Billionaire's Affair

23 years old billionaire, Robin Williams went on a business trip to Seoul there he met a 18 years old girl or is she. *Updates will be slow* See it on wattpad it's mine(different username)


2. I still can't believe it


"I'm not gay, if I say I still want him right?" he simply ask himself when the door closes.




Robin POV**

He's a guy? There's no way that's impossible, I said to myself. Shaking my head as I when back to the party.


Have you ever wanted to someone so badly, that everything you look at them you get a hard on? Well, that's what is happening to me right now as I stare at Jess. The girl who claim, she was a guy. Thinking of a want to make her mine, I came up with the greatest idea ever. 'Seduce her', but that thought didn't really get to my head when R.I.P. begins to play.

When I was about to go on the dance floor to dance with her, but someone got there first before me. I was getting jealous with the guy, but after few minutes of debating with myself I when over and told the guy it was my turn.

I slowly approach her, but soon stopped in my track by the way she was moving to the song. Her body was screaming out to me to 'fuck me' and man I wanted to do just that, but couldn't. She's playing hard to get.

R.I.P. to the girl you used to see

Her days are over, baby she's over

I decided to give you all of me

Baby come closer, baby come closer

Oh man she was getting on my nerves, in a good way. I wanted her and I wanted her bad.

Sexy senorita, I feel your aura

Jump out that new motor

Get in my flying saucer

I'll make you call me daddy

Even though you ain't my daughter

Baby I ain't talking books

When I say that I can take you across the borders

I'm young and free, I'm London G

I'm tongue in cheek

So baby give me some time to drink

Slow and steady for me

Go on like a jezzy for me

And say the words soon as you're ready for me

I couldn't stop the feeling that was running in me. Even though I was still confused if she really was a guy or not, but every part of her screams yes. Ahh I don't like to be confused. I push my hands on her waist and pushes her closer to me.

I'm ready for ya

Hit 'em all, switch it up

Put 'em on, zip it up

Let my perfume, soak into your sweater

Say you'll be here soon, sooner the better

No option for, you saying no

I run this game, just play a role

Follow my lead, what you waiting for?

Thought it over and decided tonight is your night

Coming out of my shock finally I when over to her and and took her hands and said "you'll be mine, and you won't get away from me again. So pretend anyway you want, you're still a girl" I said to her and she replied. "I'm not yours and trust me I'm not a girl, I'm all guy up and down there" she thrusted her hip into my erection.

R.I.P. to the girl you used to see

Her days are over, baby she's over

(I-I-I'm ready for ya)

I decided to give you all of me

Baby come closer, baby come closer

(I-I-I'm ready for ya)

As we dance to the song, I couldn't take it anymore. I didn't care if was a guy or a girl, I kissed her. The music long forgotten and so did the people.

Nothing on, I strut around

I do it big, I shut it down

I wonder if you'll be able to handle me

Mental pictures, no cameras please

I was very amused how the song brought the lustful part of me out to the surface.

I, I, I'm ready for ya

I, I, I'm ready for ya

So keep thinking you the man

Cause it's all part of my plan

I, I, I'm ready for ya

When the music ended, we finally pulled apart and she...or he whispered into my ear. "I thought you weren't gay?" and with that said she left.

"I'm not gay and you're not a guy" I said calming myself down. She can play all the games she wants, but 'she will be mine'.

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