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So I haven't really been able to find any good phan stories so i decided to right my own... So i hope you enjoy and there will be smut so ya. Bye luv u guys


3. One cut won't hurt... Will it?😳😳


A/n: this will have self harm in it just a warning I don't want people to do it so please don't stay beautiful 🙃🙃




As I wake up I think of Dan.... Again. It's so unfair he would never feel the same. Everything as always was perfect about him. His perfect hobbit hair in the morning, his chocolate brown eyes you could melt in, and when he falls asleep on me while we stay up together watching movies, his cute little snores, his body heat, I can already tell he's a cuddler just not with me. My phone goes off. My heart begins to pound as I see it from Dan. It reads I'm going out with a friend be back soon. I reply with a simple ok and go take a Shower. I hop in and look at my self. I'm pathetic, with my pale skin, my pitch black hair, everything about me is pathetic. I finish washing and was just about to get out when I accidentally break the razor to shave my armpit hair. I look at the blade. One cut can't hurt... can it? I shake my head and pit the broken blade on the counter. I dress myself and fix my hair and fringe. I look at the razor and pick it up, I brush my finger against the blade if leaves a small cut and the emotional pain is forgotten. I roll my sleeve up, I place the blade down and begin to count.



Dan: I am going out with Chris to pick out a present for Phil so I can confess my love to him.  I eventually pick out a lion onesie that I know he will love. And a dinosaur one for myself and leave the store. I walk home with a smile on my face hoping, no praying that Phil will return my feelings. I walk in and I hear something coming from the bathroom. I walk in quietly hoping no one broke in and has hurt Phil. I slowly open the door and see Phil on the floor a razor pressed to his skin I already see five cuts I run in as fast as I possibly could and knock the razor out of his hand. "What the bloody hell do you think you are doing," he looks at me with the bloodshot eyes and mumbles something that I couldn't hear or understand. "Pardon?" "Because I'm not good enough for-" he trails off. "Not good enough for who Phil." My heart beating at a million miles per hour. "You..." He whisperes I stand their shocked I drop my shopping bag and stare at the wall blankly. He begins to sob, "I knew you wouldn't feel the same you probably think I'm some faggot, you're gonna kick me out and I'm going to be homeless." "I-I love you Phil, more than a friend." He looks up at me shock in eyes I look a put his wrist I get bandages from the cupboard, "if anyone asks you broke a mirror." He nods I look at him and sit on the floor to bandage his arm I reach over him our faces inches apart my body practically burning with the overwhelming feeling to kiss his beautiful soft pink lips. He looks at me and I look away and bandage his arm as I am about to pull my body back Phil crashes our lips together. And my body finally releases the anticipation to kiss that it has been holding in since we were 18. We both pull away for air. I smile and hug him. "You are absolutely perfect for me and even more perfect than me. Please don't Ever EVER  hurt yourself again. He nods and we pull ea bother up off the floor. "What's in the bag?" He asks. I smirk. I nod toward the living room and grab his hand to have him follow me. We walk in and sit down on the couch and I begin my confessions.


"Phil I have loved you for a very long time now, I hope you will accept this gift and promise to be mine💖💖. " his face lights up as he sees me pull the onsie out. He swells with joy and nods he pulls my face toward his and we share a very long passionate kiss. "Phill. Will promise to be yours and accept this gift with gratitude." We hug then decide to watch Netflix and have a cuddle night.


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