Forbidden || M.G.C

When a shy girl named Lila moves in with her brother Ashton she ends up finding love with a close friend of his. Will their love be forbidden or will Ashton allow it?

(A/N this is when 5sos is not a band.)


1. Chapter 1

Lila's POV

"No. Stop. Please."

I slowly feel myself getting closer to the brim of death.

"You're worthless. You never do what you're told. Stop trying to play dumb. You stupid little bitch. Just like your mother." That voice. Little did I know that it would haunt my dreams for the rest of my life.

"S-stop. I-I can't breath." My vision has black dots in the way. Suddenly I hear the familiar sound.

"Police! Put your hands where I can see them" The policemen. The same ones that I always see. They know all that I've been through.

They always say the same thing. "It's alright he will never hurt you again." Of course that lie never happens. No matter where I go my father seems to find me and abuses me.

This time is different. I finally found out where I can go and he will never find me again.


~~ End of flashback~~

I'm currently on the plain to meet my brother. Ashton Irwin. He lives by himself and if I live with him my father wouldn't be able to hurt me. Ever. Again.

Course I feel bad for Ashton for taking care of me. I'm so scared of people in general. I can't even talk to people. I can't make eye contact. I have these meeting that I go to. They help me. Well their supposed to. They never help. I give them a try anyway. I'm also taking these pills that are supposed to help me with anxiety and everything. Making sure I don't have a panic attack. I'm okay so far but you never know.

"Please fasten your seatbelt a we should be landed very soon" the females voice announced over the speakers. I'm so excited to see Ashton. Last time I saw him I was 13 and he was 15. He promised me he would get me away from there. The hell that I called home. As soon as Ashton left my father gotten more drunk and more abusive. My mother got so bad that she died from a panic attack in the hospital. So it was just me and my father. He abused me, raped me, did so many things I cannot forgive.

I look out the window to see that we have finally arrived. Walking down the escalator clutching my jacket and my suitcase so hard that the tips of my finger went numb. It's not that I don't trust people. It's that I don't want to be around them. Like I said I am so shy and nervous. Then I see my brother. I drop everything as soon as I see him. My brother. It's been so long. It's been five years.

I see him. He's actually here. I run and jump in his arms with tears rolling down my face. I can't believe it. He's here.

"Lila, oh my gosh I missed you so much. What happened? Are you alright?" He was asking so many questions but I just shook my head and waited to follow him. It's been twenty minutes and I haven't spoken a word.

"So are you gonna tell me the gossip? How's mom? Where's dad now? Any boyfriends yet?" I swear sometimes Ashton is a girl.

"Uh, Ashton. I have something to tell you but we have to be at your house first. Just in case you get mad or any sort of emotion messes you up." He just gives me a weird look and goes in with driving.

About ten minutes later Ashton grabs my suitcase and puts the key in the keyhole and turns it revealing a beautiful black and white house. All of a sudden a guy's voice interrupts my thoughts.

"Hey Ashton back already?" A guy with blonde hair and blue eyes catches my attention. He is standing in front of the island in the kitchen. "Oh hey Luke. Yeah just thought you should know that Lila is staying with us. Lila this is Luke, my roommate."

As soon as Ashton introduces us, Luke puts his hand out to shake. I instantly get shy and ignore luke. Not to be mean just my anxiety and shyness.

I guess Luke shrugs it off and goes on with his life of food and watching happy feet.

Ashton then takes me up to my room and it was amazing. Just as Ashton is about to close the door so I can begin to unpack he pokes his head in and says, "By the way. Sorry I forgot to mention. I'm having a party tonight and you might wanna stay close to me. I mean since you get shy and everything."

Just as he leaves my room I start to wonder what an actual party is like. As my mind wonders I fall asleep on my new bed with a smile on my face. This is now my home and I'm gonna love it.

(A/N Hey guys. Thank you so much for giving my book a try. Idk when I will update the next chapter. Should be soon. The chapters will be longer and have more details. Please comment on what you think and I will update soon. Bye)

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