Our World

Mason and Abby find out their world isn't what they expected it to be. They make friends loose friends, but most important they find each other.


3. School

"Oh, of course. It's my birthday. I must have been too tired to think about that." I look up in horror I mentally slap myself for being stupid enough to admit to being tired. My parents look at me with sock struck faces. According the to government being tired means something awful must have kept you awake.

I quickly recover "I spent last night thinking about my future and the future of our people. That's why I'm tired." Dad sighs and the color floods back into my mothers cheeks. I let out a quiet sigh myself, they bought the lie.

My father, Charles, lets out a low chuckle. "Wow son you really scared us. I thought I was going to have to card you." I give him a weak smile as he counties. "Oh and Mason, don't worry about the tests you have to take now that you are 16. You are and Edward, we always get 100 percent." He pats me on the back on his way out the curtain.

Was it even possible that I forgot in one months time I was to be carted off to school for the next three years! At school they test us for the first year to determine what our job is going to be. The next two years they train us for our jobs. Also in this time the government profiles each and every one of us to pick out our life partners.

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