OWL Short Stories

This is a combination of many different types of short stories.

Horror, fantasy, slice of life, realism, idealism, suffering and generality.

Give it a chance and critique it for me!


4. The Darkness

The Darkness

Darkness had long since been made the enemy. Many could list off the reasons why people chose to use its stretching canopy for their evil doing, therefore making the innocent strings of black the involuntary accomplice. Easily understood is that, in the veil, one is blind. Nothing could shine upon it and declare it a victim to the crimes of others.

It was because of the nature of humans that darkness suffered.

So, a voice within its folds asked, "Do you want the light?"

Without a single pause, it replied, "Yes."

It sprang hope in the blackness, but because none could see, none could tell.

Much to its anguish, the voice laughed in the face of its hope.

"You want what you could never have."

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