Smile for me

Their was a new girl in town who always had a smile. Till she found a bout who couldn't smile. She made it her mission to make him smile costing her something in return.....


3. The Boy

Charlie's pov-

I got to skip school yesterday for a funeral. "Charlie you have to go today I'm sorry." My grandma said in a kind understanding voice to me. I nodded and got ready for school kissing her forehead before I left. "Try to have a good day Charlie I'll see you after school." I nodded and put my hood up as I walked out the door. I could tell she was trying her best to smile for me and that as soon as I left the room she would burst into tears. It was her daughter after all that had died in the car crash. My mother and my father were death because of that awful night when it rained. I was the only to leave the accident alive and their were many times when I wished I that I had died in the car crash with them.

I walked to school where I was greeted by smiling faces. 'How can they all be so happy at a time like this...' I thought to my self as I walked down the halls during 3rd period. "Welcome back Charlie please just take your seat." The teacher sounded so cheerful that it made my heart ach. I went to the back of the room and took my seat as the class started. I sighed and looked around my eyes landing on a new faces that I didn't know. 'We have a new girl in school?' I thought to my self as I watched her. I wanted to go up and talk to her and smile and laugh like she was doing but I couldn't any more. I was broken and different now...I wasn't like the other kids in my school anymore. She is the morning light and I am now the dark of the night. I was falling apart at the seems and then she looked at me and smiled....and suddenly I felt whole again....

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