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  • Published: 6 Sep 2016
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Mrs Kinley Stone moves to Newhalem WA in need from her mother. Little did she know she was about to fall into a deep fantasy with someone dark and mysterious. Someone who is a fanatic of ribbons, chains, rope and just about anything that'll get you tied up in a heartbeat. Entwine


1. Evergreen Blue

Chapter 1. (Evergreen Blue)

The bright sunshine light finally closed in on me as I grabbed my suitcase. Everything was finally falling into place. But the worse part was sitting there in the crowd full of people. And constantly looking down at my passport and thinking of the negatives and positives. (Positive) first. But the weather was the only thing that came to mind here in Arizona. (Negative) Finally came to mind. My dad, mom, the rain, the cold, the place. I didn't know what else was necessarily applicable than that.

"Passport 132," The women in the back called. After looking down at my passport. I don't know how I could have missed it. But that was indeed me. I rolled my eyes simultaneously and grabbed my suitcase. I had stood there in line for probably ours hoping I would make my flight. Every damn person probably had to use the restroom and I was one of them. Light headed was what I felt. Perceived at my surroundings at the same time just praying to god that know one would take my seat.

"Rachel Brown," The woman steered looking at the documents and back at the crowd. "Ariana Shwartz," The list was on and on. With people like Jared, Carmen, Evan etc. "Kinley Stone," That was finally me. I literally rushed in my skinny jeans to the window and grabbed my ticket and ran to the plane. But quickly made a rest stop to the restroom realizing I had thrown up on my way out. I sat down in my seat next to the window and closed my eyes finally getting the need to sleep. I bit my lip and looked out the window as the plane ascended in the air. Meanwhile thinking about my parents and how they would act seeing me again. I'm seventeen and I'm sure there was still consequences on lines of dating and rules. But when have I ever followed them?

"Would you like anything... to buy?, We got...," But I stopped her and quickly managed to look away. "No... Thank you I'm good," I said hoping I wouldn't barf again. "Are you sure?," I nodded my head in her response as soon as she inquired her explanation. "Just not feeling that well," I replied straightening my back a little. "Okay just let me know if you need anything," I finally sat back in a somewhat comfortably situation with only 2 hrs left on the flight not realizing that I had fell asleep. But before I could get back to dreaming the intercom blasted everyone's ears out loud. "We are sorry but there's been a slight delay in the weather we would have to stop in Portland for a few hours before proceeding our flight to Seattle," I locked my hands together and rolled my eyes. "Are you serious?," I whispered quietly almost murmuring the words. And finally the intercoms last words were revealed as "We are sorry," I slapped my hands on my knees and straightened my back even more in a serious mood. I was about to call my mom when I realized I was on a damn plane.

I strolled out the plane and tightened shirt while literally gliding to the register mark. "Hey," I said without the kindness of my words. "Is there anyway I can get back on that plane to Seattle?," I said aloud. "My back is killing me and I can't.. Repeat, Can't miss the flight today," I said stress fully and anxiously. "Um, I'm sorry but that''s or only delay that we had, We can't get you back on the plane till tomorrow," The woman said eyeing me with that grin. I widened my eyes and pointed my finger at her. "I only have one day to get up there, My mother doesn't have time to get back in Seattle tonight and, I frankly don't have the time or money spent right now to pay for my own damn car. So you either book me my next flight or where going to have problems," I said hesitantly with my words at her. But she never responded and instead called security.

Then I was talked to in a room with a couple of officers at my ex-plaint with a 300$ fee penalty of insulting a person. I carefully sat down in the waiting room for probably the rest of the night until my flight was booked to Seattle. Not only the fee, But an apology was sure rested before entering my flight.

I dialed my phone hoping for a response from my mother. "Pick up," I said biting my lip and wandering around the airport. "Hi this is Ariana Stone I'm not available at the time so please call me back or leave a message," I turned off my phone and strolled myself to the plane entrance without saying a word knowing that my dad is going to kill me for that fee.

The clock ticked 12 when I realized I had made it into Seattle with only a few hours to spare. I quickly grabbed my one handed suitcase and ran to the nearest ATM. "Next," I heard a employee announced. I ran off and dropped my bags on the ground. "Hi. I'm Kinley Stone and I would like a withdrawal with my account registered mark," The man nibbled on his doughnut and looked back at me after inserting my name into the computer. "It says here you have not registered for an account in Seattle, Only Phoenix," I quickly managed to look at my passport again and looked back at him. "Can't I just re-enact my account and support it here in Seattle with your guys's trademark," I said pulling my hair around my back. "Hold on let me see," He says while gobbling up the rest of his doughnut. "Sure sign this here, and I'm going to need a copy of your identity and your background checks," I managed to take the pen and sign my name but carefully I stopped to think. "Why do you need of my background checks?," I replied. "To insure your legalized as Kinley Stone and to insure you have no reports of jail history etc," I widened my eyes and bit my lip as it is a pretty bad habit and stared at him with a smile. "Anyway we can skip that little step?," He stared back at me. "No mam you may not skip the check," I bit my fingernail and signed the papers anyways. "Thank you," He replied as he checks out my receipt. I grab it and quickly somehow managed to find a car rental with the lowest money I had.

I wasn't used to the rain, It was damp and wet And I constantly had to look for stops to wait until the rain had stopped, which it never did. I found a rest stop and sat there for another hour waiting for a call from my mom. "Hi this is Ariana Stone I'm not available at the time so please call me back or leave a message," -"Ugh. I said closing my hands together because of the cold and wanting to throw my phone across the street. "Hey," I heard a stranger call in the back. I glared my eyes in search for the calling. "Hey you in the blue sweater," I looked down at my sweater and realized it was blue -dark blue at least. The stranger came up to me and wrapped his arms around my neck. "Hello?," I said creeped out at his tone and actions. "I'm sorry who are you?," I said allowing him to move in closer. "You're one of a kind," I grabbed his arm and threw him off me realizing seconds later he was drunk with an empty beer bottle in his hand. I grabbed my suitcase and continued to walk in the streets of Seattle as the stranger just ups and walks away from me.

"Hey you need help?," An old man said realizing I was cold with no money or anything. I shook my head as if I was like some homeowners daughter or something. "Um, well, actually yeah. Do you know where the nearest car rental place is?," I said shivering and staring at his blank eyes. He grinned and looked back at me. "Yes actually, Just down the block is Carols, He's a really nice man. You could actually probably bribe him enough to pay cheap for his rentals," I looked down at the ground and back up with a smile. "Thank you so much. Where is he? exactly?," The man twisted his hands and stared at me. "I'll just walk you there, -If that is okay with you," I thought about it for a moment but I agreed to letting him walk with me. "I'm Bill by the way," He said shaking my ice cold hand. "Kinley...," I said shaking back. "So where are you headed?," The man said as we walk down the street on 3rd AVE In North Seattle about 13 miles away from the airport. "I'm headed to see my mom, She's kind of been having a tough time with her cancer," I said thinking twice. "And I kind of need to be with her before it's time," Bill looks away for minute and replies "I'm so sorry," I grinned a little bit. "That's okay. Usually the response I would get anyways," -"Well What's the response you were looking for?," He said as we walk down the street. I nodded my head and looked back forward. "It doesn't matter," I replied anxious to get to the shop. "Okay," murmured with his deep choking voice. "What about you?, What's your plans down here?," He snuffed up his nose due to the slowly dribbled rain outside and the cold. "Nothing, Just work about it," He responded as if it was riposte. "I mean I have a home here, My hometown, the life I have," I nodded and folded my arms unsure of what to say. "I would agree. I live in Arizona that's kinda my hometown," I said "Really?, What part?," He jumped in as if he was excited to hear my response. "Pinetop area," I said knowing he wouldn't even come close to knowing that area. "Really now?, I have a friend living down there in Sedona," I widened my eyes "That's cool," -"Of course I'm not sure if that's around where you're from or live though?," I stared down to the ground "No... Sadly it's not, Pinetop is actually I want to say a couple hours or so, But I've been there many times," He looked forward as if ignoring my response and replied "Where here," I looked at the old shop in the icy rain hoping to get something out of it.

"Thank you so much.," I said looking at the first thing that caught my eye, A broken down window. "Thank you by the way....again," I said looking back at Bill "Absolutely, If you need me again I'm just down the block," I smiled back at him and walked towards the door. The wood I had realized was wet and damp and there was old cars that had obviously not been taken care of and just sitting there in the mud and rain. and I wasn't even sure if the plank that was holding me at the shop could keep me up before it decides to snap on me. I carefully knock on the door without having to hurt my hands cold hands. "Hello?," I said banging on the door now. When finally I heard someone open the door from the inside. I stared at him like an idiot at what I was about to say -"Hi... I'm Kinley and I'm trying to find a car, I was told that this was the place to be?," I shook my head back and forth as if it was the most retarded thing I have ever said. "Yes. I'm Aron, and this is the place to be. Old Carol" I gazed focus on him and shook his hand realizing I was an idiot. Then looking around I had realized I was dealing with a dealership. "Yeah. I need a car as of now, I'm kind of broke so... almost though, because my money had been wasted to a retarded fee and...," -"You need a cheap car to pay off," He quickly replied to my ironic question. I smiled and looked back at my feet "I totally understand if you want me to go because I'm an.. Insult," He shook his head and stroked his long mustache. "No.. let me see what I can find," He shut the door letting me in first and walks around his shop for certain cars. I rolled my eyes wanting to smack myself to a pole. What was I dealing with? I thought. The man was poor obviously by the looks and had a wet damped white shirt filled with dirt who appears he hasn't showered for days and here I Am asking for a cheap car. I smiled at myself realizing how ridiculous I was just thinking about it.

"Kinley right?," He replied pleasantly at the soft tone. "Yes that would be me," He nodded and grabbed a metal box that was shoved under the table in his office. "Where you from?," I jumped up hoping to start some good conversation "Arizona, Born and love it there," He chucked "Arizona?, That's a hot place," I laughed and agreed with it, "And here is nothing but rain and.. Cold," He snuffed his nose while digging in his toolbox "Can't argue with that," He sighed. I walked around carefully strolling gazing at broken pictures on the wall and a half eaten sandwich that sat on his old wooden coffee table. "Why so forced?," I asked looking at the mess around the shop. He took a minute to process what I'm saying but then replied. "Oh, um. I'm one of those get it done people that don't give a shit about picking up crap after that," Hmph was what came to me. "Wow...," I said scratching my fingernails against the glass. "How much?," He said "The car.. How much you willing to pay," Nervous to ask but the truth had to come out sooner or later. "Um.. Fo..rt..y to fifty.....," That is when I realized I slapped my hands on my face. "Hugh. Well....," I clenched my fingers on the backboard of the coffee table. "I'm sorry, I just have no money at the moment and I just paid a fee and..," Aaron looked back at the cars and then at me. "No....I....," He said... But then took a deep sigh "Oh well why not?," I quickly widened my eyes in disbelief "Thank you so much... I promise I'll repay you and...," -"No your good," I scratched my arm and thanked him in disbelief that he even accepted it.

I walked out the house into the wet rain and tried calling my mother with the only same response. "Hi Ariana blah blah blah," I said aching and worrying now of why my mother wouldn't pick up when she knew I was coming. "Everything okay?," Aron insured at me. "Yeah.... Just tired and.... It's been a long day," He smiled while focusing on repairing the car I was receiving. "Hmph.. Tell me about it," He said inquiring my statement. "Well... Cars fixed up and repaired you'll be ready to go. Anywhere," He replied as I stared at the red old bug car in front of me. "Thanks again by the way," I said as I payed the last of my receipt. "And again I'm so sorry I'll repay you," I said when I found myself sitting in the car. "No it's okay. Just make sure to take her easy...She's kinda old," Sarcastic as I was I agreed and seconds later ignited the engine ready to leave Seattle.

"I'm so going to kill my mom," I said as I drove up out of the city. I gazed at the clock the surprisingly even works in the car and realized it was 3:00pm "Oh my gosh,".. I grabbed my phone double making sure the time was alright. I slammed the car's wheel and tried calling my mother with no response as well. "And soon I'm going to lose service up here," I said (Gratefully) 3 hrs north from Seattle with almost no service I slammed the car against the side of the road of the mountain. It was beautiful looking at the scenery but focusing more on my phone was more important. I called my mother again hoping for a damn response. "Hello?," I finally heard. "Mom!, Oh my gosh you answered?," I said in disbelief "Yeah sorry my phone was gone I'm here in Seattle where are you?," Literally that second I was going to drop my phone. "Well.... Somewhere north Seattle...," "What!?," -"I'm sorry I thought you were going to come here and....., I rented a car to come see you," I replied while thinking what I was going to do now. "You knew I was coming....," She said confused. "Well....., I didn't think you were going to come," I said "You should have waited," -"You should have picked up your phone," I argued back at her. "I'm not going to fight... I haven't seen you in 3 years I don't want to argue I'll just drive back up there..," Leaning my head against the phone and feeling a little nauseous "Okay, I'm sorry I'll see you later tonight," I said as I wandered on the rocks against the mountain cliff. "Okay well I have to go see you in a bit okay sweetheart," I nodded and hung up the phone mad at myself and constantly thinking about what my dad was going to think about this.

(Marblemount WA) about an hour away from Newhalem "Finally almost....home,"

I murmured while driving the slow car up the steep hill. "Shit almost empty..," I said staring at the gas mileage. I turned to the nearest gas station with only a 20 in my left pocket. I paid for the station and sat in my rented old car patiently. "How much longer?," I thought. Then finally the car was ready to go. Every second I had this bad feeling driving down the road stopping here and there, Waiting to find a place to call my mom again, But never got service. While driving I realized I had no idea where to find my parents house here but I got closer and realized from where I was, That I knew where I was going. It was 4:32 PM when I realized I had made it on a dirt road that drove up to there little farmhouse that sits on the edge of a meadow and the dark forest behind them. No one really lived close to them but that was 3 years ago. "Finally here," I said as I stared at the old two story farm house in front of me. It was almost like a dream of how beautiful the house and scenery was. Where nothing mattered (Reality, etc, Never mattered out here). I parked the car along the side of the house and opened the car door freaking out about what is going to happen. I walked up the steps with the car keys on my finger tips and knocked on the door. But no response was given. "Kinley?," I heard an utter from behind me. "Kinley!," I heard Josh say as he ran up to give me a hug "Ha, Hey how are you little brother," I said as I hugged him back. "Little brother?, Who you calling little brother?," He replies sarcastically. "Where's dad?," Nervously asking "He's coming be here in a bit," I smiled and bit my lip again.

"Well come on what's the news?," I replied to Josh. "Ha well..," But before he said anything Ethan came up with his old Chevy that pulled up on the driveway. "Here we go," I thought to myself.


Returns November 15th (New Edited, Parts etc) Read the story behind it. And whats new soon!(:

Soundtrack: What The Water Gave Me. Florence And The Machine  



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