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  • Published: 6 Sep 2016
  • Updated: 9 Nov 2016
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Mrs Kinley Stone moves to Newhalem WA in need from her mother. Little did she know she was about to fall into a deep fantasy with someone dark and mysterious. Someone who is a fanatic of ribbons, chains, rope and just about anything that'll get you tied up in a heartbeat. Entwine


7. Compulsion

Chapter 7: Compulsion

"Hey!, Kinley!," My mother dictated while running up to me. "Hey mom!," I exclaimed resounding at her response.

"Did you have a good time?," She exclaimed as if she was dying to know. I smiled, and left not talking, leaving her speechless. "No?," She said worried. "I never said that" I exclaimed. "Omy your in love?!," She exclaimed as she gave in a huge hug. "I never said that either..," I said still smiling at the tone. "Your different... I can feel it, I know you love him" She resounded. "Okay, you got me," relieved giving her the biggest hug. We walked in the house on a nice sunny day, while Josh was packing up. "Where are you going?," I asked Josh. "Leaving, College... In Utah salt lake city," my mother exclaimed with out letting Josh speak. "Oh... good for you, And I never knew that," I replied. "Well you do now.," He said unhappily. "Josh!, gets you ass in the car now!," My father replied from a far. "Dads dropping me off at the airport, right now," - "Right now!?," I replied. "Yes, love ya little sister," Josh responded giving me a large hug. "Josh!," - "I'm coming dad," Josh dictated.

"So... what happened?," My mother responded while giving Josh the last of his hugs for him to leave. "Um, nothing," I said lying, but laughing at the same time while shutting our wooden door. "Um?... Let me tell you something, a few days doesn't qualify as nothing Kinley," My mother exclaimed. "Come on Kinley, Anything, kiss goodbye?," My mother said willing and dying to know. "Okay, yes a kiss goodbye," I finally responded to her dying response. "Yes!, Good for you Kinley," She exclaimed. I smiled respectfully while sitting back down on our old couch. "Wow mom!," I exclaimed just now realizing our messy house.

"Ya... I tried picking up a bit," She exclaimed while slapping her hands on her waists. "Tried picking up?, Sure you need help?," I replied feeling uneasy. "No, it's okay... I got it, I'm just so happy for you," She kept going on about me and Elijah. "Mom, it was one date," I riposted softly. "One date, and more to come," She replied. "Okay, mom, okay," I exclaimed. "Well, my test responses was positive," my mother responded surprisingly. "Huh!, That's amazing mom!," I resounded. "Yes, super happy to," She exclaimed. I smiled to give her another hug. "I'm going to check the animals at the barn," My mother smiled as I walked outside to the barn across our field. I checked the barn realizing there was blood in the back of it. I walked to the back of the barn. There was blood splatters on the edge of it. I was confused. I quickly found a hatch that was boarded on the side of the wall behind a barrow. And quickly managed to open it. "Omy," I said astonished to find more heroin that was hid in the back of the hatch. A dead chicken was cut open to pieces next to it, With several alcohol bottles emptied around the chicken. "What the hell," I exclaimed softly. "Dad..," I said short after. And I realized there was other friends involved. Drinking was involved. I shut the hatch pretending as if I've never even seen it there. I had a plan, that if I didn't know. I would surely sneak up on my dad.

I jogged over to the house and up to my room. I had missed 8 notifications from Elijah. I called him back. "Hello?," A voice answered. "Hey Elijah whats up," I exclaimed. "Hey, I'm coming over in a bit, if that's okay?," He said. But he was just here. "Why?, And when?," I replied. "In an hour, bored here at home, I want to be with you," I smiled at his response. "And, I have to go, see you later Kinley"- "Okay, see you later," I replied happily, at our little talk we had.

"He mom, Elijah's coming over soon," I resounded. "Okay," My mother exclaimed surprised and happy at my response.

"Hey Ariana!," I heard my father from the back. "Hey, your back earlier?," She said smiling while making any food we had left early. "Ya Jerry took Josh to seattle, I was like. Fuck it I ain't taking him way over there, stupid," My father exclaimed while grabbing my moms butt and kissing her on the neck. "Really dad!?, Here... now, get a room" I exclaimed. "Hey Kinley... shutup," He said smiling back at me. "So Ethan, guess what," My mother said. "What?," He replied, still kissing the side of her neck, while she was making dinner. "Kinley, has a boyfriend," My mother said. I widened my eyes freaked out at what my dad would say. "Really?, who's the motherfucker," He exclaimed. "Elijah...," I replied. "Oh," He said questioning my response. "Is that a problem?," I exclaimed while he helped my mother chop up any last celery we had. "No... Just, I have my eye on you," He said. "Eye on what," I replied.

"No sex, nothing... that happens, me and you will have a talk," he replied, while my mother was ignoring my father. "Yeah well, I can take care of myself, And I think that if you keep an eye on me, I've got my eye on you," I exclaimed pointing my finger at him. But he knew what I was talking about, He did anything, he knows I would tell mom about the drugs I found.

I walked back upstairs to lay softly on my bed, while I stared out the window. I had seen a man in the woods far out there, one like my dream, (But who?) was the question that boggled my head. "Kinley...," I heard a voice whisper from behind me. The man was not there anymore. And I assumed that I had just been going crazy. "Yes mom," I said as I gazed at my mom. "Are you all right?," She said examining back at me.

"Yeah?, Why?," I asked. "Why are you holding the knife?," She said. I looked down. And a small pocket knife had been placed in my hand. "Oh..., I don't know... I guess I was cutting the celery with you," but that was all I could think of. Otherwise, why would I be holding a knife. I went downstairs to put the knife away. Ethan was gone, "Where's dad?," I asked at my mother who seemed pretty upset.  

"Gone," She said sadly looking down. "What happened?," I asked deliberately. "You know what, I can't say," She said walking back upstairs with tears in her eyes.

It was 10:34 PM at night, Elijah could not come because of some job interview he participated in. And my mother has locked herself in a room, leaving me hopeless at whats wrong. I looked outside to realize my dad was out at the barn with a couple of other people. I walked into our cold damp laundry room that sits at the back of our house to find a flashlight. And I had found one near a drawer from our coffee table.

I walked out back yard hoping not to get caught. It was really cold outside and seemed like it was going to snow soon. (It was the end of summer, and it's this damn cold?) I thought to myself. I ran in the darkness to the barn, I could barely hear what they were saying, But I had something out of it.

"Yo dude, what the hell?, You going to cause a fucking problem dude," A man said in the back of the barn. I sat down next to the outside of the barn trying to gain more of what they were saying. "Ethan, are you fucking serious, you going to cause a problem with that wife of yours," A woman said drunk in her ways. "And guess what...," Ethan says. "I don't even give a fuck," Ethan says bursting out laughing at the woman next to her. "Come here you," Ethan says grabbing the woman and kissing on her heavily. I felt so angry now, My dad was cheating. I knew this was going to be a problem. With almost tears in my eyes I managed to crawl up to a wooden fence, it was much easier to see what was going on. Ethan was joking around and kept kissing and touching her. He kissed her neck, and the other two guys drank and gazed at my father and the women. I started to feel uneasy at this fact. "Hey, Kinley!," A man said. I didn't know they found me but I was in trouble now. "Hey we've been waiting for you," the stranger said as he grabbed me and took an old alcohol bottle in his hands. My dad was bursting out laughing as this man touched me. He forced a drink in my mouth. And continued to spill the alcohol against my shirt. "No!, don't stop!," I replied panicking out loud.

Then I woke up in my bed. It was all a dream, I knew that these dreams weren't just happening. Something was going on. And I didn't know what. I had fallen asleep for an half hour when my mother called me. I jogged downstairs to find my parents in the kitchen as they were before I was asleep. I gazed at my dad as if it was true, the dream. But it wasn't. I sat down on the couch in the front room to take a breather. Ever since I had ever been around my dad. Things started happening. And I wasn't sure why. Knock, Knock

I heard the door bang. Elijah was here liked he promised he would be on the phone. "Hey Elijah!," My mother said smiling at him. "Hey Ariana how are you," He said giving my mother a hug."I'm good to Elijah," Ethan said eyeing at him. I stared at my dad and shook my head. I didn't want him to think anything different. "Smells good Ariana," Elijah exclaimed at the food my mother was making. "Your an amazing cook," Elijah dictated.

I sat down next to the table where dinner was made. I softly whispered in Elijah's ear. "Can we go back in two days," I asked. Elijah nodded softly. He knew I wanted to be out of here, But he never really acknowledged my understanding of why.

"So Elijah," My dad asked. "Yes Ethan," Elijah replied as we sat down to eat. "You, Kinley," He asked. "Dad can we leave it be," I replied not wanting to start a bad conversation. "No it's okay, Ask away," Elijah replied joining in on the conversation. My mother sat down happily and enjoying the the comfort of us all here. "What exactly do you do," He asked eating up the meal on his plate. "I help people, take care and reassure them in relationships," Elijah said replying to my dads response. "What kind of relationships," My mother asked. "Love, any problem that people have in a relationship," Elijah asked. I moved my chair closer to Elijah to ask him a question. "Do they know about.... BDSM?," I whispered softly in Elijah's ear so my parent could not here. Elijah shook his head. "I'm sorry did I say something," My mother asked as if there was a problem "No Ariana. Kinley just asked me a question" Elijah replied to my mother. "What'd she ask," My dad exclaimed. I gazed at Elijah then back at my dad sternly. "She asked, If I really liked the soup Ariana made," Elijah exclaimed saving it perfectly. "And do you" Ethan asked, As if he wasn't stupid that, that's what I really asked. "More then ever," Elijah replied with a grin back at my dad. my mother winked at me and smiled finishing up the soup she had made. "Glad you like it," My mother replied to Elijah. "Okay well I'm done," I said finishing up the last of my food. I washed my plate. While I gazed at Elijah. Then I jogged outside to take in a deep breath. Minutes later Elijah walked out.

"I'll see you later," Elijah replied as he blocked my eyes with his hands to kiss my lips. "Mm. Why can't you kiss me with out blocking my face Elijah...," I asked hating the idea.  "You know why, it's a rule," - "A rule from what?," I asked. But then Elijah stroked my hair and kissed my forehead. "I love you Kinley," He said as he left it at that and smiled back at me. Forwarding to the car. that was the first thing he mentioned that he loved me. Then he drove off leaving me outside. I felt say warmed by the fact. I felt different, And I liked it. But never did I know

My dad was gazing at me from the window above.


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