OWL Short Stories

This is a combination of many different types of short stories.

Horror, fantasy, slice of life, realism, idealism, suffering and generality.

Give it a chance and critique it for me!


5. The Light

The Light

The light, naturally, was seen as good. Many believed that it could shed light on all wrongdoings, and showed people for what they really were. But in a vastness stripped of shade, it still made people blind.

They could not see, allegedly, deceit; they could not see the actuality of injustice. Most of all, they could not see each other for what they were. This made the light, though naturally perceived as good and strong, weak.

So, a voice within its rays asked, "Do you want the dark?"

Without a moment pause, it replied, "No."

"Do you need the dark?"

No hesitation was necessary for it to say: "Yes." However, saying it gave the light great reluctance.

The voice laughed at the light.

"What you need but don't strive for will never help you be complete."

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