Forbidden || M.G.C

When a shy girl named Lila moves in with her brother Ashton she ends up finding love with a close friend of his. Will their love be forbidden or will Ashton allow it?

(A/N this is when 5sos is not a band.)


3. Chapter 3

Lila's POV

I've known Calum for a long time. When Ashton left he was one of my friends from school. But he left me like everyone else did. I'm not mad though. I just missed him. Now that I found him. Everything was a little bit better.

"Hey Ashton's right there." He said while pointing behind me.

Ashton was in a circle with a bunch of people. I guess playing an immature game like truth or dare.

"Hey Lila! Do you wanna play with us? We're playing truth or dare!" Of course. Did I really have a choice?


Did I take that choice.


So I slowly walked to the circle and sat next to Ashton and some girl with pink hair. As I sat down I knew people were staring. Especially this boy with red hair. He was kinda cute. I just didn't want to talk to him. Or anyone.

"Ok so who's gonna go first?" Some boy with jet black hair asked.

After a few people went it was my turn. This guy with blonde hair with brown roots asked me if I wanted a truth or a dare. I looked at Ashton with pleading eyes as I whispered "dare" to him.

"She says she wants a dare?"

The boy just smirks and looks at the guy with red hair.

"I dare you to kiss Michael." The boy with red hair, who I'm guessing is Michael, looked at me and started walking to me.

Everyone was watching. The pressure was building up in my chest. I knew I had to get out of there.




All I hear is my foot steps and my heart beating as I run across the street and climb up a huge tree.

"Hey what happened back there?" It was Ashton. I knew no matter what he would be there for me.

"I-I didn't think that would happen. I thought that I would get an easier dare. Hell! I'd even drink as many shots as you want me to." I started tearing up. I don't know why.

"Hey, hey don't worry about it. I understand. You don't know anyone except me and I-"

"Actually I know Calum too." He seemed shocked but of course he was happy that I knew one other person. "I need to be alone for a couple minutes."

He left me like I told him too. All of a sudden I felt the branch I was sitting On get heavier again. I look to my left and see him.


The red head.

"Hey sorry they did that. They know that I can't help myself around a pretty girl." I knew who this was. It was the same husky, sexy, but gentle voice.

I didn't respond. Instead I blushed. That was the first time someone called me pretty since Ashton left. Ashton had to remind me that I was beautiful because my dad would call me things. Call me terrible names that didn't even make sense.

I guess my mind wasn't thinking and I ended up crying. I felt Michael scoot over and put his arm around me and hug me. I just leaned into him.

Once I look up in those emerald green eyes he starts to move closer and closer. He's about to kiss me. As much as I want this I can't.

As soon as his soft lips get close I turn my face so he kisses my cheek. He just looked surprised. I jumped out of the tree.

Branch by branch.

I ran inside and locked myself in my room.

What am I doing?

(A/N. Hey guys sorry these chapters suck. There has been so much going on in my life right now and it just makes it harder to update but I promise I will do the best I can.

Also thank you for 108 reads. I thought I would barely get 5 so thank you soooooo much!!!

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