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  • Published: 6 Sep 2016
  • Updated: 10 Feb 2017
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Mrs Kinley Stone moves to Newhalem WA in need from her mother. Little did she know she was about to fall into a deep fantasy with someone dark and mysterious. Someone who is a fanatic of ribbons, chains, rope and just about anything that'll get you tied up in a heartbeat. Entwine


3. Dark Light

Chapter 3: Dark Light

I stared back at him for a moment but quickly turned my head to Jane. Then, quickly moved to the closest couch I could find. My mom smirked back at me before looking straight at Jane for the awkward moment. And that is when he looked at me. "Who is this?," He said confused throwing the keys on the counter. "Kinley....,"-"Stone," my mother finished Jane's sentence theatrically. He stared at me for a few seconds as if I was some homeless person who seriously has know idea what's going on. And Trust me I wanted to be. I thought to myself letting the words flow. "Mother! Mother?," Said a young girl with long brown hair and a short less sleeved shirt, While she was running up to Jane with a smile on her face and a plant in her hands. "Look," She said dying to show her mother the plant. "That's so sweet, -Sweat Heart," Things just got more awkward I thought to myself. "Oh... Kinley, This is Haven. My 12 year old adopted daughter," She said running her words. "Oh... Hi," I replied with a smile. But she walked off without saying a word."So Elijah how are you?," Replied my mother. He stared at my consistently back and forth at every response. Making me feel a little uncomfortable. I wasn't sure what to think of him. "I don't know," He said while walking off outside the front door and slamming it. It was then silence. "Was it something I said," I acknowledged aloud. Jane gazed at me confused. "You never said a word," Was all she said.

The next day things got better but still constantly thinking of him made me feel more worse then ever. "He Kinley...," Said my mother from downstairs of my room. "I'm leaving to town for some lunch, Robert and Haven is coming to stay for awhile while I'm gone.... Is that okay?," I thought about that for a minute actually then replied back. "Who is Robert?," I said "Some guy that watches over Haven," I heard her reply. I managed to get out of my room and opened my mother's door to see if my dad was here. Then I walked downstairs to give my mother a quick hug as if everything was okay. "Sure... Just don't be long, And when will dad be here?," I said. "I don't know... soon I'm guessing," She quickly hugged me back and kissed my forehead while grabbing the keys off the counter and leaving. "-Bye... Love you," "Mm love you to sweetheart, oh and there's a sandwich on the counter if you're hungry, Made it for you," My mother said while walking outside.

It was 4:00 and just about to rain outside to. My mother had been gone for hours and no sign of Haven or Robert yet. I sat down in the living room while going through works I had to complete from the plain flight. Knock Knock. I heard the door screech and pound outside. I looked out the window in the wet rain to find an oddly taller man with young Haven by her side. "Coming...." I said as I jumped off the couch and opened the door quickly. "Hi..," I replied straightening my hair and legs, While letting Haven and Robert in. "Names Robert.. You Kinley?," I nodded. "Yes I am sir," He leered me as if I was some other person getting in his way. He forced his way in the house and sat down on the living room couch. Haven looked at me terrorized at Robert's response. "Are you alright?," I said to Haven. She nodded her head but still looked frightened at me. I looked down at her arms only to find them covered in tape with blood stains on the side. "-She fell in the mud," Robert said while biting off the last of my sandwich that my mother had made for me. But I never ate it and it was old now. "Um.. who are you exactly?," He smirked at me while slamming his hands on the counter with a dirty expression. "I Am a watcher over Haven at Jane's house... Jane can't watch her due to work. -She comes with me to stay with me," I quickly looked back at Haven with almost tears in her eyes. "Where are you staying when Jane's not around?," I said anxiously looking for answers. He smiled simultaneously and looked at Haven, Then to me. "That... Is none of your concern," He said gobbling up the rest of the sandwich. "Okay.. So why are you here," I replied. "We aren't," He replied snagging Haven's arm and walking out into the pouring rain. I sat down on the couch looking out at the window. I started out in the pouring rain. The rain was so heavy it was hard to tell what they were doing. But carefully looking it looked as if he picked up Haven onto his back and walked into the woods for across the meadow. I constantly stared at him and through the trees as far as I could. And It looked like he was hitting Haven harshly. My eyes widened when I was suddenly interrupted by a door slamming upstairs. I looked at the stairs then back out the window. They were gone.

"Hello?, I said terrified to know who was upstairs, considering I was the only one here. slowly sliding my hand against the wall of the stairs. "Hello?," I said one more time. The lights dimmed a little flickering on and off. "Hello!?," I said anxious now. i quickly managed to get to my mother's door. the door that had been slammed. As my mother's door was shut. I opened it to find my dad sitting on the bed. "Dad!?," I said. "How did you get in here?," He looked back at me. "The back door?," He said gazing at me. "The back door?, Where in the backyard is nothing but trees and a forest?... And it's raining?," I stared at him "Why were you in the woods?," I said. "Why the hell do you care?," He said. I stood back and grabbed the door handle. And thought of what to say. Then quickly managed to reply of all I could think. "I don't," i said staring at him, some why terrified. "Then stop asking me so many freaking questions, And make my freaking dinner," I bit my lip and jogged downstairs to get the stove on. "What do you want?," I literally yelled from downstairs. "I don't freaking care Kinley! Just make my goddamn food!," So I made him a sandwich from the last of my mother's bread that she had sitting on the counter. "Here dad," I yelled back at him, Trying to make the sandwich as neat as it looked. "That was fast.," He replied back at me. I ran upstairs and handed him the sandwich. "What the freak is that!?," He replied. Anxious as I was I quickly managed to find my words. "You said... Anything?," he gazed at me as if I was an idiot. "Look at me... Do I look like a freaking idiot?," He said slowly and softly gazing at my eyes. I took a deep breath and looked back. "What else do you want me to make?," I said. He threw the sandwich out of my hands and yelled out. "I DON'T care!, freaking make me something dammit!," I nodded my head back and forth vastly. "Okay...," I ran downstairs again and grabbed every ingredient I could find in the cupboards. Including hypnotics and heroin in the back hiding in the darkness of the cupboard. "O-my...," I said terrified to know that my father had been on drugs again. Seconds later I heard a car drive up. My dad was staring at me from the stairs with drugs in my hand. "What are you going to do sweetheart?," My dad said with a smile on his face. I looked back out the window to find my mom in the rain walking up to the door with an umbrella in her hand. I stared back at my dad. Then looked at the drugs. I carefully put them back in the cupboard and shut it quietly when my my mother had then just walked in.

I stared at her with tears at my face. "Hi....," My mother said. i tried to keep a straight smile and gazed back at her. "H..i.. Mom," I replied at her. "Are you alright?," She said curiously while hugging me. Then looking back at dad. Then finally realizing what was happening in her perspective. "What did you do Ethan?," She said. He smiled and consistently kept his gaze on me. "I didn't do shit," He said clenching his hands. "Mom!, No don't worry he didn't do anything," I said back at her anxiously. "Then why are you crying Kinley," I wiped my face and stared at her. "I'm not, Just tired," I said. when seconds later I ran upstairs to my room. "Are you on drugs?," I heard my dad say to my mother from my room. "What!, No Ethan. We agreed no drugs... I don't do that," My mother said out loud. "No shit!, freak that you do!," I heard my dad say out loud. "No I don't Ethan!, Is there something you want to tell me?," my mother said. As I laid on my bed and cried on my pillow while biting my nails. "No!!, You do!," My dad said yelling now. "YOU'RE LYING TO ME!!," He said. "Ethan I don't lie, I tell the truth, you're not telling me something!," My mother said. "NO!, You better freaking tell me now Ariana!," I heard the words echo in the darkness of the hallways. seconds later I heard fighting and slamming on the wall. I starting watering in tears as I covered the blankets over me. As I did one time as a child.

The sunshine rose from the pines of the forest as fog lured the grounds of the meadows. I got up and washed my teeth quickly while running downstairs only to find glass broken on the ground and a broken wooden table across the floor. I looked straightforward to find out the front door was left open. "Kinley?," I heard a familiar voice from somewhere. "Me Elijah," I heard Elijah say as I stared outside to see him standing by the barn. I walked outside to Elijah confused. "What the hell just happened?," I said as if he would know. "We need to leave," Elijah exclaimed and grabbed my hand. "Wait where are we going?," I replied confusing but following his lead to his car. It was a Bentley. I realized it because Mavis my sister owns the same car.

"Why are we leaving?," I replied. "Your mom is in the hospital," He exclaimed."What?! Why?," I said. "We'll Talk about it when we get there," He ignited the engine and drove off not hesitating to look back. I reached my hands in my pocket to grab my phone but it was not there. "You're nervous?," I heard him say. I looked back at him. "Why would you say that?," He smirked. "You're... doing it...," He said. I then rolled my eyes and looked forward to the road. "I'm not sure what to think of that," He said at me. I gazed back at him. "What?," I replied. "What you did," He forwarded his response. "What did I do?,"- "-You bit your lip, And rolled your eyes at me," My mouth dropped open. "Um.. I'm sorry," I said, thinking that this was nothing but awkward. "Don't be, Yo... just," I shook my head. "Just focus on driving. I need to see my mom," He stared at me then quickly back to the roads. And I was nervous I thought. But I wasn't sure if it was because of Elijah. Or the fact that we were driving really fast next to a high cliff. I decided not to think about the situation. "What's wrong?," Elijah said. I gulped and twitched my fingers across the glove department. "Um... I don't like heights," I replied as if it was the stupidest thing I have ever said. He looked out his window at the cliff. "There's trees...," He said staring at the cliff with the pines on it. "I don't care..., I hate them," I said anxiously. He then scrutinized back at me. Uncomfortable as I was I replied quickly back at him. "Could you please focus on the road.., I get pretty bad anxiety over heights and would prefer you to look forward so we don't.... fall," he smirked, but then took acknowledge of my response and looked back at the road.

We finally got to the hospital. It was a small hospital for its size, And it looked pretty rusty from the looks of it. Elijah parked the car next to an outlet and unlocked the car doors. Allowing me escape from my seat and outside. I stretched my legs and wiped off any dust that was on my pants. I looked at Elijah and asked. "Can you tell me now," He grabbed me and touched the side of my face. I was afraid of what he was going to do. But I let him. "Your mother's cancer problem is getting worse.," I looked at him and replied. "Oh...," He drawled his hands away from my face and paced to the hospital doors. I paced as well but jogging heavily to know if my mother was alright. But at the same time I thought to myself. It was because of her cancer... Not my dad of why's she's in the hospital.. somethings not right. Elijah checked in with the patients in-front of us, while signing us in. We then both managed to pace exceedingly heavily to the room apt. Elijah opened the doors and allowed me to walk in silently to find my mother sleeping on a bed. But Ethan was not there. Only Jane and Josh. I read a post sign above the bed that said (Washington State Works) From above.

"You're here Elijah," Jane exclaimed while hugging Elijah then me. "As soon as we could," Elijah replied. I walked forward to the bed. and sat down to a chair next to it. I constantly stared at her. Hoping she was alright. And every one in a while I stared at the dull room that had dark yellow tiles and white walls around the room. The only thing that appeased me in here, Was the fact that there were actually even drawers in it.

"She'll be alright Kinley," Jane said. "She just slipped and hurt her head and arm, See he bruises," I looked at the bruises and examined them closely. Quickly realizing it wasn't just some fall. I gazed at Josh he was thinking the same thing. "Hey..," I heard my mother respond quietly. She was waking up. I smiled and hugged her softly. "Why is it so dark in here?," My mother exclaimed. "It pretty light in here mother.," I said to her. "Oh okay," Was all she said. "She grabbed my hand and squeezed it lightly. "You okay?," She replied in a soft tone. I nodded but sniffed. "I'm okay," I said grabbing her other hand and gently squeezing on it as well. Elijah came to sit next to me and gave my mother a hud gently as well. "Your together?," My mother exclaimed happily. I stared back at Elijah. Then back at my mom. "Oh no.. He just dropped me off," I replied. Then my mother laid back carefully. And was a little mad by the appears of it from my response. Elijah took a deep breath and exclaimed to my mother. "But I will take her out tomorrow for lunch... If that is okay with you," She smiled at him and replied. "Yes go have fun," I stared at Elijah, But I quickly nudged on Elijah and walked out the door. Elijah came out next. I shut the door and hugged him. "Thanks for letting my mom feel welcome about it.," He smiled and looked at me. "You welcome, But i actually really want to take you out tomorrow...," I bit my lip and gazed back at him "Really?, You really want to?," I exclaimed. "Yes," I continued to gaze at him then smiled softly.


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