Our World

Mason and Abby find out their world isn't what they expected it to be. They make friends loose friends, but most important they find each other.


2. Birthday?

"Mason, time to get up," Ann my mother yells from the kitchen.

"Mom, five more minutes" I whine back. 1. Because I really don't want to get out of bed and 2. Because if she knew that I had already been awake I would be given a lecture and watched for the next couple of days. The government doesn't like anything strange or abnormal. They have certain expectations for every person here, and if you don't follow the expectations you are watched by them to see what is wrong with you.

"Mason Edward, wake up now and don't give me attitude" my mother says clearly angry and annoyed.

"Coming mother." I mumble incoherently pulling my shirt over my head. I get up and open the curtain separating my room from the rest of the world. My bare soft feet hit the white tile floor with a "slapping" noise as I drag myself to he kitchen. The walls and ceiling are the same awful white shiny color as the floor. The white makes the hallway look like one of the laboratories at the science department. Every family has the same living space. There are 2 hallways one for the bedrooms and bathrooms and the other to connect the kitchen and living room.

I pull the curtain revealing my mother preparing breakfast. They give us a weeks supply of food every Monday with meal plans based on each person in the family. This morning my mother is making pancakes with strawberries, my favorite. I sit at the table and devour my pancakes and berries.

"Mason forget what day it is?" Mom asks. I check my eye screen to see what she is talking about.

"Monday?" I have no idea what she is getting at here.

"Mason!! It's Monday, your sixteenth birthday!" She says showing excitement which is rare for her. Normally the only expressions she has are: the serious business face and the disappointed angry face. My brain processes what she just said and I internally have a party, but I only allow a slight smile to show on my face.

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