Our World

Mason and Abby find out their world isn't what they expected it to be. They make friends loose friends, but most important they find each other.


1. The Dream

crunch... Crunch... CRUNCH... A single crack runs through my bedroom ceiling. The cracks quickly forms a gaping hole that rocks and sediment of the earth's crust crust tumble downward towards the floor. The white walls and floor break apart turning what once was my bedroom into a pile of earth and technology.

I wake with a cold sweat covering my body and my heart the sounds of a beating drum in a song that is made up of only allegro parts. This can only mean one thing. I had the dream again.

For as long as I can remember every Sunday night I dream the same dream. I don't know if something as awful and exciting as my world collapsing is in the dream category or rather the nightmare category. I have never told anyone of my Sunday night encounters, because if I did I would be instantly carded for mutiny and NO ONE wants to bring that shame upon themselves or their family.

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