Tick Tock

It all began when their parents died... FOR THE AUTO-FICTION COMPETITION


1. The Death

Paranormal is always unexpected, like a surprise. If it isn’t, it can’t be paranormal. And, it doesn’t involve a person who manages to speak to ghosts and soothe dreaded, lost souls- if it is not filmy, that is.

No, it is much worse.

Not only that, there is often the issue that it doesn’t cease the trouble it is causing. It just goes on and on and drives the victims insane and doesn’t even stop until the troubled souls are in the hungry hands of spirits.

That is something no one likes to hear.

But, truth can be bitter.



It started with a wealthy couple’s death. They were glad owners of a large piece of land where they provided work for small farmers and a large mansion which was home. Their death struck many townspeople but the ones most heavily grieved were their own six children.

The couple had four sons and two daughters who they loved with all their heart and vice versa. The oldest child was Andrew, followed by the next son Gordon. Gordon was followed by his sister, Michelle. After her, there was a girl as well, whose name was Mia. The last two boys were twins, Sam and Aaron.

When the parents died, of heart attack, a few months after Andrew’s eighteenth birthday, the children were left devastated. Authorities came to send them to their distant aunt, Sheila, but the children were very reluctant to separate from the house they had known as home for so many years. Andrew, being eighteen and an adult, decided to speak with the authorities on the matter and ended up having a week to decide.

Gordon and Michelle persuaded Andrew that he should tell them they were never going to leave the house. Andrew tried to argue that Mia, Sam and Aaron would need an adult to take care of them since they were still children, but Gordon and Michelle won the argument by pointing out Andrew already was an adult.

That brought matters to an end. Because Andrew was an adult, he told the authorities clearly that he wanted himself and his siblings to remain and live in the mansion where they had grown up. No one else could have a second say at the words then.

And they started living there again.

Their parents had left them an inheritance of a lot of wealth and the family supported itself on that while Andrew got a job as a Chartered Accountant with a high salary.

Gordon was fifteen so he was still in tenth grade. Michelle, being twelve, was in eighth grade and Mia was in fifth grade as she was eight. Sam and Aaron, both just six, were still in the third grade. Despite losing their treasured parents, the children managed very well and they appointed a servant for the first months which happened to be hard, as they tried to get over the death.

The family lived by itself for a whole year and soon the nineteenth birthday of Andrew was fast approaching again. The bedrooms had switched too. The girls’ now slept in the parents’ bedroom while the boys shared two king-sized beds in their own bedroom. In the parents’ bedroom, I must add, was a silver-lined black clock that had been purchased by their mother when she went on vacation to Italy.

That used to be the woman’s pride and love and she had gifted it to Michelle when she was eleven. It used to make a gentle ticking sound, so gentle that it wouldn’t stir you from a slightest thought. Michelle loved that clock as well but, after her mother’s death, she started growing cold towards it and it was nothing but an antique of heartbreak and grief for her.

But, one morning, Mia, the younger daughter, happened to experience something somewhat strange, or so was thought.

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