck and carefully pushed me to the wall. "No speaking Kinley," He replied reminding me like last time. He then took off my dress, I new he would. Then he touched my arms to reach after my hands that had been tied. Then he lifted my arms to attach to some hook above me. Not letting me be able to move. The tights was the only thing that was on now. He kissed my arms and my neck. As he moved his hands around to my back. He came down to my legs and took off the tights carefully. I wasn't sure why I had to wear them, But I had wen't along the flow. He kissed me harshly and wrapped his arms around me. No later then he took my hands from above and picked me up. He moved over laying me down on a hardened tile. I knew it was the iron bed. He kissed me while he touched me. He moved down to my stomach but stopped there. Then he touched the skin on my legs of my thighs. I gasped aloud. But then he was off of me. I wasn't sure where but I stood quiet. The next minute goes by and he interlocked chains around my legs. I knew it was chains because I had seen it above. My body was cold due to the iron that had been laying out. But I managed not to think about the pain. I knew what he realized now when he mentioned pain. It was an act to test me. I heard some type of movement. The chains had lifted my legs up. Then he untied my arms from the ribbons and tied each one of my arms. I was then lifted in the air by the chains that had held me. He kissed my side, as I lay in the air. The chains never hurt my hand desperately, But I never managed to think about it.

A cold metal roller was placed on my skin. It rolled across my stomach and to my arms. It was nerve wracking and hard to tell what it was. I wanted more of it. I gasped out loud as it moved over to my neck. It made a sensing feeling I could not comprehend. I then heard a thump against the table. I couldn't see though. It was to dark to tell. Elijah then placed his tongue against my side hip. I gasped even louder, but same time I kept trying to leave it in. But I ended up bursting out with breaths as Elijah touched me and held me tight. The chains then released me down. Elijah unlocked the chains from my legs and wrists. He picked me up to kiss me. I kissed him back intensely. Not letting go of im now that my arms where free. I grabbed him and touched him. He kept kissing against my neck deeply. I wanted to speak. I wanted to gasp. Because it felt so good. But I couldn't, I was not a loud to and I didn't know why. It was to hard to stop kissing him, I didn't want to stop.

(I had a vision) though. I was sleeping in my room. When Elijah came in to kiss me. But instead he didn't, my shirt was lifted up revealing my stomach. He kissed it and touched my stomach softly. It was a weird dream. And I had no idea why I had, had it.

But then it was over. I had waken up outside next to the shack where Elijah was holding my in his arms on the ground where he sat next to a large pine tree. "What happened?," I asked feeling comfortable and cradled in his arms. "You fell asleep" He replied. But that was not accurate. How could I have fallen asleep while being chained to the roof. "What!?," I replied anxiously. But he got up to get off of his knees and held me up. It was sunny outside, But I still knew it was going to rain. "I need to show you something Kinley," He replied as he lifted me up to stand. "Close your eyes," He said. He then covered my eyes out here in the forest next to the shack. "You ready Kinley," He said softly. "Yes," I replied smiling.


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