Smile for me

Their was a new girl in town who always had a smile. Till she found a bout who couldn't smile. She made it her mission to make him smile costing her something in return.....


1. New girl in shcool

Amy's pov-

It was my first time going to a real high school and I was so scared.  "Have a great first day!" My mom said to me as she dropped me off and left. I waved good bye and waited until she had driven away before going inside. "Your Amy Houser right?" A lady was standing in the hall way with a bit smile on her face. I could tell that she was the principals secretary.  Shyly I nodded at her and she smiled ushering me to follow her so I did. We walked into a an office where I was handed my scheduled. "Here are all of your classes so follow me now and I'll show you where your first class is." She was so cheerful and happy though I wasn't really sure what she was saying. I walked down the hall with her to my next class. "Have a good day!" She said again in another cheerful voice and walked off in a hurry.

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