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  • Published: 6 Sep 2016
  • Updated: 10 Feb 2017
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Mrs Kinley Stone moves to Newhalem WA in need from her mother. Little did she know she was about to fall into a deep fantasy with someone dark and mysterious. Someone who is a fanatic of ribbons, chains, rope and just about anything that'll get you tied up in a heartbeat. Entwine


5. Entwine

Chapter 5: Entwine

Thinking was not my type of option. Thinking lead to the worst. And ever since I thought about what would happen down here in the woods. I got scared, So I decided not to think about the worse. It was 5:00 PM and freezing outside. The woods scared me. It was huge with trees everywhere. And we were walking in the middle of nowhere. No House, People, etc. It was like a new world. Being out in the open with forests and mountains surrounding you. I shivered twice walking through every step of the way deeper in the forest. Elijah had also had a suitcase in his hands that he got out of the car but he never told me what was inside. I didn't bother to ask, All I cared about was literally holding Elijah's hand every step of the way. The sun had started to fall far beneath the trees. It was almost hard to see in the tall pine forest with thick trees and bark. And I could swear it getting colder and colder. I could now see my breath and sudden snow fall by the littlest. But it was not cold enough to stick to the ground. It was barely snowing with little flakes here and there, We must be pretty high in the mountains I thought.

I turned over to look at Elijah as we forwarded into the forest. "Hooww, Fa-aar. is it?," I said shivering a little. But I was a complete idiot over the cold, I was so used to Arizona, The cold just dropped down on me. And I had to get used to it. "Almost there...," Elijah said not even looking at me. "Oh and Kinley?," Elijah said quietly. "Ye-es," I replied softly. "I notified your mother, She is not expecting us for a few days," He acknowledged. "Wha-at do y-o-o-u me-an?," I said softly. But he ignored my response and carefully said. "Here Kinley take my sweater," But I shook my head slowly. "I need to get used to the c-ol-d, I do-on't need you'r-r-r sweater," Elijah turned down. Because I wouldn't let him give me the sweater. I didn't care to. We walked for probably an hour when we finally reached our destination. In the tall forest. Dark and late at night. "This is it," Elijah said softly and gently. I looked forward to see nothing but tall, tall trees, with nothing out here, no house or anything. "Wha-ats here?," I said shivering. But my body was adjusting to the cold. Elijah grabbed my hand and spoke very clearly to me.

"Ribbons, Is a thing I have, It is something I admire, more than something I do," Elijah said while sitting me down on a rock next to a tree. "What do-o you do wi-th th-em," He gently smirked then replied back. "I tie them to your hands in order for you to pass the test," I shook my hands softly. "What te-st?," I said aloud. "If you want to know how this works you must clearly understand what I'm about to do," I nodded and let him gently speak. "I use this thick ribbon to tie one hand, While I blindfold you with the other ribbon, I connect the ribbon that is tied with your left hand, And connect it to my right hand with a ribbon length of 5-10 feet apart, The ribbon has to be connected to me and you five feet away from each other, And I Am not blind folded. Only you are," I tried taking in what he was saying. It was almost mad, But I didn't care. Nor did the cold bother me any more. I was so focused on what he was saying. And taking in every detail I could. Instead of asking why I would have to do this I asked something else. "What's in the suitcase?," I said softly, still aching a little due to the cold. "A dress, A black one that you must wear over your appearance," He looked down as if I had know idea what he was talking about. "Okay," I said not knowing what else to say. He then opened the suitcase and took out a beautiful black dress that had a ribbon tied around the waist. It was a ballgown dress, The only difference was it was not nearly as puffy, Nor was it wide at all, It barely came out around the waist. It was more (A-Line) Then a (Ballgown). I took the dress out of his hands without saying a word and went behind a tree to put it on. It was very tight around the waist but yet it was manageable. I straightened my dark brown hair with my hands and walked around the tree to see Elijah. "Beautiful," He replied softly. I smiled and took that carefully and walked towards him, The cold never even bothered me now. It was like it vanished. "Now what," I anxiously replied. "Now I tie your hand," I gripped my left hand together still deciding if I should do this. "What will you do to me," I replied. "I will once I tied your left hand and connected it to my right 5 feet apart. Blindfold you. And I will pull you into the dark forest. Far from everything," - "So you don't want me to know where I'm going?," He smiled. "Exactly," I shook my head not as if I was going to say no. But as if I was confused about it all. "I will only do this though, If you trust me," He said.

I swallowed deeply and accepted his response. I lifted my left hand so he could tie it. He then gently grabbed my hand and tied it, The red ribbon was a 5/8, So it was not a skinny thing ribbon, Rather a shiny red ribbon more widened and easier to hold grip on. He bow tied it twice around my wrist of my left hand. Then gently squeezing the ribbon knot around my wrist. As if I would need the knot. He then parted away back carefully to drop part of the ribbon on the ground. And grabbed the other end. Then he straightened the ribbon at five feet of length to get a fine straightened ribbon apart from me and him. I was nervously aching now as if it was wrong. I was scared so much I almost felt like fainting out here in the woods. But he looked at me softy and carefully tilted his head to the side. I was now breathing in heavily and vastly. It moved force with the winds around me. The black dress that covered my waist and shoulders, And the dress that came down all they to my feet, And the ribbon especially worried me. But looking at Elijah, I knew it would be alright. Softly and quietly he took ahold of the ribbon. And when everything seemed like hell. He tugged on the ribbon harshly flying me forwarded to his side. I gasped the moment he pulled. And when all seemed lost, and everything that worried me, was simply the pieces that was put back into place. "Afraid now?," I smiled at all the worries around me that was no longer worry, but comfort. "No," I replied softly. He smiled softly. Then he took the other ribbon roll and carefully unrolled it. I held his hand tightly with my right hand. As he softly aligned the perfect ribbon around my eyes and connected to the other side of my head. Where he bow tied the back of my head letting the rest of the red ribbon fall to my legs. It was now pitch black and I couldn't see anything due to the ribbon that had blindfolded me. "Here,"

He softly pressed his hands against my lips. and then tugged on the ribbon more. Dragging me into the forest. It was so dark I couldn't see where I was going. And the ribbon that was tied to my hands was pulling harder and harder. Forcing me forward into the trees of the forest. I tried my best not slamming into any trees in front of me. But it was so hard. I fell down tripping on old twigs and roots while the ribbon kept tugging on me to move forward. Literally dragging me into the forest and mountains of the Ravine. The ribbon I could feel interlocked upon trees, Sliding me around it. All I could use was my right hand upon the trees. Hoping that I would utilize my right hand to where I was going to stand. The ribbon kept pulling me farther and farther, taking advantages of the small hill I was going down. Or the trees that were around me. And I never spoke, I only gazed at the pitch blackness of the blindfold around my face. We kept moving forward though. Unto places i would never see. only Elijah. I fell upon another root . But utilized my knees to stand up again. The winds moved across my face as I was forced upon the trees. I never thought at the time about my parents, brother, etc. I was able to take care of myself. And something told me that this was what I wanted. And if being dragged in the forest while being blindfolded was what I wanted, so be it.

I woke up in the forest, I had fallen asleep deeply next to Elijah. The sun burned my eyes. But I didn't care. I realized Elijah had took off my blindfold. And that the ribbons that he used last night were hanging upon a tree next to me. Elijah carefully stood me up, Dirt fell off the dress I was wearing. "What happened?," I replied confused. "You fell asleep last night, So I carried you," He said. It was odd to think that I fell asleep while being dragged, but then again. It would it's (Me) that fell asleep, Like come on.

"Where are we," I said. He smiled while grabbing the ribbons off the tree. "In the forest somewhere," I widened my eyes at his response. "Yeah no shit," I said. He came up to me and stroked my hair. "Are you cold now?," He exclaimed laughing. "Humph, Very funny, -But no," I stammered. "Well you ready then?," I shook my head, "For what?," I exclaimed as he smiled. "For me dragging you farther in the forest, Were not at our destination yet," He replied. "Sure... Yeah, Well what about, my mom?," She was probably worried sick that I have been gone for awhile now. "She knows you won't be back for a couple of days," Elijah responded aloud. "Oh... okay," -Elijah smiled while tying my left wrist again. He then took the blindfold and put it back on me tying the ribbon around my head in a bow tie. "Now here's the thing, We have one more stop before we arrive at our destination, We have to stop at, Cherry's Ravine... It's a huge cliff that falls off the side of a mountain. Where a river is in... The Ravine. And on the other side of the ravine. Is a huge mass scaled mountain, higher than the clouds. That is at an elevation of about 10,000 to 13,000 ft," I grinned at his response. "Why do we have to go there?," I exclaimed. "Because, It's on our way to our destination," He then forcefully pulled upon the ribbon. Flying me forwarded.

We continue to our journey in the mountains. Farther in the forest, Far enough that we were a day away from civilization. And in the middle of nowhere, Somewhere in Washington and Canada. I was getting used to being pulled, It was getting easier to gain balance. But still tough. We never stopped. I never got to stop. And I was starving by now. I wanted food dearly, After all this walking.

2 hours in our journey, still blindfolded. ad unknown for where I was going. I thought to myself. (Was it worth it?). I wasn't sure at this point. But I ignored my visions of the past. And kept moving forward. Weird to think that I was out here in the middle of nowhere. But I didn't care about the past. I didn't care about civilization nor was I even caring for my mother and father now. It was hard to imagine that I would think his way. But I was in a new world. A world where I could follow my dreams, Or a world where I was being dragged. Elijah was different, I thought to myself. My mom was right, But I don't think she knew it was this different. This was out of the ordinary category of things. This was being dragged and blindfolded in the forest in the middle of nowhere. I wanted to dearly ask Elijah how far was Cherry's Ravine from here. But I never asked, I didn't care to. I only cared to just get there without knowing when.

It was probably the afternoon now. Or closer to 1:00 PM . We have been walking for hours. I kept stumbling upon rocks now. And I had a feeling where were in some sort of trouble of the forest. It was hard to tell if we were going to stop or not. But I just kept feeling the ribbon tugging on me. And it was for sure now that we were still clearly moving. We were going up hill now. And the walk seemed hopeless to accomplish. But I knew where getting close. I kept pacing forwarded as like the previous hours that had passed, But I was stopped by Elijah. "Are you ready for this Kinley?," He said achingly in a way. "Yes!," I said aloud ready to get the ribbon off. He then took it off. And I found myself standing on the side of a Ravine. There was fog at the bottom of the cliff, And there was fog around the pine of the trees. In front of me about a half a mile it appeared, was a cliff that was actually a massive Mountain that intersected part of of the ravine on the other side. Leaving a hopeless cliff on ours not nearly as high as the other side. And it stretched. The Ravine of the veil stretched upon the miles I could see. And afar down from me was a river that had raging waterfalls. due to the cliff of the rocks in the ravine. And one step further I was to walk. Would be me tumbling down the mountain. "Omy Elijah, Okay, Can we stand back now!?," I stammered, Knowing how afraid of heights I was. Elijah smiled and replied, "Of course," He said grabbing both sides of my waist and pulling me back. It was very windy outside. My dress was literally flying around me my waist. Making it hard to see the veil. It was sunny outside with a few clouds that surrounded us in the veil. "Omy gosh!, It's so gorgeous out here!," I exclaimed. "You scared?," Elijah nervously asked with a soft tone. "No," I said smiling feeling the wind around me. I knew it was getting late though. It was starting to get darker. "Let's go Kinley, Were not done yet," Elijah said. I gave Elijah a massive hug out of nowhere thanking him for this. As if I needed it. "Love, Kinley. Can be anything you want it to be, As long as you believe in it," Elijah said. I smiled, And I allowed him to tie my hand. And seconds before I knew it, I was being dragged again.

This time, He left my blindfold off. And now I could see where I was going. But my hand was still bound by the ribbon that covered it. We kept moving forward, Away from the Ravine of the Veil. Still following the side of it though. Rather though. We were a mile apart from it. The sun started to set. And we were far in the forest somewhere. But we kept moving forward. Farther and farther. I ended up being tired. Falling almost here and there. And skimming through the trees, We ended up pacing our way out of the forest. And we were connected on the side of a forest and a meadow that had dead grass along the side of the forest. Where there was no trees. But it was beautiful. A gorgeous orange sun. set upon the mountains of Washington. The sunset left a beautiful orange sky upon the Ravine. And I was there connected and bounded by the ribbon that my hand had been tied on. And Elijah who had been connected with ribbon as well. Dragging me farther into places unseen before. The thick ribbon Entwined our hands together by fate. I knew now that I was in love for the first time.

We ended stammering up on a hill. Far now from the Ravine. Yet the mountains of the ravine was still visible. It was hard, I was being dragged so intensely now up this hill. Falling down while gasping for air at the same time. But we kept going and when we finally made it to the top. I found myself stumbling in Elijah's arms. He then carried me, And the ribbon that entwined our hands together fell on the ground. Elijah gently placed my back onto the ground, And I was there laying softly in the grass. "Elijah... Why did you do this?," I said knowing that we were in the middle of who knows where now. Far, Far from my home. "Because," He softly announced. While touching my lips with his hands then sliding up to my forehead and softly stroking my hair. "You know, This is the first time I've... actually ever been out...," I exclaimed. He laughed and responded. "Well you are out in the middle of nowhere," He replied laughing. "Oh, right..., Yeah... Don't remind me," I said going along the flow. He grabbed my hand to look at my wrist. It was indeed red due to the pulling of the ribbon. But I didn't care, It never bothered me at all. I only cared that I was here, With Elijah. That was all I could think about ow. And sure it is the middle of nowhere, And sure I was hungry and I was wearing a tortured dress. But that never bothered me. "Elijah?, Is this our destination?," I said bursting out laughing.

"No that is," He pointed out to a shack in the woods down the hill and into the far horizon in the trees. 


Soundtrack: Cosmic Love (Florence And The Machine )






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