After months and months of sleeping in hospital beds, and staying up all nights , waiting for the pain to resolve , and after months of eating hospital food and spend the days holding Sam's hand , praying that he stays alive and wake up.
kathrine and Sam finally gets out of the hospital still with some injures here and there , but they made it out alive , together.
Are they going for revenge , or do they want to stay at peace and just let the past slip behind?
click the read bottom to find out.


1. Afterburn

I opened my eyes, to look at my watch that was setting on the night stand beside me , It read 5:01 in the morning ,I've never slept that much more than that ,Just when I was sick and this is rare .
I sat up in my bed ,and looked out of the window, the curtain was open half way through, the sky was grey with a hint of red and orange in it,  looks like it may rain any minute, but in horizon you could see the
sun shining sending its beautiful light through the dark sky,  bringing a brighter colour into it ,such a nice view to see at the very beginning of the morning ,I didn't really have a decent amount of sleep, I kept thinking the whole night about the moment I get behind the wheel again .
It's been more than five months since I've drove the car , let alone racing.
I had a really bad accident trying to save Sam's ass, we got in a car chase and ended up crashing the car totally, breaking most of my bones getting me in coma for a week.

when I first opened my eyes after the coma , he was the only person I asked about. He's the brother that I've never had.

And to tell you, knowing that your best friend and soul mate has been fighting for his life and hanging between death and life. Doesn’t make you feel any better, I just couldn’t wait to use my feet in order to see him, I asked the nurses to bring me a wheel chair. After few protests from the doctors that I totally ignored, I managed to get to Sam’s room on a wheel chair.

All I could do back then is hold his hand and pray for my friend to stay with me, cause I can’t live without him.

I prayed every day for him, three weeks after that his condition started to get better and he finally opened his eyes, the first thing he did was smile at me his goofy smile “I will need to get used to your messed up face” and we both burst out in laughter, “you just wait until I bring you a mirror so that you’ll see who’s messed up for real”.

He winked at me in response, and we just sat there holding hands smiling at each other like idiots.

We just promised each other that we're starting a new life. The car we destroyed was our race car.

We used to attend illegal races, beat the shit out of people and get bunch of money.
So we're going to take it to the next level, and be legal.

 We’re moving to another school so that we’ll be able to finish the last year in peace and without any more accidents.
The accident made me appreciate my life more , I used to be energetic ever since I was a kid , and I always got in trouble with other kids. I didn't like to play with dolls , my passion was the bicycle , that's when I knew that racing is my life.
Checking my phone I found a text from Sam saying good morning, my heart warmed and I started feeling more relaxed,  it's my first day at the new school and I don't want any trouble there, Sam and I still have that idiot who will do whatever to get us back , we kind of have history with him.
I just don't want to think about it too much now. I got out of bed , trying my blond brownish hair into a messy bun.
I got into the bathroom, and stood in front of the mirror observing the few scars on my face ,I don't know if it's possible to hide them with makeup, at least these will be gone soon , but the ones that I have on my stomach from the surgery will last forever, as a reminder of the  accident.

Well everyone makes mistakes and learn from them.
So do we, but the difference is that we're playing with our lives, we're so fearless when we're together, it feels like nothing is going to happen, it was just the last time when it all went wrong.
I stripped out of my clothes , and went into the shower trying to get rid of the bad thoughts, that keep playing in my head , I want to keep the past behind , but it just keeps chasing after me.
I need to think about good things just wash my mind with positive thoughts .
It didn't take me so much time, to get out of the shower , dry my hair and leave it just like that hanging on my back and shoulders.
I kept the towel around me , and headed out of the bathroom, back to my room, I opened the wardrobe and stared ,I didn't go shopping for so long, my mom did bring me some new clothes, but it's not my style.
I ended up wearing short jeans and a dark shade of green shirt. It's fall. So I should be wearing something in between summer and winter.
And finally it's time to put some make up , it's the first time for me, don't judge me, but I don't think that it can be my thing, I just have to do it for the scars , I don't want anyone asking about what happened, I'm gonna start fresh , and leave the past behind  .
I applied some make up just the enough amount to hide the scars , I
lined my eyes and put a nude lipstick, just as simple and natural as
that .
I took my bag and headed downstairs to be welcomed with the smell of
food , I walked into the kitchen to find mom standing there, wearing a
casual dress and doing pancakes.
 Her food is the best really ,she and Sam's mother always exchange recipes , they're best friends even though they're so different.
Meanwhile I sat at the table , and she didn't notice.
I didn't want to scare her , so I broke the silence " good morning mom." and even though I didn't want to scare her , she jumped and froze in her place " good morning to you too, you sneaky thing". I giggled and winked at her.
She rolled her eyes at me and went back cooking the pancakes "I hope that you'll get through this year safely, it's your last year to finish school. So give your best".
Suddenly her words struck a cord inside of me, I hated school since day one, I've never wanted to learn all the bullshit they teach there but just to make my mom happy, I kept getting straight a's through all these years.
The problem was that I've never made friends at school, kids wanted to bully me all the time , but I never gave them the satisfaction, there's rage and so much energy inside of me , that gave me the strength to fight back.
I've never trusted anyone except Sam , I really hope this year will pass quickly and free me from this obligation called school .
" yeah ,mom . It will be fine “I didn't want to talk too much about it.
So I took my bag and the car keys from the shelf, I glanced back at
my mom again, before saying goodbye and stepped outside.

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