Diary/ Bio (Not fiction) Meh #4

Hello, so if you count the ones from Wattpad, this would be my 4th Bio aka Meh #4. So this is just gonna be filled with rants maybe, feelings and stuff that goes on I guess.Enjoy! Leave comments please, so that I can make friends and get advice xD


14. Okay so I dunno if I am allowed to advirtise this xD

I would imagine that it's okay for me to say this. XD I have entered the "Heartbroken" Contest 0.0 I'm kinda scared and nervous because I am somewhat impulsive on things, and have great story line ideas, but don't take the time to actually work on them. Or I write books but never finish. >.< Or just easily get writer's block. But I honestly DO LOVE writing, which is weird because I've never actually published an actual story. Although, I used to write stories, when I was like, 8 or 10 years old. One of them was about a girl that was invisible. And the other one was about a boy that went into space. I've actually written a lot of stories but they're all unfinished, except for the "The Invisible Girl" one.

But yeah, it's called, "Be My Escape" BUT IT'S NOT A FANFIC. I'll more then likely and am planning to name the chapters song titles. Because I LOVE music, and it's the easiest way to express my emotions and also, it's different. So yeah. They're NOT short fanifics or what's it called again? Uhmmmmmmmmmmmm starts w- OH yeah!! One shots. Yeah, they're not one shots or anything like that.

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