Smile for me

Their was a new girl in town who always had a smile. Till she found a bout who couldn't smile. She made it her mission to make him smile costing her something in return.....


4. She always has a smile

Charlie's pov-

Her smile was so bright and full of joy. I  just wanted to keep her happy and protect her smile. Seeing her smile like that almost made me forget why I was so  sad....

Amy's pov-

"Oh! I'm so sorry my names Kelly." I nodded and then noticed I was being watched by a boy. I turned around and smiled a the boy waving a bit. He looked so sad and lost and I just wanted to see him smile. Instead of smiling and waving back he just looked the other way. I frowned a bit but kept my smile. "What's your name?" I asked him as I could. He sighed and I started to think that I was bothering him when he spoke. "Charlie...and you..." He spoke making my eyes light up a bit. "Charlie?" I tried to say it with my french accent. He nodded and looked out the window and I smiled even bigger. "I'm Amy!" I was so happy that we were talking now.

Charlie's pov-

The new girl walked over to my desk as the bell rang it was time for lunch. Her long blond hair that was pulled back in a neat braid looked like halo on her head and her eyes seemed to shimmer like the ocean so big and blue. They seemed to pull me in getting me lost in the seas of blue. "Do you want to walk to lunch together?" She asked me with a sweet and kind genial voice. I looked at her my cold brown eyes slicing into her warm sparkling blue eyes. "No...." I said flat out and got leaving for lunch. At lunch how ever she came back over again with the same smile on her face. "Mind if I sit with you?" I waved my hand and looked away as she sat down.

I picked up on her accent as she spoke and took out her sandwich. "Your gonna eat anything?" I shook my head and looked at the wall still. "Well then you can have half of my sandwich." She placed it front of me and I looked at her surprised ounce again. Then finally I took the half she gave me and ate it. "Thanks..."

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